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The College Try - 3.22
aired 4/20/06

Julie and Neil

By Kasey

Ryan and Seth prepare for their pre-college visits. Seth and Ryan discuss their plan—Seth is going to fly to Brown and convince them to accept him. They are hoping that Summer doesn’t end up on the same flight as Seth, since it is so inconvenient. Kirsten comes in to take them to the airport, and tells them that Sandy won’t be able to join them. 

Kirsten, Seth, and Ryan arrive at the airport. Kirsten and Ryan say farewell to Seth, and Kirsten tells Ryan that Berkeley will be a breeze for him. She watches Ryan off, and then spots Theresa with a son, who looks about the age that Ryan’s child with Theresa would have been. 

Summer and Marissa pack for their college visits, and Summer tells Marissa that everything is all wrong with them going to school without Seth and Ryan. Marissa tells her that it is okay, since they will be forced to focus on the future. She tells Summer that she is not going to be involved with Volchok anymore, and is going to his place later to break things off. Marissa tells Summer that as long as she is herself, Brown will love her. 

Neil pours Julie some tea when Summer and Marissa come in and ask for help with getting their luggage in the car. After they leave, Neil and Julie are shocked at the positive change in Marissa. Neil tells Julie that he has a hospital event the next night, and that it would mean a lot to him if she came. When she is hesitant, not wanting other women to gossip about her, he suggests that they can invite Sandy and Kirsten along. 

Ryan gets to his meeting at Berkeley, and he tells his freshman guide that he is originally from Chino. The guide tells him to not worry, since there is no mold there that he has to fit into. Ryan says that he isn’t used to that. 

Marissa visits Volchok at the diner and finds out that he doesn’t have her stuff. He asks her why she is bailing on him. She tells him that she has a fantasy about how her life should be, and her relationship with him didn’t fit. Volchok tells her good luck, and tells her that he’ll drop off her stuff. 

Kirsten visits Sandy at work and tells him about Theresa, asking him if they should tell Ryan. Sandy says that they should keep it to themselves, at least until Ryan gets back. 

Seth calls Ryan from Brown, and the two talk about how perfect their college experiences are. Seth hears someone calling for him, and is afraid to turn around, thinking it might be Summer. It’s Anna! 

Seth and Anna hang out and talk about Newport, comics, and Summer. Seth tells Anna that he wasn’t admitted to Brown, and she suggests that he meet with the Admissions director. 

Julie visits Kirsten and invites her to the next night’s hospital event. Kirsten declines. Julie begs her, and Kirsten finally agrees to go after Julie tells her that she needs her. 

Ryan meets with some guys at college, Wes and Miguel. They tell him about school, but the conversation stops short when Marissa walks in the room and the other guys are attracted to her. She comes up and says hi to Ryan before excusing herself, and one of the other guys goes to get to know Marissa. 

Seth and Anna go to the event that night, where Anna points out the Admissions director. Seth goes up to meet him. 

Summer talks to some students when she spots Seth talking to the Admissions director. He agrees to meet with Seth the next day to discuss some things. After he leaves, Summer asks Seth what he is doing there, and is saddened to find out that Seth wanted to come to Brown—just not with her. She is even more surprised when Anna comes up to Seth to ask him how things went, and she tells Seth that everything he did makes sense to her now. 

Marissa and Wes chat about things when Ryan comes to the same party. Marissa goes and talks to Ryan and the two decide that they can be friends outside of Newport. 

Anna comforts Seth and tells him that she will help him out with Summer. She sets to work on helping him plan his speech to give the Admissions director. Seth wonders what he’s done without Anna. 

Ryan calls Sandy and Kirsten, and when Sandy hands the phone off to Kirsten, she tells him about Theresa. 

Anna and Seth spot Summer, and she nudges him towards Summer, telling him that he has to tell her the truth. Seth goes and tries to talk to Summer, but since she blows him off, he joins her on the walking tour. He tries to tell her the truth, but Summer tells him to leave her alone. 

Ryan comes home and tells Kirsten that he was expecting things to get complicated. Kirsten tells him that she found Theresa’s address on the internet, and whatever happens, she is behind him. 

Seth meets with the Admissions director, who is surprised to find out that Seth isn’t actually a student there. After Seth gives him his speech, he tells him that he cannot get in. Seth begs him, telling him the truth—if he doesn’t get in, he will lose the woman that he loves. The director’s heart seems to soften, but he tells Seth that he has to stick by his decision, and wishes Seth well. 

Sandy is shocked to find Ryan home, and he tells Ryan that he understands. 

Sandy confronts Kirsten, who tells him that once upon a time, he would have understood that family means everything. Sandy tells Kirsten that he has to get back to the office, and they will talk later. Kirsten is angry. 

At Berkeley, Wes tells Marissa that Ryan isn’t there anymore. She is concerned, and wants to call Ryan, but Wes tells her that Ryan will fill her in if he wants to. 

Ryan goes to visit Theresa, but someone else answers and tells him that Theresa will be home later. Theresa’s son, Daniel, comes to the person, and she introduces him to Ryan as Theresa’s son. 

Marissa and Wes hang out at his party and he tells her that this is his second go at college. Marissa tells him that she understands, and tells Wes about her past. She tells him that she isn’t the kind of girl who belongs at college, or anywhere, for that matter. Wes tells her that everyone belongs somewhere, but she says no, some people get lost. 

Ryan tells Seth about Theresa, and Seth tells Ryan that he is coming home early. Seth gets into the taxi, and Anna is sitting there waiting for him. She gives him a copy of his comic, and tells him that he is going to apply for a different school nearby, where he can get into the Rhode Island School of Design by showing them his comic. She has an in there, and she is confident that Seth can get in, and then he would still be near Summer. 

Kirsten and Sandy meet up with Julie and Neil at the party, and after Neil takes Sandy to meet some doctors, Julie comforts Kirsten when she realizes that she and Sandy are fighting. 

Marissa shows up at the Cohen’s to visit Ryan. She asks him if he is okay. He invites her in and tells her about Theresa. He feels like he is the father since he felt like he was living someone else’s life when he went to Berkeley. Marissa says that she could tell that Berkeley felt right for Ryan, since she could see it on his face. Ryan says that it did. Marissa says that he will find his way back there. 

Sandy proposes a toast at the dinner, and Neil accidentally puts Kirsten on the spot by asking her what she thinks about Sandy leading the Newport Group. Kirsten is speechless. However, she soon proposes her own toast—to Sandy Cohen, who ended up being just like her father. She storms out, grabbing a drink on her way out. Outside, she swallows it in one gulp. 

Summer calls Marissa and tells her that Seth is going to Brown and dating Anna. Marissa tells Summer to listen to what Seth has to say, since they might not be dating. Summer asks Marissa about Berkeley, and Marissa says that she isn’t sure she’s ready for college. Summer tells her that she has faith in her.

Anna congratulates Seth on a job well done, and they are both pretty sure that he got into his school. They hug each other goodbye before Seth gets on the plane, which Summer sees. Anna tells Seth to call her soon. 

Marissa breaks into Volchok’s house and grabs her stuff. But she notices that he rented The Sound of Music, and has a change of heart. She gets into bed with Volchok. 

Ryan sits by the pool when Theresa stops by and assures him that Eddie is the father of Daniel. She says that she is doing well on her own, and she has a blossoming career. The two agree to get a bite to eat sometime, and tell each other that it was good to see them.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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