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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Rager - 2.19
aired 4/17/05


By Kasey

Trey is getting ready to move in to his apartment, and Sandy tells him that they are family now and he can come to him for anything. Ryan comes in, and Sandy leaves to give them time to say goodbye. Trey thanks Ryan for everything, and apologizes for screwing up. Ryan refuses to shake his hand, telling him to not keep Sandy waiting.

Marissa asks Seth and Ryan if they should give Trey a housewarming gift and help him move in. When Ryan refuses, Seth and Marissa ask Ryan if they will ever forgive Trey.

Carter tells Kirsten that they are being hit with a lawsuit from someone who did not like an article in their magazine, and Kirsten tells Carter that Julie is coming back from Europe and will be upset that she was removed from the magazine cover. Julie comes in, and when Kirsten explains the situation to her, Julie tells Kirsten that she did the right thing. Kirsten and Carter are shocked.

Seth and Zach talk about their graphic novel opportunity. Summer comes up, and when things feel awkward, Zach leaves. Seth apologizes for their issues, and Summer says that she does not want to be a part of the graphic novel, so if Seth and Zach insist on working together, she does not want to hear anything about it.

Carter visits Sandy and asks for help. Sandy gladly agrees, saying that the case will be easy. Sandy also offers to take Carter surfing, telling him that he can tell Kirsten they were discussing the case.

Marissa brings Trey a lava lamp as a housewarming gift. Trey invites her in, and when he offers her a drink, Marissa has to go.

Seth and Zach arrive for their meeting to discuss the graphic novel. They are shocked to discover that they are meeting with a girl, Reed. Seth is saddened, saying that girls and comics do not mix. But when they meet with her, she tells Seth that the comic is a wonderful idea, and she is especially impressed with Zach’s business plan. Seth feels slighted when it is clear that she is more impressed with Zach.

Marissa visits Ryan, and she asks him if they can throw Trey a birthday party. Ryan is mad that Marissa went to visit Trey, and asks Marissa to stop pushing the Trey situation. Marissa, hurt, leaves.

Seth wakes up Ryan and talks to him about Zach and Reed.

Julie visits with Marissa but excuses herself when she gets a phone call. She goes to get a gun from the other room.

Sandy and Carter load up from surfing when Sandy introduces Carter to a girl.

Marissa and Summer talk about Ryan and Trey, and Summer tells Marissa that she is the most supportive non-girlfriend ever.

Zach and Seth talk about how hot Reed is, and Seth encourages Zach to ask her out. When Zach asks Seth how Summer feels about their meeting with a girl so often, Seth tells him how Summer does not want to know details. Summer comes to the guys and asks them what’s up, and Zach tells her that they were talking about Reed, and then leaves. When Summer asks about Reed, Seth tries to change the topic, but Summer says that she has changed her mind, and wants to know about his comic now, since it is so important to Seth.

Julie visits Lance at his hotel. When he lets her in, Julie pulls the gun out on Lance. When she pulls the trigger, it is not loaded. Julie tells Lance that she just wanted him to feel like his life was being taken away.

Seth visits Ryan in the pool house and asks him to visit Trey with him to wish him a happy birthday. He convinces Ryan to do so.

Sandy tells Kirsten that there were sparks between Carter and the woman he met that day, and Kirsten seems sad when Sandy asks if they can have the two of them over to try to play matchmaker.

Seth and Ryan stop by at Trey’s house, and see him coming out of the apartment and getting into the car with someone. They follow them to a dark alley, and see Trey giving money to a strange man.

Ryan storms in on Trey and accuses him of buying coke. Trey tells him that he was with his parole officer, visiting and giving money to a friend of his from prison who he was trying to convince to move into a shelter, since he was now homeless. Trey kicks Ryan out, saying that he had thought that Ryan was stopping by to take him out for breakfast on his birthday.

Ryan visits Marissa and apologizes for having been so angry with Marissa the other day. He tells Marissa about his recent falling out with Trey. Marissa tells Ryan that he has come to the right place.

Seth meets with Reed to look over his recent sketches. Summer calls him and asks for his help, but Seth tells her he is busy. When Summer hears Reed’s voice, he tells her that she is the waitress. Seth tells Summer he will call her later, and tells Reed that Summer was his mom.

Julie receives a package that contains her porn tape and a note.

Marissa goes to visit Trey and tells him that she is taking him out for his birthday. When they arrive at Marissa’s house, Seth, Summer, and Ryan are waiting for him with a mini-party set up. When Ryan tells him happy birthday and holds out his hand to shake his, Trey hugs him instead. The gang goes to eat, and Julie tells Marissa that she is heading out for a bit and asks her to keep the house under control.

Carter comes into the kitchen with Sandy, and the two chat with Kirsten a bit before the doorbell rings. It is Erin, the woman that Carter met while surfing. Carter, Erin, and Sandy head out back while Kirsten downs a drink of alcohol.

Julie meets Lance at a bar to inquire about his note, which said, “If you want the rest, meet me.” Lance gives her all the tapes, and tells her about how Cal had him beat up. Julie is stunned that Cal had gambled her reputation like that. She asks Lance to buy her a drink.

As it turns out, a lot more people came to Marissa’s for Trey’s party than she had planned on, and Trey’s birthday party is hopping with guests. Zach shows up with Reed, and when Seth notices, he tries to get Summer to head to the pool. Marissa and Ryan say that the party is at least under control and not a rager. However, at the same time they make this comment a whole group shows up to really get the party started.

When some water polo guys start to beat up Seth, Trey comes to his rescue and kicks the water polo guys out of his party. Seth is very grateful, and a girl who observed Trey is very impressed. She asks Trey to go somewhere private with her, and Trey agrees.

Seth confronts Zach about him bringing Reed to the party, and Zach is angry that Seth has been meeting with Reed behind his back. Zach tells Seth that he does not want to get into an argument now, and they should talk later after they both find their dates.

Trey and the girl head into Marissa’s bedroom, where Trey tells her that he is a convict. The girl asks Trey to sleep with her.

Julie and Lance chat away at the bar about their memories.

Summer and Reed meet up at the bathroom, and when Reed introduces herself as Reed, Summer realizes that she has been lied to.

Summer confronts Seth, who tries to talk his way out of the situation. Summer asks Zach for a ride home when she sees him and Reed leaving, and Zach smirks at Seth.

A drunken Julie dances with Lance at the bar. She says that she thinks Cal will divorce her, and that is why she left Europe early, because she senses how unhappy he was with her. Lance offers to get rid of Cal, so that she and her daughters can be taken care of.

Ryan and Marissa head up to her bedroom, asking the threesome to get out. Ryan thanks Marissa for helping with Trey, who credits her being helpful to Ryan having been helpful with her when nobody else believed in her. The two lean in to kiss, when they hear a scream. They run outside, and see a girl laying motionless in the pool, facedown. When the girl is pulled out of the pool, we discover that she is the same girl that Trey slept with.

Sandy, Kirsten, Carter, and Erin eat dinner together. Sandy gets a call from the boys, and runs out to come to the rescue. Carter leaves with Sandy to move his car, and the two girls clean up from dinner. Kirsten tells Erin to be careful, since Carter has recently been divorced and the wounds are still raw.

As the ambulance takes away the girl, Trey comes up to Ryan and sees who it is. He is shocked. Sandy asks everyone if they are okay, and when a cop comes up and finds out that Marissa is the person who lives at the house, he begins to arrest her. The girl had been given ecstasy, and until they could find out who gave it to her, they had to arrest the person who lived there. Trey confesses to having given the ecstasy to the girl, and the cop arrests Trey instead.

Photo from The OC Show

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