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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Showdown - 2.22
aired 5/5/05


By Kasey

Kirsten drinks—in the morning. She covers it up as juice when Sandy asks. Sandy asks Kirsten to go to Palm Springs with her for the weekend. Seth and Ryan stop by the kitchen and Seth says that he is going to tell Summer the truth about what happened in Miami. Seth and Ryan head out, and Kirsten tells Sandy that she will go with him to Palm Springs after all. When she leaves the kitchen, and her “juice,” Sandy smells it, and realizes that it is alcohol.

Marissa gets ready for school and looks at a huge bruise on her chest from when Trey attacked her. Trey calls her to explain, but Marissa hangs up on him. Jess teases Trey for having a crush on Marissa, and when he tells her things are over between them, she tries to convince him otherwise. Alas, it does not work and she eventually leaves for school.

Seth comes to talk to Summer. Summer admits to Seth that she already saw him on TV, and says that she is not angry with him. She realizes that Seth will never change. She also admits to having kissed Zach, and although Seth is disappointed, he says that that is okay. He asks her where they are in their relationship now, and Summer says that she does not know.

Julie presents Cal with eggs benedict, which she worked on for two hours. Cal points out that he already ate breakfast, has to be at work—and has a heart condition. He calls Julie insensitive. Julie asks Cal to acknowledge her effort, but Cal refuses and leaves.

Marissa and Ryan chat at school. Marissa is jumpy and is unable to talk about her weekend, or make plans for the next. Ryan is confuses as to what is wrong with her.

One of Kirsten’s secretaries brings Kirsten a gift that was left for her from Carter. Kirsten opens it, and it is a necklace.

Zach asks Summer for clarification on their relationship. When Summer says that she is not sure, Seth sees them together and jumps in the conversation. Zach tells Summer that he is dropping out of the comic to make sacrifices for their relationship, and Seth is shocked. Summer excuses herself, and Seth tells Zach that Summer will see through his act. Zach tells Seth that he is willing to sacrifice his friendship with Seth to date Summer. The two declare war.

Marissa walks out of school, and sees Trey. She hides behind a tree, and when Summer spots her, she asks Summer for a ride so she can avoid Trey.

Kirsten cancels her weekend plans with Sandy, and he knows something is up when she won’t give him a goodbye kiss until he asks for it. He also sees her wearing the necklace Carter gave her, although not knowing who it was from, tells her that it suits her.

Zach goes to meet Seth and Reed and tells Reed that he is pulling out of the comic. Reed insists that Zach stay put, since he signed a contract.

Julie visits Cal at work and asks him to see a counselor. Cal refuses but asks her for a date the next night at the Arches instead. Julie happily agrees, and when she leaves, Cal looks at the pictures of her kissing Lance.

Kirsten cannot find Sandy at home, and decides to call Carter. When she is leaving a message, she realizes her mistake and asks him not to call her back. She then goes to the fridge and gets out some alcohol.

Jess goes up to Ryan and begins to flirt with him in front of Marissa. Ryan gets rid of her, but by that point, Marissa has left. Ryan follows her, and stops a confrontation between Marissa and Trey in the parking lot. He asks the two of them to get a bite to eat with him, but they both turn him down. When Trey leaves, Marissa promises Ryan that she will be in a better mood later, and drives off.

Sandy comes home to find Kirsten asleep on the couch, a glass of (what was) alcohol next to her. Sandy carries her to bed, instead of taking her out to dinner like he was wanting.

Sandy brings Kirsten breakfast in bed the next morning and tells her that she is worried about how much she has been drinking. He asks her if he should be concerned. Kirsten says that she is fine, and goes to the bathroom to shower. Sandy looks crushed when he offers to put her food in the microwave and Kirsten refuses, saying that she is not hungry.

Seth and Ryan play video games and chat about Marissa’s timidity around Ryan and Seth’s “Zach Attack.” Seth gets a phone call from a member of the comic book club, who he had spy on Zach and Summer as they were out eating. Seth shows up and informs Summer that Zach is still with the comic book. Seth then excuses himself into the restaurant and watches Summer and Zach argue. Summer storms off, and Zach glares at Seth.

