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The Risky Business - 2.18

Ryan and Marissa

By Kasey

Trey makes breakfast, and he, Ryan, Seth, and Sandy discuss their favorite action heroes. Trey asks Sandy for surf lessons. Kirsten goes to chat on the phone with Julie, and Trey breaks the news to Sandy that Marissa and Ryan seem to be back on. Ryan says that he and Marissa are taking things slow. Then, Kirsten comes back in and announces that Julie has asked them to watch Marissa while she is out of the country—Marissa will be living with the Cohen’s for a week. So much for taking things slow.

Marissa packs to go to the Cohen’s. Summer teases her for taking attractive pajamas, and so Marissa takes flannel pajamas instead.

Kirsten begs Sandy to chair the charity event yard sale that she was supposed to chair. Sandy refuses, but Kirsten finally convinces him. Sandy asks the boys for help, but Seth and Ryan have school. He gets Trey to go along with him.

Sandy introduces Trey to some of the ladies at the yard sale, who put Trey to work doing heavy lifting. To Sandy’s chagrin, his help is needed as well.

At school, Seth teases Ryan about him and Marissa living together. Marissa comes in, and asks if Seth was talking about her. Ryan pretends that he did not know Marissa was moving in, and excuses himself. On his way to class, he shoves Seth. Zach tells Seth that he is donating some of his comic books to the yard sale, and Seth says he will too. They both agree that they need to light up on the comics.

Trey gets to work on organizing things for the yard sale, and notices that they will be selling the crystal egg from Risky Business. Trey is blown away, especially when he hears that it is appraised at $10,000.

Kirsten welcomes Marissa into their home, and Marissa inquires as to where she should sleep.

Ryan and Seth hang out in Seth’s room, when Ryan says he is going to go find Trey. Ryan heads to the pool house to get Trey, but he finds Marissa instead. Marissa is getting undressed, as Kirsten has assigned her to the pool house for now. Ryan says he will go find Trey, and he apologizes to Marissa.

Ryan and Marissa both have trouble sleeping in their respective rooms, and accidentally meet up in the kitchen to get a drink. Ryan teases Marissa for her pajamas, and the two have some romantic tension before Trey comes in and interrupts. He says that he will be checking out apartments. Marissa offers to take him to see Alex’s old apartment.

Seth takes pictures of the yard sale items and teases Ryan about Marissa. When Seth backs up to take a picture of an ottoman, he knocks over the crystal egg. Ryan catches it just in time.

Sandy bosses around the ladies as everyone sets up for the charity yard sale. When Kirsten arrives with Carter, Sandy puts her to work, too. Sandy pulls Carter aside and they toast to being friends.

Trey and Marissa look over the apartment, which Trey likes. He agrees to take it, but cannot afford the down payment. Marissa tells the landlord that Trey could do handy work in exchange for the rent, and the landlord seems interested.

Carter comes downstairs and meets Zach and Seth. The three start to chat about comics, and Zach finds out that Seth has still been working on the comic. Seth says he has about twelve or thirteen comics finished, which Carter says is enough for a graphic novel. Zach tries to get Seth to go back into the comic book business with him, but Seth says the decision is Summer’s.

Seth goes to visit Summer and sucks up to her. Seth begins to talk to her about the comics, but when Summer realizes what he wants to talk about, she stops him, saying if he brings up comic books she will kill him and Zach in their sleep.

Sandy and Kirsten make dinner, and Kirsten feels uncomfortable when Sandy mentions being pals with Carter.

Trey tells Ryan that he is now a renter. Marissa goes to answer the Cohen’s phone, and it is Trey’s new landlord. The landlord tells Trey that his background did not check, so he cannot make him the manager. But the landlord offers to hold the place for Trey for a day, so Trey tells him that he will come up with the money. Marissa listens in on the other line. Trey does not tell Ryan about the conversation.

Ryan has trouble sleeping. He notices that Trey was not in bed, and when Trey comes home, Trey tells him he was doing work at the apartments.

Trey comes to the pool house and offers Marissa breakfast. He thanks her for her help with the apartment, and Marissa tells him that she overheard his conversation with the landlord. She offers to help Trey come up with the money. She also warns Trey that if he does something stupid, Ryan will be hurt.

Seth shows Zach his new baseball cards. He tells him that Summer vetoed the comic book idea. The doorbell rings, and when they answer it, it is Carter. Carter offers Seth and Zach a meeting to pitch their comic book. Seth refuses it, but Zach talks him into doing the meeting.

Summer visits Marissa in Cal and Julie’s basement. Marissa is looking for things to sell at the auction to help Trey get money for his apartment. Summer finds an expensive silver tea set.

Ryan and Trey get dressed up for the yard sale. Sandy comes in to get them.

Kirsten greets people at the sale, and Marissa and Summer show up with the tea set.

Summer overhears Seth and Zach talking about the graphic novel. Summer makes them pinky swear to not cause any trouble with the new arrangement.

Marissa gives Ryan the tea set, but acts awkward and excuses herself. Ryan puts the tea set with the other stuff, and notices that the egg is gone. Ryan instantly assumes that Trey stole it.

Ryan heads outside and tells Marissa about the egg, and Marissa jumps to the same conclusion. Marissa tells Ryan about her overheard conversation. Trey overhears them, and tries to talk his way out of the situation, but he ends up confessing. Trey gives Ryan the money, and they decide to go and get the egg back.

Sandy starts the yard sale, and Ryan sneaks out. Marissa grabs Summer, and the two head up to the stage to stall until Ryan can get back. Sandy, clueless, believes them when they say they are his assistants.

Seth chases after Ryan and tries to get him to let him tag along. Ryan consents under the promise that Seth stop talking about him and Marissa getting back together.

At the yard sale, Sandy auctions off several goods. When the tea set is brought forth, Kirsten seems intrigued, and Sandy sells it to Kirsten for $5,000.

Seth and Ryan go to the home of the people who bought the egg, and Seth distracts them while Ryan sneaks in the back to get the egg. When they see Ryan, one man chases after Ryan while the other chases after Seth. Ryan is forced to throw the egg at Seth, who catches it. Ryan knocks out the guy chasing him, and tosses the money on his chest. Ryan and Seth get away just before the other man can get them.

Back at the auction, to stall for time, Summer auctions off her shoes, and then Zach and Trey auction off themselves. Sandy finally auctions off the crystal egg, even though it is not yet present. Just as it is sold, Ryan and Seth enter with the egg and present it to the new owner.

Seth and Ryan congratulate themselves on a job well done, when Sandy enters and speculates on Trey’s involvement. Sandy tells them to come to him next time they need help.

Marissa knocks on Trey’s door, and presents him with the money she got from the auction. Marissa promises to talk to Ryan. Trey thanks her, and tells her that he will pay her back.

Kirsten sets out her new tea set at the Cohen’s house. Kirsten tells Marissa that it was her mom’s tea set.

Marissa meets Ryan outside by the pool. She tells him that she got Trey’s money for him legally, and he is going to stay at Alex’s old apartment. Ryan thanks her. When Marissa says she is cold, Ryan puts his tux jacket on her. Just then, Julie calls Marissa, and tells her that she has returned early, and will pick her up in a half hour.

Photos from Screencap Paradise

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