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The O.C. Episode Guide

The  - 3.14
aired 2/2/06

Marissa and Caitlin

By Kasey  

Sandy wakes up Ryan and tells him that Seth is missing. Ryan says that Seth had an exam going on that morning, and says that he will check on Seth at school. 

Ryan finds Seth at the pier. Seth tells Ryan that he blew off his Brown interview and lied to Summer about it. Ryan tells Seth to tell Summer the truth, but Seth is not sure. Ryan finds out that Seth came to the pier to buy some more pot. 

Kaitlin tells Marissa that Johnny is taking her for a surf lesson. Kaitlin continues to push Marissa about Johnny, asking her if she is into him. Marissa fails to give Kaitlin an answer, as Johnny watches the two from near by. When he comes up to them, Marissa excuses herself. 

Julie and Kirsten try to work on their company while Julie complains about her love life. Kirsten tries to reassure her that things will work out with Neil, and finally tells Julie to offer to set Neil up—that way she gets back on his radar screen, but doesn’t look like she is chasing him. Julie loves the idea. 

Seth visits with Summer at school while Summer works on her thank you note for the interview. When she talks to him about how well she did and asks him how well he did, he is unable to tell her the truth. Summer realizes that something is up when Seth refers to their interviewer as a “she,” since the interviewer was male. Seth rushes off before she can confront him, though. 

Marissa complains to Ryan about Kaitlin and how much she is able to get away with.  

Johnny gives Kaitlin her surfing lesson, and Kaitlin is annoyed that she isn’t getting in the water, but just learning on the beach. She asks if they can go to his place instead, but Johnny rejects the idea, and tells her that he is distracted. Kaitlin is bothered that he is thinking about Marissa, and walks off on him. 

Matt tells Sandy that they still have to pitch the hospital to the doctors, even though they have been given the deal by the board. Matt tells Sandy that he has a personal connection with the daughter of the head of the board, and he can pretend to have a thing with her to get on their good side. Sandy says that he draws the line at family, and says that they need to think of a plan that doesn’t involve alcohol or sex. 

Julie visits Neil and offers to match him up with someone to thank him for hosting Kaitlin’s party. Unfortunately for Julie, Neil seems interested in all the girls she shows him in her file, and he asks to get back to her. 

Ryan comes home to find Kaitlin waiting for him. Kaitlin tells Ryan that she wants to get together with Johnny, but can’t because of his relationship with Marissa. She tells Ryan that Marissa did not deny having feelings for Johnny, and asks Ryan to do something about it. 

Ryan meets with Marissa at the diner and asks her how she feels about Johnny. Marissa assures Ryan that she is with him, but Ryan tells her that she has to figure out what is going on with her feelings for him, and until she does, he doesn’t want to see her anymore. 

Ryan tells Seth that his relationship with Marissa is on thin ice. Seth tells Ryan that he hasn’t been able to tell Summer the truth, and he is working on rescheduling his Brown interview. 

Marissa confronts Kaitlin about her talking to Ryan, telling her that she had no place to do something like that. Marissa tells Kaitlin that this has to be about some deep-seeded issue with them, and not just about Johnny. She also tells her that while she was excited to see Kaitlin at first, now she can’t wait for her to leave. 

Summer asks the school advisor how Seth’s interview with Brown went. The advisor tells her that Seth was a no-show, and was just explaining the situation to her to try to reschedule. Summer is very angry. 

Julie visits Kirsten and tells her how their plan with Neil backfired, as he is now getting set up with someone named Laura. Julie says that she is going to get to know Laura to see what she is up against. Julie also says that from now on, they will do things her way. 

Chili and Johnny talk about Marissa. Chili tells Johnny to take a shot at Marissa to find out where she stands. 

Sandy and Kirsten eat out when they spot Matt meeting with Mya, the daughter of the head of the board. Sandy tells Kirsten that he will confront Matt about it tomorrow. 

Marissa meets together with Johnny. Johnny tells her that he loves her, and he is not imagining things, as she has to have feelings for him too after all she’s done. Marissa does not deny it, and Johnny says that he will give her time to think about it. 

At breakfast, Seth assures Sandy and Kirsten that he is doing well. Summer shows up and asks to speak to Seth privately. 

Upstairs, Summer smacks Seth and confronts him about the interview. Seth tells Summer that he got scared and was embarrassed to tell her the truth. Summer tells him that they have to be honest with each other, or their relationship will never work. She asks him if he has any other secrets he needs to tell her, and Seth fails to tell her about the marijuana.  

Sandy tells Matt that he saw him with Mya. Matt says that Mya asked him out, but Sandy doesn’t buy it. Matt tells him that you have to bend the rules sometimes if you want something badly enough. Sandy insists that they have to come up with a different approach. 

Johnny visits Ryan and tells him that he loves Marissa and can’t stop fighting his feelings. Johnny says that he’s sorry, and Ryan asks him to leave. 

Julie hides out at a table nearby Neil and Laura, gossiping on the phone with Kirsten about Laura. Julie spots someone she knows, and begins to panic. Her friend comes up and says hi, and when she notices Laura, she drags Julie over to the table with her. Neil asks Julie if she was spying on them, and Julie panics again and tries to run away, bumping into a waiter and knocking over all of his things in the process. 

Kaitlin and Marissa meet up at the pier. Kaitlin tells her that she needs to make a decision and stick with it. 

Johnny’s mom tells him that he just missed Marissa when he comes home. She gives him a letter that Marissa left him. 

Marissa visits Ryan and apologizes for making him wonder how she felt about him. Marissa says that she thinks they can get past things, and when Ryan says that it won’t be easy, she asks him to try. 

Kaitlin watches a movie at home when Johnny stops by. He asks her to go to the beach with him so they can have a bonfire and tequila. Kaitlin is thrilled, and the two leave together. 

Kirsten visits Sandy at work. When Sandy talks about how badly he wants the hospital contract, she tells him that he has to go for the hospital and stop worrying about Matt and Mya. 

Seth smokes pot in his room when Summer stops by and tries to get in. Seth hurries to rid himself of the evidence and turn off the music, and when he finally opens the door, Summer asks him to watch a movie with her. She notices that there is a smell in his room, but he tells her that it is incense. 

Johnny tries to get drunk while Kaitlin tries to hook up with him. She goes to get more fire wood, and Johnny reads his letter from Marissa again before tossing it in the fire. Kaitlin asks him about it, and Johnny excuses himself to climb up the rocks. Kaitlin tries to stop him from doing something stupid. 

Neil visits Julie at her trailer. As Julie cries, Neil tells her that he has fallen for her, despite her manipulative ways. Julie invites him in. 

Johnny climbs on the rocks while Kaitlin calls after him. Johnny begins to make it to the top. 

Marissa and Ryan hang out, and Marissa is saddened when Ryan gives her the silent treatment. She tells him that she wants him, and the two begin to make out. Kaitlin calls Marissa and begs her to help her, and when Marissa hands Ryan the phone, after Ryan hears what is going on, he agrees to come to their rescue. 

Summer is confused by how odd Seth is acting. She excuses herself to, “go to the bathroom.” Summer goes into Seth’s room and finds his stash of pot. 

Ryan and Marissa show up at the beach and spot Johnny and Kaitlin. Ryan tells Marissa to go to Kaitlin while he goes to the top of the cliff to Johnny. Marissa hugs Kaitlin and yells up at Johnny that they can get through this, and he needs to come down and calm down. Johnny turns around and sees Ryan, telling him that he is the last person he wants to see. Johnny looses his foothold while Ryan tries to grab for him and Marissa shields Kaitlin’s eyes. Johnny falls to the bottom of the cliff.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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