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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Second Chance - 2.11

Sandy and Kirsten

By Kasey

Seth wants to talk to Ryan about Summer and Zach, even though Ryan is trying to study. Seth thinks things might heat up between him and Summer while they are working on the comic book, but Ryan says that it probably won’t happen. Seth goes to his room, but on the way there he catches Sandy sneaking in. 

Sandy goes upstairs, and Kirsten says she was worried about him. He doesn’t tell her about Rebecca, but Rebecca calls him and asks him if he wants her to get him a coffee. He says no, and he will meet her at nine. 

Kirsten tries to make small talk with Ryan while he tries to study. Ryan tells Kirsten about Lindsay and Cal’s fallout. Kirsten says that they will have a real meal at the Cohen’s house. 

Marissa and Alex clean up their beer bottles from the previous night. Marissa decides to skip school again and hang out with Alex. She goes to the shower. 

Rebecca and Sandy stroll down the pier and talk about Kirsten. Rebecca tells Sandy that she hasn’t been with anybody since him. She mentions that she won’t be able to stay too long, and she needs Sandy’s help telling Max. 

Ryan tells Lindsay about their dinner plans. Lindsay tells Ryan she is not interested, and he should stop worrying about her family drama. 

Kirsten asks Cal to have dinner with her, Lindsay, and Ryan. She tells him that if he does not, he risks losing two daughters. 

Rebecca and Sandy tell Max that Rebecca must leave. Max does not take the news well. Max and Rebecca tell Sandy that Rebecca was actually innocent of what she was being charged with, and Max asks Sandy to give Rebecca her life back. 

Seth and Summer discuss Seth’s new comic. Zach comes up, and says that he has an in with a comic book company who is interested in meeting with them to discuss the comic. Zach says that they need to nail the Summer character, and she should pose for Seth that night. 

Kirsten gets ready for dinner, and tells Sandy to not worry about it since he won’t have to be there. Sandy tells Kirsten that Max wants him to clear Rebecca’s name, and Kirsten tells him that that is a wonderful idea. She goes to the kitchen, and Ryan tells her that Lindsay is not coming. Kirsten tells him that he has to get Lindsay to come, but when Ryan is still hesitant, she goes to get Lindsay herself. 

Alex shows Marissa a picture that Seth drew her, and Marissa asks her about her relationship with Seth. Marissa asks Alex if she can stay the night with her, and Alex asks what Marissa is doing with her. Marissa says maybe she shouldn’t sleep over, but she’ll wash Alex’s shirt and get it back to her. 

Lindsay practices the oboe, and Kirsten comes over and asks Lindsay to please come to dinner. Kirsten says that they should try to figure out Cal together. 

Sandy shows Rebecca to her room at his office, saying she can stay there while he figures out how to take on her case. Rebecca is excited, and hugs Sandy. She asks Sandy if he has told Kirsten yet, and Sandy says that Kirsten should not know yet. Rebecca asks Sandy to celebrate with her, and tries to get him to do pot with her. Sandy says he should stick to tequila.  

Seth comes over to draw Summer, and is impressed by her costume. He tries to help Summer get into a good pose. She is impressed with his drawing, and he teaches her a little bit about drawing.  

Cal, Kirsten, Ryan, and Lindsay eat dinner. Lindsay and Cal start to get along, but soon Cal begins insulting Ryan, who gets up to leave. The two get in a heated argument, and Cal has a heart attack.  

Ryan, Lindsay, Kirsten, and Seth wait in the hospital for news about Cal. Seth leaves to find a vending machine, and Ryan goes to find coffee. Sandy arrives, and the doctor tells them that Cal will be okay, despite his heart attack. Lindsay goes to see Cal, while Kirsten stays behind to tell Sandy he probably shouldn’t come, since he might upset Cal. Sandy agrees, and says he will go back to work. 

Marissa is surprised that Summer almost kissed Seth. Marissa talks about relationships and how sometimes you are interested in people you shouldn’t be interested in. Summer does not realize that Marissa is talking about Alex. 

Kirsten and Lindsay visit with Cal in the hospital. He apologizes for his behavior and asks for a second chance. He takes the girl’s hands and they agree to forgive him. Ryan oversees.

Sandy talks to Rebecca and Max about how he can clear Rebecca’s name. He excuses himself to call Kirsten, but he has to just leave a message. Rebecca comes outside and joins him, and tells him he should be with his family.

Ryan gives Kirsten her coffee and she tells him that nobody blames Ryan for what happened.

Alex stops by the Cohen house to give Seth his picture back. They talk in the kitchen about Seth’s house and if Alex has moved on. Alex tells Seth that they were each other’s in between people, but notices that Seth is not over Summer yet when she looks in his notebook and sees the sketches of her.

Sandy makes Kirsten dinner, and Kirsten is grateful. She excuses herself to go to the store to pick up some things.

Seth goes to visit Summer, and tells her that they should spend as little time as possible together to maintain a professional relationship. Summer agrees. Zach comes in the room and announces that they are all going to go to San Diego together to pitch Seth’s comic strip.

Marissa shows up at the club, where Alex is watching the concert by herself. Marissa joins her and holds her hand.

Ryan sleeps at the hospital, and Lindsay comes up to him and holds his hand. She takes Ryan home, where Ryan says that what happened to Cal was his fault. Lindsay disagrees, and says that Cal has changed, and he wants a relationship with her. She says that having a relationship with him will be hard with Ryan around, and the two agree to take some time off from each other. They kiss, and Ryan says bye.

Rebecca gets a call from Sandy, who is making sure she is okay at his office. Sandy tells Rebecca that they will figure things out in the morning.

Seth gets a call from Kirsten, who says that she is going to Sandy’s office to spruce it up. She tells Seth to not tell Sandy, because she wants to surprise him. After Seth gets off the phone, Sandy comes up and asks Seth to help with setting the table.

Kirsten goes to the office and drops off some things. Rebecca comes out, thinking it is Sandy. Kirsten is shocked.

Photos from Screencap Paradise

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Updated 9/26/10  


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