Ryan visits Trey at work and asks Trey if he knows why Marissa is asking weird. Trey then begins to act weird and excuses himself to go back to work. Jess comes up to Ryan and hints that Trey and Marissa might be into each other, without making it plainly obvious.

Marissa visits Summer, who is getting rid of all of her Seth and Zach things. Marissa wants fashion advice from Summer for her date with Ryan, and Summer sees Marissa’s scar. Marissa plays it off, and Summer does not ask any more questions. When complaining about Reed, Summer realizes that Reed is causing all of her problems, and leaves with a plan.

Julie visits Kirsten to talk to her about Cal. Kirsten says that she doesn’t know anything about her dad’s love life. When Julie tastes the drink Kirsten made her, she realizes that there is a lot of vodka in it, and asks Kirsten to talk to her instead of getting wasted. Kirsten pours out her heart about her communication issues with Sandy and her missing Carter.

Summer goes and confronts Reed at the comic book store, but Reed points out that Summer will have it all once the comic is launched and everyone wants to see Little Miss Vixen. Summer realizes that Reed is manipulating her, but is open to it.

Marissa goes to meet Ryan for their date. Ryan asks her if everything is okay. She starts to kiss him, and when things get hot and heavy, she begins to see Trey’s face instead of Ryan’s and panics. She shoves Ryan off her and tells him that it is too much too soon and runs off.

Sandy comes home to Kirsten and asks if they can talk. He asks her if she had an affair with Carter, and Kirsten says that nothing happened with her and Carter—the same way nothing happened with Sandy and Rebecca. Sandy is startled that Kirsten would bring that up again, and when Kirsten laments that Sandy doesn’t get it, she storms off, leaving Sandy more confused than ever.

Seth, Reed, and Zach announce the comic. When Reed makes the closing statements, she tells the audience that they will get to meet and greet with the real life Little Miss Vixen. Summer comes on stage to much applause and cheers. The guys are stunned.

Julie goes to the restaurant to meet Cal. Once there, she is brought an envelope and asked to sign for it. She does so, and upon opening the envelope finds divorce papers.

Julie comes to Cal at the office and confronts him. She tells him that she will get some of his money, despite their pre-nup. Cal shows her the pictures of her and Lance, telling her that she would have to explain the photos first. Julie is stunned to learn that she has been followed since before they were married. Cal even knows about her affair with Jimmy and her relationship with Luke! Cal tells Julie that she has a week to find somewhere else for her and Marissa to live. He kicks her out of his office and tells her that she is also fired.

Seth apologizes to Summer, but when Zach sees them together, things get crazy and the two guys attack each other in front of everyone at the comic book launch. Summer and Reed are horrified. After the fight is finally broken up, Seth and Zach tell Summer that she will have to choose between them. Summer says that she chooses neither of them. Reed asks them to clean up their mess.

Ryan tries to call Marissa but has to leave a message. Sandy comes to visit him in the pool house and the two talk about how they have to find Marissa and Kirsten.

Marissa cries on her bed at home when Trey comes in her bedroom and tries to explain himself. Marissa refuses to hear him out. Trey says it is okay if she won’t hear his apology, but he wants her to promise to not tell Ryan. Marissa threatens to call the cops, so Trey leaves. On the way out, Trey is spotted by Ryan, who was on his way in.

Sandy drives around Orange County looking for Kirsten, who is sitting at a bar and drinking. Upon looking at her wedding rings, Kirsten takes off her necklace from Carter and leaves it at the bar with her tip. She calls Sandy from the car and apologizes, telling him that she thought that she was loosing him. Sandy tells her that that will never happen, and asks her to park the car so he can come pick her up. The two tell each other that they love each other, and when Kirsten drops her phone, she is hit by a truck.

Photos from Screencap Paradise

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