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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Return of the Nana - 2.21
aired 5/5/05

Sandy and Nana

By Kasey

Nana calls the Cohens and tells Sandy that she is getting married. Sandy tells everyone to pack their bags to go to Miami.

Ryan tells Seth that he won’t be able to go to Miami because he can’t leave Marissa or Trey. Seth convinces him to change his mind.

Sandy gets airline tickets and tells Kirsten that he is concerned about his mom, and he wonders what kind of man would want to marry her. Kirsten tells Sandy that he is a good son—and a good husband.

Ryan tells Trey that he will be in Miami. Trey has to get off the phone because someone knocks on his door. It is Jess. She gives him alcohol and seduces him.

Seth comes to talk to Summer. He apologizes to her. Summer asks for a time out, which Seth agrees to because of Miami. Summer wonders if Seth is going to get wasted and wind up on MTV, and he assures her that it will be nothing like that.

Ryan visits Marissa, who tries to convince him that they should spend the whole weekend together. Ryan tells her he is going to see the Nana in Miami, and she is understanding. He asks her to spend time with Trey and help him to find a job while Ryan is gone. Marissa assures Ryan that she has it covered.

Sandy wishes Kirsten goodbye as he heads out. The two meet up with Seth and Ryan, who also wish Kirsten goodbye. As soon as the boys are gone, Kirsten calls Carter.

The boys arrive in Miami.

Kirsten meets Carter in the office, and is surprised when Carter tells her that he got another job offer—in New York. Carter hugs her, and Kirsten seems very sad. She offers to cook a farewell dinner for him the next day at her house.

The boys walk along the street in Miami, and Sandy tells Seth and Ryan that they have nothing to worry about for the weekend.

Marissa stops by Trey’s and tells him that she will be there for him while Ryan is gone. The two decide to go job hunting the next day. Jess sees Trey watching Marissa drive away, and tells him that nothing will ever happen between him and Marissa. She sits on his couch and takes drugs.

Seth gets together with his elderly friends at Nana’s nursing home to play some games. Nana comes and greets Sandy, Ryan, and Seth. Nana and Sandy head off to talk, and Sandy tells Ryan to watch Seth.

Nana and Sandy chat about the wedding. Sandy is alarmed that Nana will be getting married so soon, and that she will be moving to Sarasota once she gets married. He is even more alarmed when he finds out that her fiancé is twelve years younger than her.

Zach visits Summer and asks her to come over for dinner. He promises to make Italian for her.

Seth beats all of his elderly friends at Shuffleboard. Ryan tries to get Seth to leave with him to get some food. Then a girl (Mary Sue) comes up and asks them to play her a round. Seth agrees.

Trey is successful at getting a job—cleaning toilets! He starts the next day. Marissa hugs him, and Trey seems startled. Marissa and Trey make plans to hang out that night.

Mary Sue beats Seth at Shuffleboard, which does not make Seth happy. He asks her for a rematch, and for the wager, she asks Seth to be her partner in a dance contest for MTV. She needs the money she would win to keep going to school. Seth agrees, and privately tells Ryan that he does not plan on losing. Ryan doesn’t seem so sure.

Unfortunately for Seth, next thing he knows he and Ryan are with Mary Sue at the MTV party. She admits to Seth that she is not actually entered in a dance contest. She entered into a contest where she covers herself in whipped cream, and Seth has to lick it all off and finish by eating a cherry in her mouth. Seth, surprisingly, agrees, much to Ryan’s chagrin.

Ryan calls Marissa and asks her to keep Summer away from the TV that night. Marissa tells him that she is going to Trey’s, and lets him know that Trey got a job. Ryan tells Marissa that he wishes he were home. Marissa agrees, and tells Ryan to stay out of trouble.

Zach prepares dinner for him and Summer while Summer chats with him. Zach turns on the TV—MTV’s spring break party is on!

Sandy and Nana arrive at the restaurant, and Nana introduces Sandy to her fiancé. She excuses herself to the bathroom while Sandy and the fiancé sit down at the table. Sandy tells him how happy he is that he is an honest man, and he trusts Nana’s judgment enough to where he did not have to allow his FBI friends to run a background check on him. The fiancé is notably startled, but Nana arrives back from the restroom and the conversation must end. It is clear that Sandy freaked out Nana’s fiancé a little bit.

Marissa and Trey sit down with margaritas and the DVD of The Notebook.

Kirsten drinks wine and looks over her nicely decorated table as she waits for Carter to arrive. He comes in the kitchen, and she offers him some wine.

Seth tells Mary Sue that he is having second thoughts, but she guilts him into entering the contest anyways.

Ryan runs into Mary Sue’s boyfriend, who is intending to find her and take her home. He also brought some friends with him to beat up whoever she is entering the contest with! Ryan is horrified to discover they are talking about Seth’s contest partner.

Kirsten and Carter drink a lot of wine together, getting a bit drunk.

Sandy and Nana wait for Nana’s fiancé to join them for dinner, and they comment on how late he is. Nana’s phone rings, and it is her fiancé, telling her that he is going out of town to settle a malpractice suit instead. Sandy sees through the lie, and Nana realizes that Sandy said something to him. She leaves angrily.

Marissa and Trey play drinking games together, and start the movie. Marissa does not feel well, and when Trey sits very close to her, she asks if they can get some air. Trey agrees, and while Marissa heads out, Trey takes drugs.

Seth and Mary Sue get on stage, and while Mary Sue gets whipped cream put on her, her boyfriend spots them and starts to head toward the stage to beat Seth up. Ryan follows close behind.

Meanwhile, Zach and Summer enjoy their dinner while watching MTV. Zach goes to get Summer more dinner, when she sees Seth and Mary Sue winning the contest. Hurt, Summer turns to a returning Zach and begins to kiss him.

Seth and Mary Sue are proclaimed the winners, when Ryan rushes on the stage to get Seth out of there. He is too late, as Mary Sue’s boyfriend and his friends come up on stage, too.

Sandy apologizes to Nana, saying that he was looking out for her. She knows, saying that she just wanted to believe that she wasn’t going to be spending the rest of her life alone. Sandy promises to visit Nana more often.

Carter tells Kirsten that he liked the meal, and Kirsten admits that she had it catered. She tells him that she can’t keep secrets from him, and Carter tells her that he almost did not accept the job in New York—because of her. He kisses her, and when she wishes him luck in New York, he kisses her forehead and leaves. Kirsten cries, and head to the freezer to get some hard liquor.

Marissa and Trey walk down to the beach. Trey comments on how great everything is going for him. He grabs Marissa and admits his feelings for her, and when Marissa tries to get away, he forces her onto the ground. Marissa knocks him over the head and runs away, while Trey screams after her.

Ryan and Seth walk down Miami, with Seth covered in whipped cream. Seth goes up to their room, and Ryan calls Marissa. She left her phone laying on the beach with her other stuff, and Trey sees it, but does not answer.

Photos from Screencap Paradise

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