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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Aftermath - 3.01
aired 9/8/05


By J. Scott

The season premiere starts as a dream, Ryan is in the hospital dreaming about what has happened over the summer, with the shooting and what may happen in the aftermath.  Ryan wakes up and it's two months later, the prosecutor and the D.A. want to talk to Ryan, Seth, Marissa, and Summer about what exactly happened, he called it a deposition. The scene switches from Ryan to Seth and back. The Prosecutor is asking them both to recount the events of that night. He asks Ryan why was his prints were on the gun, and Ryan tells him to put the safety on so no bullets would go flying around. Kirsten in rehab, talking about her life story, when her neighbor, Charlotte Morgan, telss Kirsten that she has had the exact same thing happen in her life. After the interrogation of Ryan and Seth, the D.A and Prosecutor go to the  Nichol Villa, to interrogate Marissa. Julie and Jimmy are outside talking; Julie mentions yet again, hoe their lives were normal before Ryan Atwood came to town. The prosecutor gets there to speak with Marissa, enter Summer and Marissa, the Prosecutor wants to talk to Marissa alone, but Marissa says that she has told the truth, and she doesn't want to retell it over again, especially to strangers. The Prosecutor is determined to talk to her, so he asks Summer to wait in the house, Marissa doesn't want that, but the prosecutor does, so he again asks Summer to go inside and wait. Summer is hesitant and looks to Marissa. Julie makes a crack about having the complete season of Sex and the City on HBO- On Demand and that she can go watch it.  Jimmy then escorts Summer inside the house. The prosecutor is still  thinking that Marisa is the one who is trying to protect Ryan, so that is why she is saying that she shot Trey.

 Marissa leaves and goes to the beach. Later Ryan goes to the beach and  tells Marissa that Seth and Summer are waiting for them at the diner, and they get into the car to go meet them.   Ryan visits Trey in the hospital with Seth in tow, and they go to Trey's room. Trey is still comatose, and Ryan and Seth decide to leave after hanging around for about 10 minutes, while they are in the hall,  shots back to Trey's hand and then his pinkie finger starts to move.

  The Fabulous Four, go to the beach and just do what couples do, the guys  are throwing the football around and the girls are just having fun, then it switches to Marissa and Ryan on the lifeguard shack kissing and then Summer and Seth roasting marshmallows and ribbing on each other.

 While they are there, Trey is now coming to a full recovery, he is opening  his eyes now too. Julie is talking to Jimmy about what it could do to Marissa if she has to go to jail, and has a rap sheet, what this could do to her chances of getting into colleges and universities.  After Dark, Julie decides to go check up on Trey, she walks into the room, and says that she should kill him for trying to rape her daughter, she picks up a pillow and walks toward him. He says that he is sorry. And she tells him that there is only one way to make this right, and she will compensate him, if he does it, she'll pay him 20,000 dollars. Julie wants Trey to repeat after her, "Ryan shot me." Trey scoffs at this, but is obviously a little scared at what Julie will do with the pillow. He then says, 'Ryan shot me.' And scoffs again. Ryan and Seth are back at the house, on the couch playing PS2.

Sandy comes  in and tells they boys that Trey has confessed that Ryan shot him. Sandy tells them that the police will be there in a couple of hours  to issue an arrest warrant, and he needs to know that Ryan is telling  him everything that happened. Ryan gets up and as he passes Sandy he says, 'It wouldn't matter anyway.' Seth is on the couch looking and says tohis dad, 'You're gonna get him out of this, right?' Ryan goes to the pool house and shuts all the drapes. Summer and  Seth are  in the house looking at the pool house and talking about Ryan, and what they might do to help cheer him up.

 Cut to Nichol Villa, and Julie and Jimmy are breaking the news to Marissa,  she then goes to the Cohen house to see about Ryan. She asks Summer and Seth and they say they haven't been over there, she brushes past them and heads for the pool house. Upon entering, Marissa, Seth, and Summer see Ryan packing his duffel. He tells them that he is leaving, Marissa tells him no he's not, they're going with him, and says We're leaving, including Summer and Seth as well. Sandy can't find Ryan or Seth; he calls Julie, she can't find Marissa. The cops arrive he  tells them that he is afraid they're too late. They get the keys to Jimmy's boat and try to leave, but their plans are put to a stop when the police arrive.

Ryan is taken back to jail. Sandy comes to the jail to talk to Ryan, says  the jumpsuit still fits. Sandy says that he may be in danger of being taken from them, and for a person that is innocent he pulled a stunt that made him look guilty. Ryan tells Sandy about how the guards and everyone looks at him as if he is guilty, and he can't stand it, he says he knows Sandy sees it too. Marissa, Seth, and Summer go to the hospital. Summer and Marissa are dressed as candy stripers.. They go to visit Trey. Marissa goes in  the room and shuts the door. Trey looks over at her and says, 'Did you come to finish what you started?' Then looks away, Marissa says, 'So you do know that it was me who shot you.' Trey tells Marissa that he is sorry and that he was trying to protect her. Marissa is going protect me?

 He says, she paid me. Marissa gets a look that says, what? And then  Trey  goes your mom. Marissa looks pissed now, and she tells Trey that he needs to make it right. Ryan is then released from jail, Trey is getting on a Greyhound bus and Ryan is running towards the bus. Trey has his eyes closed and Ryan is just staring, Trey must sense Ryan... he opens his eyes and looks at him. They wave and the bus pulls off. Sandy comes in from the background and pulls Ryan into a hug.

The ending segment features Kirsten in her room at the AA clinic and Charlotte looking  at her.

Photo from Screencap Paradise

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Updated 9/11/10 


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