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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Test - 2.13
aired 2/17/05
This episode is also known as "Father Knows Best"



The episode starts out with Seth, wallowing in his self pity, because he doesn't know if Summer and Zach slept together after he left in San Diego.  Ryan comes in and tries to get him out of his self pitying.  Seth comments that the only way he will know is if hew asks summer himself, but Ryan talks hSandy, Seth and Ryanim out of that, and Seth then decides instead to ask Zach.  At the student lounge the next day Seth finds Zach and the two chat about the ordeal in San Diego and agree that maybe working together on the comic book wasn't a great idea for them to do after all.  Seth then decides its his chance to ask about them sleeping together in which Zach responds that he needs to go get some sleep and leaves. Summer having heard what Seth asks goes to his house and in his bedroom pummels him with pillows.  Seth admits to her that he hasn't been able to stop thinking about it.  And she admits that they didn't sleep together, in which Seth is relieved. Later Seth invites Zach to the diner to apologizes for being out of line and Zach accepts his apology.  That then goes on to tell him that the moment was perfect and it would've happened but he wanted to wait for marriage.  Seth is floored, and then Zach goes on to add that now he doesn't want to wait for marriage and his upcoming trip to Tuscany with Summer, is perfect to do the deed.  He tells Seth that he just wants to be straight with him, and leaves. Seth later then goes to se Summer to tell her that the reason he's been so upset is because he thought there was something still between them that could happen.  He then wishes her good luck in Tuscany and leaves.


Sandy comes home to find that two FBI agents stopped by the house and Kirsten talked to them.   He asks her what she told them and she's takes the opportunity to ask him what he's more afraid of, that she's has information that could put her in danger or that she's told the feds too much.  Sandy responds that he is her lawyer, but it could hurt her if she knows too much.  Kirsten later goes to see Rebecca and ask her weather or not she's still in love with Sandy.  She responds that she's is, and always will be, but that nothing has happened between them.   Kirsten tells her that while she's been running they have been building a life and Sandy helping her in endangering that, and leaves.  Sandy visits Rebecca later to find a note, Rebecca has decided to leave.  Sandy confronts Kirsten later  on about her conversation with Rebecca at the party.

Marissa / Alex

Marissa goes to see Alex at the club.  Alex tells her that her friends are coming and that they are going to have a little party and that she should come, and that she scan bring summer if she wants.  Alex sees the expression on Marissa and figures that she's hasn't told Summer about them yet.  She tells her that its okay, and that she can do so when she's ready.  Later on Marissa tries to tell Summer, but cant seem to do it, and begins to question whether or not she's can.  She goes to see Alex and tells her that its not going to happen and leaves a dejected Alex.  At the party Marissa decides to tell Summer when the two are talking because she cant handle the pressure anymore.  Summer doesn't seem phased by it, and that makes Marissa feel better.  She then goes to see Alex, who is by herself, and sad and tells her that she's sorry and that she's told Summer, and she's ready to pick up from where she's left off.


Caleb calls  Lindsay, Kirsten into his office and tells them that he is going to formally adopt Lindsay to Julie's dismay.   Lindsay is ecstatic and decides to tell Ryan, who isn't as sure as she's is.  Later that day, Julie visits Lindsay's mom and tells her that Caleb is going to do a paternity test, which she convinced him of this morning, and if she's not sure about the paternity, then this would be a good time to stop it before it gets out of hand.  Lindsay's mom then goes to Ryan to help her stop Lindsay from getting the test.  Caleb throws a party and invited everyone there so he can announce his news.  At the party Ryan tells her what his mom said, and Lindsay mad at him goes to see Caleb and tells him to make the announcement now. Caleb tells her he is going to hold off on it till tests can be done, Lindsay tells him that her real dad would never do this and runs off. Julie takes the opportunity at the party to announce the launch of Newport living, her magazine.

In the End

The guys come home and immerse themselves in Hell boy, as all have come full circle to wallow with Seth in Self Pity.

- By Mona

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Updated 9/26/10  


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