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The O.C. Episode Guide

The SnO.C. - 2.05
aired 1/29/04

Marissa and Summer

By Kasey

Seth and Ryan talk about how well their double date went. Seth tells Ryan to invite Lindsey to the SnO.C. (the school winter dance). Ryan seems a little bit nervous about possibly inviting her.

Inside, Marissa tells Zach and Summer she can’t invite DJ to the dance since her mom would find out and freak out. Ryan and Seth come in, and Marissa asks them if she should put them down for four tickets. Summer tries to rub in Seth’s face that his date with Lindsey didn’t go well, and Seth says that things with Alex are going well, though. Zach looks distressed at the attention Summer is giving Seth. He walks off, and Seth points out that he ran away.

Sandy leaves Cal a message and tells him to call him back regarding Renee. Kirsten comes in and the two talk about what Cal could have done.

Ryan meets Lindsey in class. He asks her to the dance, but she says they should just be friends, since they are lab partners and it would be awkward if they broke up.

Marissa gets a phone call from DJ. He asks her to join him for lunch. Instead, the two go back to Marissa’s and make out. DJ asks about the SnO.C.

Julie comes home and hears something going on in Marissa’s room. She comes in and sees the two kissing, with DJ’s shirt off. Julie tries to fire DJ, but the two leave.

Sandy tells Kirsten that the trial is two weeks away. Kirsten wonders how Cal could be bribing a woman on the city council without her knowing.

Zach talks to Ryan about the Seth and Summer situation. Ryan tells him that Seth has moved on, and Ryan says that he hopes that Seth is over Summer.

Seth goes to work, but Alex gives him the cold shoulder at work. He asks her to the SnO.C., but she says he got the wrong idea, and kisses several people to prove her point.

Ryan and Seth talk about how crazy women are. Marissa comes up with material for the SnO.C. Ryan helps Marissa carry stuff in, while Lindsey watches. Seth tells Lindsey it’s not too late to accept Ryan’s offer to go to the dance together.

Marissa and Ryan agree to go to the dance together so they won’t be dateless.

Seth goes to talk to Summer. He tells her about his problem with Alex, and the two have a good conversation. Zach oversees them, and leaves.

Sandy goes to talk with Renee. She refuses to talk to him without her lawyer, but Sandy tries to persuade her to give up information. She doesn’t budge, but tells him she’ll see him in court.

Lindsey tells Ryan that she wants to go to the dance with him again, but Ryan tells her how he’s going to the dance with Marissa. Lindsey tries to play it off.

Zach tells Summer he won’t be able to go to the dance with her. He tells her to just invite Seth.

Seth comes to work again, and Alex is annoyed that he is not more chatty with her. Seth is following Summer’s advice to be cold in return to Alex. Seth tells Alex that he probably doesn’t have time for a job right now. He leaves, not sure if he should return and try to talk to her more.

Sandy leaves Cal another message. Kirsten asks Sandy if he’s okay, and Sandy says he has to take the boys to the SnO.C. Seth refuses to go, and so Sandy and Kirsten force him to go by trying to watch his movie with him.

Marissa and Summer get ready for the SnO.C. Marissa tells Summer to come with her and Ryan, not realizing that Seth is already going with them.

Seth, Summer, Ryan, and Marissa drive to the dance together while Seth and Summer zing dirty comments at each other.

The gang arrives at the dance, and they compliment Marissa on how pretty it looks. Marissa and Ryan go to dance together. Jimmy and Julie watch Marissa and Ryan dance together, and Julie kisses Jimmy’s cheek and tells him how happy she is about it. There is a bit of tension between them.

Cal comes over to talk to Sandy about his case. Sandy tells Cal that he knows about his affair with Renee. Sandy asks Cal if there was a child, and Cal admits that there was, and that’s why he was paying Renee. Sandy tells Cal that he and Renee must tell the judge, but Cal refuses.

Zach is driving when he hears a song on the radio from the SnO.C. Seth convinces Summer to dance with him, just as Zach turns around to drive to the SnO.C.

Julie compliments Ryan, and Ryan tells Marissa. Marissa is shocked that she managed to find someone Julie hates more than Ryan. DJ shows up at the dance, and Ryan gives Marissa his suit and tie to give DJ to wear.

While Summer and Seth dance, Seth asks why Zach isn’t there. Summer tells Seth Zach was jealous. Zach shows up, and leaves, telling Summer that she and Seth will always be “one of those couples.”

Ryan goes to Lindsey’s house and tells her that he should have gone to the dance with her, and he’d like to hang out with her instead. She turns him down again, but Ryan says that he won’t give up, because he likes her too much.

Renee meets Cal at his office. Cal says he wants to keep their affair a secret to protect his family. He doesn’t want to destroy Kirsten. Cal offers to let Renee and her daughter leave the country, but Renee says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do anymore.

Zach converses with Alex. She tells him to be a man and fight for his girl. Then she realizes that Zach is fighting for the same girl as Seth.

Julie sees Marissa and DJ dancing, and goes to break it up, but Jimmy keeps her back. Julie kisses Jimmy.

Seth and Summer hang out outside of the dance. Zach comes back, and hits Seth. Summer freaks out, and Zach apologizes. Alex comes up and says that she felt responsible for Seth, after talking to Zach. She says she can take care of Seth, and so Summer and Zach leave.

Summer gives Zach an ice pack for his hand. She tells Zach that Seth isn’t her boyfriend, he is.

Alex teaches Seth self-defense. The two kiss again.

Lindsey goes to visit Ryan at the pool house. She says she couldn’t read after Ryan left. Ryan kisses her. They play video games together and kiss.

Renee Wheeler comes to visit Sandy. They go out back to talk after Renee meets Kirsten. Renee tells Sandy she shouldn’t be there, but she wants to know what Sandy knows. Sandy says he knows everything. Just then, Lindsey and Ryan come out of the pool house, and Lindsey calls Renee her mom! Lindsey asks Renee why she is there.

Photos from Screencap Paradise

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Updated 9/22/10  


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