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The O.C. Episode Guide

The New Kids on The Block - 2.03
aired 11/18/04

Ryan and Lindsey

Ryan tries to convince Seth that he is too self-focused when Ryan wants to talk about Cal being in jail, but Seth keeps changing the conversation to himself. Seth sees his point and wants to think more about others—but he just can’t stop himself from thinking about “The Seth!”

Sandy drives Cal back from jail. Sandy tries to convince Cal to put Kirsten in charge of the business.

We meet Lindsey, a new student who drives to school in a clunker. Some cheerleaders comment that she might be embarrassed of her ride.

Ryan and Seth order coffee, where Seth sees a flyer for a Walkmen concert. He thinks he should buy tickets for Summer and Zach to show how selfless he is.

Ryan spills coffee all over Lindsey, and then elbows her forehead when trying to get her napkins. Ryan offers to buy Lindsey a coffee, and she declines, wondering how she will be able to fit in with coffee all over her.

Sandy and Kirsten continue to pressure Cal to step down, when Julie arrives and wants to talk to Cal. She offers to help with whatever she can.

Marissa and Summer talk about how perfect Zach is. Summer still doesn’t want her dad to meet Zach, though, even though he is thrilled about Zach being a congressman’s son. Zach comes and talks with them, apologizing to Marissa about Cal’s situation. Summer asks Zach what he is doing for the weekend.

Ryan comes to his physics class, and has to sit next to Lindsey. She is still upset about Ryan running into her. The two are dismayed to be lab partners.

Seth and Ryan go to get Walkmen tickets. They are sold out, and so Seth offers to work there to get tickets. Alex, an employee there, hires him. 

Kirsten tries to reassure Seth, Ryan, and Sandy that things will be okay with Cal, while Julie tries to reassure Marissa of the same. Marissa does not care about Cal, though, happily saying that if he goes back to prison Julie will be out on the street.

Lindsey turned in a lab report without Ryan’s contribution, so Ryan complains to the teacher, earning them the lab report plus a new assignment. Lindsey thinks that Ryan is an idiot. 

Seth confides in Alex about his woes with Summer. Turns out Alex is a seventeen-year-old high school drop-out. Alex tells Seth that Summer will see through his selfless act. 

Sandy tells Kirsten that he was fired from (“slash quit,” according to Sandy) his job for representing Cal. 

Summer watches The Valley while Seth stops by to visit. He gives Summer tickets to the Walkmen concert for her and Zach. Summer accepts. 

Marissa and Jimmy eat together and talk about life. Julie shows up to get Marissa, and while Marissa gets her things, Jimmy chats with Julie about Cal. Julie confides in Jimmy that Cal doesn’t listen to her. 

Ryan and Lindsey study physics together, and Ryan tells Lindsey about his history. Lindsey tells Ryan she isn’t at Harbour to make friends. 

Summer talks to Zach about Seth and his motives for giving them tickets to the concert. Zach asks Summer if she would want to get back together with Seth if he really had changed, and when Summer pauses, Zach tells her to go to the concert by herself and try to figure things out with Seth. Summer is amazed at how adult-like Zach is. 

Sandy and Kirsten offer champagne to Cal and Julie to celebrate his unemployment. Cal tells them that he has called a press conference to announce his stepping down, and that Julie is going to be the CEO of the Newport Group.  

Seth is happy to see Summer at the concert. Ryan steps outside, where he sees Marissa sitting by herself. He approaches her, and the two discuss Seth and Summer’s relationship. Ryan asks Marissa to come inside and watch the band, and Marissa takes him up on it. 

Sandy tells Cal how angry he is about Kirsten being passed up for the position of CEO, and tells Cal to find a way to make things up to Kirsten, unless Cal wants Julie to be his lawyer too. 

Alex tells Seth to clean up vomit in front of Summer. Summer, realizing Seth works there, is surprised at the lengths Seth went to to earn her friendship. Seth leans in and kisses her, and Summer storms off angrily. Seth follows her outside, and the two argue. Summer says if Seth can’t just be friends, things are over for them.

Seth decides to go back to being self-focused, and wants to complain to Ryan about his problems. Unfortunately for Seth, Ryan has to go meet Lindsey. 

Kirsten tells Sandy that she will not accept Julie as her boss, and so she is not going back to the office. Sandy tells her she should talk to Cal. 

Marissa lays in bed. Seth comes to visit, wanting to talk to Marissa about his problems with Summer. Marissa suggests that Seth apologize to Summer. Seth asks where Summer is, and Marissa asks where Ryan is. 

Cal comes over for a supervised visit with Kirsten (Sandy is supervising to make sure Kirsten “doesn’t kill him”). Cal apologizes to Kirsten, but says Julie has to be CEO to save his marriage. However, he is appointing Kirsten Chief Financial Officer, because whoever controls the money controls the business. Cal says Julie will probably get bored soon anyways, and he needs Kirsten to save the company. 

Lindsey apologizes to Ryan while the two study physics together. Ryan apologizes too. The two playfully tease each other, and Marissa sees them together. Marissa walks away. 

Seth goes to see Summer, and sees her eating with Zach and her dad. Seth is saddened to see that Zach’s meeting with the dad is going much better than his. 

Seth and Marissa join each other overlooking the beach. Seth comments that the two of them are the loneliest people in Newport, and the two sit in silence.

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