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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Anger Management - 3.07
aired 11/17/05

Ryan and Johnny

By Kasey

Ryan, Seth, Summer, and Marissa hang out at the diner chatting when Volchok and his crew show up and ask Ryan for a rematch so Volchok can beat up Ryan. 

While Kirsten works on the charity event, Sandy gets ready for his first day at the Newport Group as CEO. Kirsten reassures Sandy that he will be great, despite Sandyís nervousness. Kirsten asks Seth and Ryan for help with the event, and while Ryan agrees, Seth says no. Sandy pressures Seth to change his mind, so Seth agrees to help. 

Marissa tells Summer that she feels responsible for Ryan and Volchokís fighting. Summer tells Marissa to ask Johnny if he is in love with her, but Marissa sees the question as a lose-lose situation. 

Seth tells Ryan that he canít get into any fights anymore now that he is back at Harbor. Ryan tells him that it wonít be a problem. Taylor butts into the conversation and begins chatting with Seth, finally asking him to help her plan the Christmas dance. Seth tells her to ask Summer instead, but when Summer comes up Taylor runs off. Ryan tells Seth that he is in trouble, and sure enough, Summer wants to know why Seth was talking to Taylor. Ryan thinks that Taylor has a crush on Seth, and so he is not surprised when Summer says that Taylor wouldnít let her into the lock-in.

Kirsten, Charlotte, and Julie plan the charity event. When Kirsten goes and talks to someone, Julie begins to have second thoughts, until Charlotte reminds her of how much money she will get. 

Taylor asks Ryan how stable Seth and Summerís relationship is on a scale of 1 to 10. Ryan tells her that itís a 10, but Taylor takes comfort knowing that, ďthings happen.Ē 

Sandy and Matt greet the Newport Group employees, saying that a quarter of all their projects will be low-income from now on, Sandy will be CEO, and Matt will be vice-president. The group claps for Sandy and heads back to work. Matt tells Sandy that they are going to have to fire nine employees to keep the company running, but Sandy says that they can put that off. 

Marissa fills Chili in about the situation with Volchok, telling him to not tell Johnny. When Johnny overhears that, he asks them what is going on, realizing it has to do with Volchok. Marissa tells him the truth, but when Johnny starts to run off to fight Volchok himself, Marissa stops him and makes him promise to not fight Volchok. 

Seth talks to Ryan about Taylorís crush on him and how Summer canít find out. The two get to their car, where Volchok and his friends are eating on their dashboard. Volchok tosses his drink onto the hood and keys the car in an effort to get Ryan to fight him. Ryan ends up walking away, while Volchok yells after him that things arenít over. 

Marissa comes by the Cohenís and talks to Ryan about Volchok, telling him how proud she is of him not fighting him. Ryan shows Marissa his new punching bag, saying that he is using it for therapy. Ryan asks how Johnny is doing, and when Marissa tells him how hurt he is by Casey, Ryan tells her to invite him along to go with them to the Bait Shop the next night. 

Sandy tells Kirsten how daunting work is, and she tells him that she is taking off from the charity event for the next few hours for Kirsten-time. 

Taylor visits Seth at the Cohenís and tells him that she likes him. Seth reminds her that he is with Summer, but when Taylor sees a poster of a Japanese movie that they both love, she changes the topic to discuss the director and tells Seth that they are soulmates. Seth refuses to break up with Summer, and when he gets a phone call, Taylor spots Captain Oatsóand takes him! Summer overhears Taylor telling Seth goodbye, but Seth tells Summer that he is just watching TV. 

Charlotte calls her boyfriend, who has purchased tickets for them to escape to Puerto Rico. Charlotte tells him that Julie wonít be getting any of the money that they make. Charlotte joins Julie and Kirsten. Julie is hesitant when Kirsten signs a liability agreement, but Charlotte continues to reassure Julie that everything will work out. 

Sandy tells Matt that they will fire only four people instead of nine. 

At the concert, Ryan, Marissa, and Summer ask Johnny to help out with the fund raiser the next night. Johnny realizes that they are trying to take his mind off of his break-up with Casey, and thanks them. 

Taylor comes up to Seth at the concert, and Seth continues to refuse her advances. Summer comes up to them and asks what is going on. Taylor pretends like she has to leave, and nonchalantly gets Captain Oats out of her purse, thanking Seth for letting her borrow him. Summer is furious, and Seth admits that Taylor was in his room. Summer says that something must have happened at the lock-in, and storms off. Seth chases after her, while Taylor seems pleased with herself. 

Ryan spots Volchok and his friends at the concert, and so he, Marissa, and Johnny try to make their escape. Unfortunately, Volchok spots him first. When Volchok grabs Marissa when she tries to walk away, Ryan grabs him. Volchok realizes that if he threatens Marissa, Ryan will fight. The Bait Shopís security comes up to Volchok and tells him to leave. Volchok does so. 

Ryan asks Sandy for advice about Volchok. Sandy tells him to go to the cops or have him talk to him. Ryan tells him that Volchok wonít be scared by Sandy. Sandy tells him that he cannot get into a fight now. Sandy tells Ryan to use his brain instead of his fists. Sandy gets a phone call, and is concerned. He tells Ryan to head on down to the charity event with Seth, and he will catch up to them. 

