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The O.C. Episode Guide

The New Era - 2.04
aired 12/2/04

Ryan and Kirsten

Seth tells Ryan, Sandy, and Kirsten that it’s a new era. He talks to them about the possibility of him getting a new girlfriend (of course, not to rub in Summer’s face or anything!).

Ryan and Seth try to pick out a girlfriend for Seth in the school courtyard, when Lindsey walks up and comments on their inappropriateness. She walks off, and Seth is smitten. He tells Ryan to hook him up with her.

Marissa and Summer talk about how Zach passed Summer’s dad’s test, and how Marissa’s love life is suddenly less complicated. Zach comes up, and Summer gives him a new nickname- “Ducky.” This nickname drives Zach crazy through the remainder of the episode.

Sandy and Cal get lunch, and Cal tells Sandy the name of his old secretary who had done the deposits. Sandy wants to know why Cal didn’t tell him that over the phone, and it seems Cal just wanted to have lunch with Sandy.

Ryan asks out Lindsey on Seth’s behalf. However, he accidentally makes it seem like he was asking her out himself, and Lindsey says yes before she realizes he was asking her out for Seth. Feeling silly, she pretends to have known all along that he was asking for Seth.

Julie drives Kirsten crazy at the office. Kirsten tries to stay on task, and Julie asks Kirsten if she thinks she is stupid. Kirsten tries to get Julie to delegate tasks to her, but Julie won’t.

Marissa goes to try to make amends with DJ. DJ does not respond well, even when Marissa asks him to go to The Killers concert. She tells him when and where though, just in case.

Ryan tells Seth that he has a date with Lindsey. Seth panics and tells Ryan he’ll only go if Ryan goes, and tries to get Ryan to ask out Alex.

Seth asks Alex to go to the concert with Ryan. She agrees at Seth’s convincing.

The meeting Kirsten has goes very badly when Julie shows up and jumps in, asking Kirsten to go and make copies for her while she fields questions. Unfortunately, Julie cannot handle the questions.

Seth tells Summer that he has a date. Summer mocks him. Marissa asks Ryan to do something with her, but realizes that Ryan has a date, too. Feeling awkward, she leaves for class.

Julie goes to visit Jimmy at his boat, and admits her struggles with being CEO. Jimmy reassures her, telling her she has good instincts and will be okay. The two comment on their relationship and how they should have divorced years ago. Reassured, Julie leaves.

Ryan has to chase down Lindsey for her date with Seth, while Seth grabs Alex for her date with Ryan. Alex tells Seth that he’s cute. Ryan and Seth introduce the girls to each other, and Seth tries to reassure everyone that their group-hang won’t be awkward.

Sandy tells Kirsten that he thinks that Cal’s case is lost. Kirsten tells Sandy that Julie is ruining the company, too. Kirsten tells Sandy that if Cal is acting weird, he’s hiding something. Julie swings by and tells Kirsten that they should throw a party—and she already has the caterers with her! Julie mentions that Cal went on a meeting with someone, and Sandy’s interest is piqued.

At The Killers concert, Seth and Lindsey fail to hit it off. Ryan and Alex are also not successful. Ryan and Seth notice that Summer, Marissa, and Zach are there.

Summer and Seth see each other and try to shove their dates in each other’s faces. Lindsey realizes that they just met ex-girlfriends.

Kirsten comments to Jimmy on Julie’s sillyness at the party. Jimmy tries to reassure Kirsten that Julie knows what she’s doing.

Summer talks about Seth, to Zach’s dismay. Seth talks about Summer, to Lindsey’s dismay. Alex and Ryan observe, while Marissa excuses herself to the bathroom.

Sandy observes Cal meeting a woman, and takes her license plate number. He meets Cal in the bar and asks him about the woman. Cal tries to call her an old friend, but Sandy knows that it is Renee Wheeler. Sandy asks Cal if he is having an affair. Cal tries to leave, telling Sandy that they could lose everything if he keeps probing into his affairs.

Lindsey tells Seth that there’s something wrong with him. Seth runs off to talk to Summer.

Marissa is happy to see DJ at the concert, who says that he just had an extra ticket.

Alex tells Ryan to tell Lindsey he likes her. Ryan runs off to do just that.

Zach and Summer keep arguing about Seth when Seth comes up to talk to Summer. Summer leaves Seth and chases after Zach, who has walked off. The two seem to make up.

Lindsey is angry at Ryan for setting her up with Seth. Ryan tells her he wants to talk to her, but she says she has done more than enough talking.

Julie continues to flirt with the business men, while Kirsten realizes that she might not be totally useless.

Seth and Ryan evaluate their dates and realize they both went terribly. Seth goes to chat with Alex and apologizes for the disastrous date. He leaves, but Alex follows him. She flirts with Seth, who asks her to go for ice cream. Alex kisses Seth, and tells him she’ll buy.

DJ stops by Marissa’s car, but she is not there—she is at the beach. He finds her, and kisses her. He says he’d better prepare for some drama, and she tells him she has no idea.

Ryan offers Lindsey a lift home, but she denies him. Ryan comes out of the car, and Lindsey admits that she only accepted the date because she thought Ryan was asking her out. Ryan says he’s an idiot, and says he had wanted to ask out Lindsey for himself. He asks her if she’ll go out with him sometime, and she says possibly.

Kirsten tells Sandy about the party, and Sandy tells her that Cal is guilty of something. The two kiss.

Summer and Zach sit in Summer’s bedroom, and she exposes him to The Valley.

Marissa and DJ cuddle on the beach.

Alex and Seth get their ice cream.

Ryan and Lindsey sit at the bus stop together, talking and having fun. Lindsey allows her bus to go by to stay and hang out with Ryan.

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