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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Way We Were - 2.02
aired 11/11/04

Marissa and Summer

By Kasey

Seth and Ryan talk about not wanting to go to school. Seth tells Ryan he hasnít talked to Summer yet. Ryan tells Seth to talk to Summer. Seth finds out that Ryan hasnít even talked to Marissa yet.

Kirsten and Sandy argue over who has to take Seth and Ryan to school. The construction guy ends up taking them.

Once there, the two see Marissa and Summer. Marissa is the only one happy about this. She hugs Ryan, while Seth chases after Summer. She tells Seth to leave her alone, and that she has to go meet her boyfriend.

Jimmy comes up to Hailey on the boat. She is on the phone, and has something she doesnít want to tell Jimmy. The two kiss.

Ryan is meeting with a school advisor, Ms. Fischer, about his schedule. She tells him to start thinking about college and start thinking about what he wants.

Seth and Ryan have lunch together, while Seth invites Ryan to join the Comic Book Club.

Summer takes Marissa to get her car. Marissa is mad that DJ is blocking her car in the driveway. Marissa goes to her room, where DJ follows her. The two kiss passionately, and it seems like something has been happening between the two previously.

Summer finds out that Marissa spiked her latte at school. She throws it away. Marissa confides in Summer that she has been seeing the yard guy all summer. Marissa isnít sure what to do with the situation.

Cal and Sandy talk about how the DA is going to bring Cal down for bribing people. Cal asks Sandy for help, but Sandy isnít sure how to.

Seth and Ryan call their first Comic Book Club meeting to orderóit is just the two of them. Then Zach shows up wanting to join. Zach and Seth hit it off instantly. Later, Seth sees Zach kissing Summer. He is devastated.

Marissa shows Ryan her new home. She tells Ryan she isnít dating anyone, and Ryan invites her to the school carnival. The two kiss, and DJ seesóhe isnít happy.

Kirsten and Hailey eat together, and Hailey tells Kirsten that she has a new job in Japan. She also tells her that she hasnít told Jimmy yet, and Jimmy seems ďstuckĒ while she wants to make a career for himself.

Cal and Sandy come home, and Julie discovers that Cal is drunk. Cal goes to bed, and Sandy tells Julie that the DA is going to indict Cal. Julie is mad that the investigation has been going on since before the wedding.

Sandy and Kirsten discover that Ryan is a good architect when he corrects Archie on the construction job being done at the Cohenís. Kirsten tries to get Sandy to apologize to Archie, who has stormed off. Sandy explodes at Kirsten in front of Ryan. Kirsten comes to Sandy and apologizes for being so difficult to live with lately. Sandy assures her that he is not mad at her. Kirsten figures out that it has something to do with Cal.

Ryan and Seth talk about the carnival. Seth doesnít want to be a five-some with Ryan/Marissa/Summer/Zach.

Hailey tells Jimmy about her desire to go to Japan and be a sales rep. She says that she wants a future. Jimmy doesnít want to let Hailey go, and asks her to marry him.

Summer meditates, and Ryan stops by to talk to her. Ryan apologizes for making Seth leave, and Summer says it was Sethís fault. Summer tells Ryan that Zach isnít her boyfriend, and she just told Seth that to torture him. Summer tells Ryan that things between their group were not always good, and she never should have hooked up with Seth.

Marissa comes to see DJ and tells him to stop calling her about making the relationship so obvious. DJ is disturbed about having seen Marissa and Ryan kissing. Marissa begins crying, trying to explain the Ryan situation. DJ tries to comfort her, and the two begin kissing. Ryan pulls in and sees them kissing.

Ryan tells Seth about the Marissa situation. Seth speculates about how to get back together with Summer. Ryan wonders what to do about Marissa.

Cal eats breakfast with Kirsten and Sandy. He says that Julie is not talking to him and is at a spa for the weekend. Cal apologizes to the Cohens and tells them he doesnít want to be any trouble. They invite him over to dinner.

Ms. Fischer sees Ryanís floor plans for the Cohenís living room during their appointment. She tells him he needs to be an architect, and will put him in some advanced math and science classes.

Jimmy tells Kirsten that Hailey left for Japan. He is sad, he thought he wanted to spend his life with Hailey.

Ryan and Seth show up at the school carnival. Ryan sees Marissa, and Seth excuses himself to the hot dog stand. Marissa tells Ryan the truth about DJ. Ryan tells her they should just be friends. Marissa says they were never friends, and Ryan says that solves the problem. He leaves.

Seth stands on a hot dog stand and declares his love for Summer, who refuses him. Zach comes up and wants to know what is going on. Summer tells Seth they have no future, and Zach takes her away from Seth. Ryan joins Seth. Seth runs up in front of Zachís car to stop Summer from leaving. Summer tells Seth that he canít have her anymore.

Ryan and Seth come home to see Cal, Kirsten, and Sandy eating. They all talk, and the cops show up to arrest Caleb. Sandy says he is Calís lawyer, and follows them out of the house.

Photos from Screencap Paradise

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