Chili and Marissa go to the beach, where Marissa offers Volchok an expensive watch if he promises to not fight Ryan. Volchok promises to do so. 

Julie visits Kirsten as Kirsten runs through the final preparations for the charity event. Kirsten says that she wants everything to be perfect, and Julie assures her that it will be. 

Sandy visits Matt at work, who is preparing to lay off the employees who heís called in on a Sunday. Sandy is angry that he wasnít given more of a heads up. Matt says that he wanted to spare Sandy the pain of letting people go, but Sandy tells them that he doesnít let people do his dirty work, and he heads in to fire the employees himself. 

Seth reassures Summer that nothing happened between him and Taylor at the lock-in, but she is unwilling to listen to him. Summer slaps him. 

Johnny tells Ryan that sometimes you donít have a choice, and have to get in a fight.

Charlotte is stunned to see that Julie isnít dressed for the event yet. Julie says that she canít stand the thought of hurting Kirsten and Marissa, even if they blame Charlotte. Charlotte threatens to call the cops and turn Julie in for trying to scam her friends, saying that she herself would be able to escape before the cops found her. Charlotte then threatens Julie to get ready for the party. 

Summer worries about Taylor and Seth to Marissa, who tells her that she has nothing to worry about, since Seth loves her. Marissa sees one of Volchokís friends coming into the party, and gets Summer to leave. Volchokís friend gives Marissa back the watch, saying that Volchok wants cash instead.  

Marissa goes with her to the parking lot, where Volchok tells her that he just wants a couple hundred dollars, and asks Marissa to go with him to an ATM machine. Marissa gets in the car with them. 

Kirsten thanks Julie for making her help with the event and showing her that she can do it. Kirsten says that she wishes Cal could see them, because he would be so proud. Julie seems more torn up about what she is doing than ever. 

Taylorís mom drops her off at the event, telling her that she had better have friends here to meet. Seth rides to her rescue and introduces himself to Taylorís mom. Taylorís mom tells him that Taylor has a present for him, and Taylor is embarrassed. She gives Seth his giftóa movie by their favorite director that is only released in Japan! Seth is amazed. Taylorís mom leaves, and Taylor runs off embarrassed.  

Seth follows Taylor outside, where she tells him that she doesnít need him to feel sorry for her. Taylor cries about her mom, and says that she lives in a dream world where she thinks that Seth likes her and Summer is her friend. Seth reassures Taylor that he likes her, and Taylor begins to cheer up. Seth tells Taylor that if she relaxes a little, others will realize how great she is. Taylor is very touched. Seth excuses himself to go back inside, saying that he doesnít want Summer to see them talking. Taylor lets him go, and giggles to herself afterwards. 

Ryan and Johnny wonder where Marissa is when Ryan gets a phone call from Volchok, telling him to come get his girlfriend at the pier. Ryan heads off to get her, telling Johnny to call the cops. Johnny follows him out. 

Sandy arrives at the party, and Charlotte tells Kirsten how many pledges they are getting. The two wonder where Julie is, when Julie steps up to the microphone to make an announcement. Julie asks the guests to make their checks out to the National Foundation for Substance Abuse, saying that their organization cannot hold all of their money. Everyone claps for them, and Kirsten asks Charlotte if she knew about this. Charlotte excuses herself to go talk to Julie. 

Charlotte confronts Julie, who tells her to go ahead and call the police. Charlotte hesitates, and Julie calls her on her bluff. Charlotte tells Julie to wake up and realize that none of these people will ever accept her. Julie tells her that she has Kirsten, and she wonít do this to her. Julie also tells Charlotte to get out of town, as there isnít enough room in Newport for both of them. 

Seth tells Summer about Taylor and her mom when she spots him with his movie in the party. Seth tells Summer that Taylor thinks she is friends with them, and that she is really lonely. Summer tells Seth to never lie to her again, and the two head home to watch Sethís new movie. 

Ryan and Johnny head to the pier, and Johnny tells Ryan that this is a bad idea. Ryan tells Johnny to go along with his plan, because he is going to try to beat Volchok with his head instead of his fists. 

Ryan and Johnny run up to the group at the pier, and Ryan grabs a bottle and breaks it, going towards Volchok to fight. Volchok is scared, telling Ryan to not get crazy. Ryan tosses Volchok a log to try to make things more even, but Volchok still insists that Ryan doesnít know what he is doing. Marissa is scared, but Johnny motions to her to remain calm. Volchok drops the log and tells his friends that they should go, because Ryan is crazy. Marissa hugs Ryan. 

Sandy congratulates Kirsten on a job well done. He tells her that he had to fire people today, and says that he isnít sure that he is the man for the job. Kirsten tells him that he is the man for the job because he is upset and cares. Sandy thanks Kirsten for the words of encouragement, and the two kiss. 

Marissa and Ryan cool off at the Cohenís. Ryan assures Marissa that he is fine, and Marissa tells Ryan that he has changed and is not as dark as he used to be. Marissa kisses Ryan, tells him how proud she is of him, and heads home. Ryan goes to the pool house and begins to punch his punching bag.

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