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The Rainy Day Women - 2.14
aired 2/24/05

Alex and Marissa

Its a rainy day in the O.C, pouring actually.   And neither Seth or Ryan wants to leave their warm and dry rooms to talk to the other one, so they talk on the phone about what's been happening in theSeth and Summerir respective love lives.

Ryan/ Lindsay
Ryan is pounding at Lindsay's door to let him in but she doesn't, so he knocks on her window, and she allows him to come in.  While toweling off he sees her bags and she tells him it was when she's was packing up to move in with Caleb, but since Caleb might not be her dad she's is contemplating moving to Chicago with her mom.  Ryan convinces her to do the test and she does.  Later, at the test, we find out that Lindsay is in fact Caleb's daughter and all seems happy except for Lindsay.

Ryan comes over to Lindsay's later that day and finds that she is still packing, and its not to move in with Caleb.  She tells him that she is moving with her mom to Chicago, because even though she cant be without him, she cant be without her mother. 

Kirsten is still lying in bed as the morning begins.  She and Sandy have another tiff when the phone rings and its Rebecca calling to say goodbye and asking for him to meet her.  Sandy goes and Kirsten isn't too happy about it.  Later, Kirsten and Julie bond over there misfortunes, sharing with her step mom her marital problems.   Sandy and Rebecca are at a diner and the two decide to go back to Newport.  On the way they are told that a road is washed out leading back there and they are forced to spend the night in a motel.  Rebecca comes on to Sandy at the motel and tries to kiss him, but he tells her its over, and it has been or 20 years and goes outside to call Kirsten who he tells he will walk home if he has to. 

On the way back to Newport, Rebecca and Sandy get into an accident and his car goes over the side of the road, both are okay and find out that the guy behind them called the cops.  Rebecca knowing the cops are coming decides to leave, and Sandy takes the bus and meets Kirsten at the station.  She asks if it is over ,and he tells her that it never began and the two share a kiss.

Marissa and Alex have just come from a "sleepover" and are making out in the kitchen behind Julie.  After Alex leaves Marissa tells her mom that they are in a relationship and there's nothing she can do about that.  Marissa goes to tell Alex the good news and the two celebrate.  Seth comes by later to ask for his job back and sees them together and pauses for a visual.  While talking Marissa and Julie decide to move in together and Marissa goes home to pack.  Julie sees her and Marissa tells her she's moving out and leaves.  After Marissa gets there, she is hit with the fact that there are responsibilities with living on her own, including rent and taking out the trash.  Marissa walks Alex to the club and sees a dejected Ryan standing in the rain.  She goes over and stands next to him.

Seth is bummed out about Summer because she is going to Tuscany with Zach and because they are going to have sex there.  He finds comfort in an old Boys to Men song.  While talking to Ryan he decides that he has to do one last big gesture of romance and decides to buy back the Summer Breeze, the boat he named after Summer.  He finds the guy who bought it and its a completely different boat.  He buys it back and calls Summer to come over so that he can show her, but she tells him its over and she's going to Tuscany. 

While at the airport Summer who is also Zach's sisters bridesmaid ignored Seth when he calls her but then goes to get some magazines and listens to the message.  Its one last plea from Seth who wishes her the best.  Summer then sees a curly hair boy playing with a horse and takes it as a sign and Zach sees the kid as well and knows what's about to happen.  He tells her that he didn't even think she would make it past security and she gives him a goodbye kiss and leaves.

Seth, who is home alone and totally sad again, decides to watch TV, but the satellite's out.  Saying nothing will stop him he puts on his spider-man head gear, grabs a rope and heads up to the top of the roof.  He falls and is hanging upside down.  Summer jumps out of the taxi and runs to find Seth.  She hears him yelling and goes over to him and they share an upside down spider-man kiss.

- By Mona

Photos from Screencap Paradise

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Updated 9/11/10  


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