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The Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah - 3.10
aired 12/15/05

Ryan and Marissa

By Kasey

Summer, Seth, Ryan, and Marissa look for Christmas trees while Seth talks about the merits of Chrismukkah. Seth tells Ryan to consider a bar-mitzvah. Marissa tells Summer that she feels bad for Johnny being alone during the holidays, and she wants to get him a tree. Meanwhile, Ryan tells Seth that he is sure that Johnny is the last thing on Marissa’s mind.  Seth and Summer think that trouble is on the horizon for Ryan and Marissa. 

The gang delivers the tree to Johnny’s house, where they can tell that something is up with Johnny and his mom. When Johnny’s mom takes the tree to put it inside, Johnny tells everyone that he won’t be able to get his surgery on his knee because his mom’s insurance won’t cover it, and without that, they won’t be able to afford it. 

While Kirsten gets out her Chrismukkah decorations she observes to Sandy that it is her first Chrismukkah without her dad and her last one with the boys in the house. Sandy tells her that it will be the best Chrismukkah ever, and she shouldn’t worry. 

Marissa comments to the gang that they need a Chrismukkah miracle. Seth decides that Ryan should have a Chrismukkah bar mitz-vahkkah, and all the money that he gets should go towards Johnny’s surgery. The girls love the idea, and Ryan is stunned when he realizes that everyone is serious. 

Julie sits in her trailer watching TV when Kirsten stops by to check up on her. Julie reminds her how awful she is doing, and Kirsten stays with Julie to give her company. 

Seth tries to make small talk with Summer’s dad and fails miserably. When Seth goes upstairs, Summer talks to her dad about how his wife abandoned them for the holidays, but he says that he’s too busy to notice. 

Ryan and Marissa go to visit Johnny and tell him their idea for the fund-raiser. Johnny says thanks, but no thanks, telling Ryan that if anyone should understand, it should be him. 

Seth tells everyone that Ryan should still have a bar mitz-vah even if Johnny isn’t open to using the money. Marissa says that Johnny might change his mind later after he’s had time to think about it, and so everyone decides that the bar-mitzvah should still be on. 

Seth and Ryan present their idea to Sandy and Kirsten. Sandy thinks that the idea is offensive, since Ryan is not Jewish. Kirsten, Seth, and Ryan are able to get him to come around though. 

Marissa visits Johnny, who acts stand-offish to her. He tells her that his problem is his problem, and acts private when getting a phone call. Offended, Marissa goes ahead and leaves. 

Ryan flips through Seth’s bar mitz-vah album and Seth gives him a CD to memorize Hebrew. Ryan has twenty-four hours to prepare to humiliate himself. 

Kirsten tells Julie about the Chrismukkah bar mitz-vahkkah as they go to the hospital to pitch their idea. Summer’s dad, Neil, offers to help them, and they tell him their plan. 

Seth watches the video of his bar mitz-vah, feeling sorry for himself that nobody came. Ryan comes in and tells him how dead he is going to be tomorrow, but he tells him that he has to go to meet Marissa for dinner. 

Marissa waits for Ryan at the diner when she notices Johnny standing outside. She sees him giving money to someone, and follows him outside, where Johnny confesses to her how badly he is doing. Marissa reassures him that they will get through it together, and when Johnny leans in to kiss her, she hugs him instead. Ryan, having just arrived, watches them from a distance before turning around and leaving. 

Ryan tells Seth and Sandy that he is through helping Johnny out, and he doesn’t want to do the bar mitz-vah after all. He goes outside, and Kirsten comes inside and tells Seth and Sandy that the fundraiser has been cleared and they are good to go. 

Summer and Neil decorate their Christmas tree and Summer asks why her mother left when she was younger. Neil tells her that she just didn’t like it there, and the two have a sweet conversation about how they have done alright together without her. Summer says that sometimes she misses her mom. Neil leaves for hospital rounds just as Seth arrives. Seth hugs Summer, who tells him what a help he is to her. 

Johnny meets Marissa at the diner, and Marissa tells him that she wants to discuss last night. The two decide to start over, and when Marissa inquires about the man Johnny was meeting last night, Johnny tells her to not ask questions that she doesn’t want answers to. 

Sandy meets with Ryan and asks him to think of everyone else and set aside his problems until after the bar mitz-vah. Ryan comments that it would require a lot of swallowing of pride, but Sandy tells him that he should be the adult in the situation. 

Kirsten visits Julie and tells her that she needs to tell Marissa the truth and spend the holidays together. Julie tells Kirsten that she will call her that night. 

Marissa visits Ryan and tells him about what happened with Johnny. She tells him that she is just worried about him, and doesn’t have feelings for him. She confides in Ryan that she thinks Johnny is up to something dangerous, and Ryan promises to talk to him. 

Ryan goes to visit Johnny, and his mom tells him that she doesn’t know what Johnny would do without all of them. Ryan goes to Johnny’s room and begins to snoop when he hears Johnny getting out of the shower. Fortunately, Johnny doesn’t catch him. Ryan asks Johnny to come to his bar mitz-vah, and Johnny finally agrees after enough pressure. Ryan leaves to give Johnny some time to get changed, and Johnny goes and looks at one of his guns. 

At Ryan’s bar mitz-vahkkah, Summer and Seth comment on the high turnout, and Summer comments on how sad it is that nobody came to Seth’s. Sandy calls everyone over for the family photo, and as they are going to do that, Ryan asks Marissa to not let Johnny out of her sight. 

Julie stops by Neil’s and asks to see Marissa. Neil tells her that Marissa is gone, but offers her a drink, which she takes him up on. Neil sees through Julie’s lies, and when he confesses that he might be getting a divorce, Julie tells him she lives in a trailer park. She asks him to go to the bar mitz-vahkkah with her. 

The Cohens get their photos taken, and Marissa is invited to join them. While she goes to be in the picture, Johnny slips away, and she cannot find him. Sandy goes on stage to introduce Ryan, while Marissa fills Ryan in on the situation and asks Seth to cover for him on stage. Seth does that while Ryan goes outside to chase down Johnny. 

Ryan gets outside just in time to see Johnny driving away. Ryan goes after him. 

Back inside, Seth tells the audience about the origins of Chrismukkah, and calls Summer on stage to help tell the story of Hanukkah. Summer drags Marissa up with her. 

Ryan follows Johnny to a mini-mart and sees him putting a gun in his pants. Unfortunately, Ryan is stuck at a traffic light for the time being. Johnny goes inside and starts to go towards the counter to rob the cashier (who senses something is up and is going for his gun as well). Ryan comes in just in time and buys cigarettes and a lottery ticket. He pulls Johnny aside and tells him that if Ryan is the person who can understand most, Johnny should take it from him—sometimes, you have to let the rich people help you. Johnny agrees to do that, and they see cops coming in to make purchases—Johnny would have been caught if Ryan hadn’t stopped him. Johnny and Ryan head out. 

Back at the bar mitz-vahkkuh, Seth and Sandy sing for everyone. Marissa and Summer get the audience singing “Deck the Halls” instead. Ryan shows up and gives a speech about celebrating human kindness. 

Kirsten and Sandy hug Ryan afterwards and tell him how proud they are. Seth congratulates Ryan on being a man and Summer drags Seth out on the dance floor for their dance that she’s owed him since skipping out on his bar mitz-vah five years ago. 

Marissa and Johnny agree to be friends. The two and Ryan join Seth and Summer to dance. 

Summer goes and sees Julie and Neil arriving. She gets Neil and Julie to join them in their dance, and Sandy and Kirsten comment from a distance that it is the best Chrismukkah ever.

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