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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Power of Love - 2.08
aired 1/13/05

Ryan and Marissa

Seth calls Ryan at the Cohen home and asks Ryan to cover for him, because he stayed the night at Alex’s. Ryan says no, but Seth talks him into it.

Kirsten rubs Sandy’s shoulders and wishes him a happy anniversary. It soon becomes obvious that Sandy forgot their anniversary. But Sandy tells Kirsten he planned something special.

The two head to the kitchen, where Ryan lies for Seth. Unfortunately, Sandy sees right through it and realizes that Seth is with Alex.

Seth finds out that Ryan’s cover did not work on his parents. Zach and Summer join them, and when Zach goes to get Summer coffee, she finds out that Seth stayed with Alex last night. With Zach shows back up with the coffee, Summer says that it will make her nauseous.

Julie contemplates where to take their family photo for Riviera. Cal is disinterested. Marissa shows up to ask for money, and Julie tries to bribe her to the in the family photo in exchange for money. Cal hands over the money, and tells Julie that he agrees with Marissa—they are not the ideal family, and should not pretend to be.

Ryan and Lindsay decide to study at Ryan’s house. They also decide to wait to tell Kirsten about them.

Sandy tells Kirsten that for their anniversary they are going to The Montage at Laguna Beach. Kirsten does not believe that he made the reservation earlier than that evening. Kirsten says that they should not leave Seth at home right now, but Sandy says that he can scold Seth into shape. Seth and Ryan come home, and Seth apologizes, but Seth grounds the two boys anyways. Sandy tells Seth and Ryan that if they can’t shape up, they will have to stay with Cal and Julie over the weekend. The boys instantly decide to shape up.

Marissa tries to study French with Summer, but Summer is distracted with the knowledge of Seth having slept with Alex. Summer decides that she and Zach are ready to have sex, too.

Ryan and Lindsay get together in the pool house to study.

Sandy says that maybe he and Kirsten should make the boys spend more time with them. Sandy goes to get Seth, while Kirsten goes to get Ryan. Sandy discovers Seth trying to sneak out the window, and Kirsten walks in on Ryan and Lindsay getting intimate.

Kirsten tells Sandy they should cancel their get away, saying she is preoccupied with Ryan and Lindsay’s romance. The boys have made an elaborate pancake breakfast for them, and apologize. Sandy tells them that they have really screwed up, and they have to come straight home after school.

D.J. picks up Marissa for school, and Julie reminds Marissa of the photo shoot. Marissa refuses to come, but finally says she will be there—with D.J.

Ryan and Lindsay say that it is probably good that Kirsten knows. Lindsay says that she will talk to Kirsten.

Sandy shows up to visit Alex at work. Alex inquires if he wants them to break up. Sandy says yes, but he isn’t holding his breath. He tells her that it is his anniversary, and it is being ruined by Seth’s bad behavior. He wants Alex to straighten out Seth for him. Alex seems agreeable, and compliments Sandy’s father skills.

Summer kisses Zach at school and tells them that they should take the next step in their relationship. Zach totally agrees—Summer should meet his family.

Seth goes to visit Alex, who tells him she needs some space. Seth finds out that Sandy visited Alex, and is embarrassed.

Kirsten tells Sandy that she cancelled their reservation at The Montage. She brings up Portland and how Sandy was going to let Seth stay there. The two yell at each other about how to parent Seth, and Kirsten also brings up how Sandy had forgotten their anniversary.

Sandy talks to Seth and Ryan about how they have ruined his anniversary weekend. Ryan offers to help.

Lindsay goes to visit Kirsten at the office, and Lindsay apologizes for upsetting Kirsten. Kirsten tells Lindsay that maybe they should take a step back from being so close now that Lindsay is so close to Ryan. Lindsay is notably saddened.

Summer and Zach go to meet Zach’s mom and sister. Summer bombs when her political knowledge is not up to par.

Seth meets Alex and asks her for his job back. Alex is mad at Seth for not realizing how lucky he is to have a dad who cares. Alex also mentions that Seth’s parents will never approve of her.

Julie, Cal, and Marissa are trying to take their family picture when D.J. shows up. Marissa hugs and kisses him, but Julie is angry and confronts D.J. Julie offers to bring D.J. back, but when she runs to stop him, she bribes him to stay away from Marissa.

Ryan and Lindsay meet at the pier. Ryan tells Lindsay that their relationship is problematic, and they should break up. Lindsay is angry that she had picked him over Kirsten, and tells Ryan about their discussion at the office.

Sandy tells Kirsten to get ready for their anniversary, but Kirsten is angry because she does not feel that they should leave Ryan and Seth at home alone. Sandy tells Kirsten, Seth, and Ryan that he has solved the problem and hired the best babysitters—two cops! The two men are friends of Sandy’s and tell Sandy and Kirsten to have a nice anniversary.

At Sandy and Kirsten’s date, Kirsten apologizes for having been so harsh on Sandy. They admit to being afraid of losing Seth. Then, the cops show up and apologize—the boys somehow got away!

Marissa comes over to Summer’s. Summer is watching the news and reading news magazines. They talk about how they haven’t seen their men since their disastrous evenings.

Sandy and Kirsten go to the Bait Shop to get Seth and Ryan. A surprise party awaits them with all their friends and family. Sandy goes up to the stage and serenades Kirsten.

Zach finds Summer at the party and tells her that he likes her so much because she is so different from his family. The two kiss.

Julie tries to comfort Marissa and tells her that she bribed D.J. for five thousand dollars, as a test. Marissa walks away.

Kirsten apologizes to Ryan for freaking out on him and Lindsay. Lindsay shows up, and Kirsten recommends that he and Lindsay go dance. Ryan apologizes to Lindsay for trying to break up with her, and the two dance together.

Seth introduces Alex to Kirsten. Alex compliments Sandy’s singing skills.

D.J. walks up to Marissa outside. He breaks up with Marissa. He says that it is time for them to break up, and if Marissa didn’t hate Julie so much, she probably would never have dated him. He hands Marissa the check, and tells Marissa to take a shopping spree on Julie.

Sandy sings more songs, while the whole gang listens.

Photos from Screencap Paradise

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