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The O.C. Episode Guide

The O.Sea - 2.23
aired 3/12/05

Seth and Summer

By Kasey

Seth wakes up Ryan and tries to talk to him about Summer. Seth wants to go to prom with Summer, but Ryan tries to convince him that Summer doesn’t want him. Likewise, Seth tries to convince Ryan that Marissa and Trey probably didn’t hook up. They then get a phone call from Sandy, who tells them about Kirsten. The two rush to the hospital.

Sandy tells Kirsten he is glad that she is okay when she wakes up in the morning. The two share a sweet moment before the boys come in and try to cheer Kirsten up. The cop comes to the door and beckons for Sandy to come outside, which he does. The cop tells Sandy that Kirsten was very drunk, but says that he will lower the number if Sandy promises to get Kirsten some help.

At school, Marissa tells Summer that she and Ryan might not go to prom together. Summer tells Marissa that she is not enthused about possibly being prom queen, as her dream was having a hot date. Marissa asks Summer to please come to prom, and Summer says that she will only if Marissa also sorts out her problems with Ryan. Marissa tells her to not count on it.

Julie stops by to visit Kirsten and talks to Sandy about her pre-nup. She is just a few days away from their one-year anniversary, where she would be entitled to three million dollars. Sandy looks over the pre-nup and tells Julie that there is nothing that she can do.

Seth greets Zach at school and apologizes about their fight. Zach apologizes as well. The two wonder if Summer will forgive them, just as they see her in the hallway. Summer refuses to forgive them, but tells them that since she has dreamt of prom since she was little, one of them will be taking her. She is too angry to decide, however, so she is leaving the choice to them. Seth and Zach instantly argue about who will get to take Summer. Zach gets a text from Reed, asking them to meet her for lunch. The two decide to go to that before making their decision.

Sandy brings Kirsten coffee in bed and asks her to go to rehab. Kirsten refuses, saying that she does not want to tarnish her reputation. She says that she is done with drinking, since the previous night scared her so much. The two head to the kitchen to rid their home of all alcohol.

Ryan confronts Marissa about Trey. She is angry when he accuses her of hooking up with him. Marissa says that they did not hook up, and he should ask Trey what happened.

Seth and Zach apologize to Reed for the incident. She tells them that as much as she hates to give them good news, George Lucas is interested in their comic and wants to make it a movie. One of them—and only one, to avoid more conflict—must meet with Lucas and Reed the next night. Reed tells them to decide and leave. The boys are torn. Who will take Summer to prom and who will meet with George Lucas?

Cal visits Kirsten and Sandy. Cal and Sandy get in an argument about how to handle Kirsten, but when Kirsten comes in the kitchen she tells Sandy that she can handle things. Cal and Kirsten end up yelling at each other when he accuses her of being an alcoholic. Kirsten screams that at least she will not die alone like Cal, and storms off.

Ryan goes to visit Trey, who doesn’t answer his phone. He leaves him a message asking him to call him back.

Zach and Seth beg Summer to choose between them. She refuses again. The two guys decide to meet at Seth’s before the prom and flip a coin at the last second, so that they do not have a chance to back out of whatever ends up happening.

Ryan tells Seth about his problems with Trey and Marissa. Seth encourages Ryan that he should believe Marissa and go to prom together.

Cal comes home and asks Julie for his sleeping pills. He confides in her that he is fighting with Kirsten, and she encourages him to apologize to her. Cal tells Julie that sometimes she impresses him. Julie goes in the bathroom to get his pills for him, and when she comes back, she asks him for one last date to give an end to their marriage. Cal agrees, and after he leaves, we find out that Julie switched his pills out.

Ryan apologizes to Marissa and asks her to prom. Marissa is thrilled, and begins to kiss Ryan. Jess watches nearby.

Sandy hugs Kirsten and encourages her that she and Cal will work things out. He offers that they order takeout and watch DVDs that night. Kirsten tells Sandy that she needs to talk to her dad, and Sandy tells Kirsten that they need to sort out their marriage as well. The two kiss.

Jess tells Ryan that she is surprised that he wants to go to prom with Trey’s sloppy seconds. Ryan defends Marissa’s honor, but when Jess tells him that Trey left for Chino, Ryan is surprised.

Seth and Zach meet to flip the coin to decide where to go for the night. The audience doesn’t find out what they flipped, but the two seem to accept their fate.

Julie waits for Cal and sprinkles his sleeping pill in a drink. When Cal shows up, she shows him that she signed the divorce papers. She offers him the drink, but he asks for a scotch first.

Ryan finds Trey at a bar. The two sit down for a drink, and Trey tells Ryan that while he was in Miami, Trey and Marissa got drunk together and Marissa threw herself at him. Trey swears on their mom, so Ryan believes him. Ryan calls Marissa and tells her that he won’t be able to make it to prom. After he hangs up, he runs into Theresa.

Ryan walks Theresa home and tells her about the situation with Marissa. Theresa reminds Ryan that Trey has been jerking him around his whole life, and Marissa would never hurt him. When they arrive at the house, Theresa won’t let Ryan in, so Ryan wishes her farewell and leaves. Once Theresa gets inside, she meets up with her mom—and her baby that she had with Ryan.

Zach shows up to pick up Summer for prom. Summer seems dejected, but she tells Zach that she is glad that it was him.

When Zach and Summer arrive at prom, Summer sees Marissa standing alone and goes to greet her. Marissa tells Summer about Ryan being too sick to come.

When Seth and Reed greet George Lucas, Seth asks him if he went to his prom, much to Reed’s chagrin. Lucas tells Seth that he did not, but he always regretted not going.

While dancing with Summer, Zach gets a text from Reed. He is angry to find out that the conversation has gone off track. Summer tells Zach that he should go, since he would rather be at the meeting, anyways. Zach says that he could tell that Summer did not want to be there with him, but he does not want to abandon Summer. She reminds him that she had done the same thing (in the airport) and he leaves to go meet with George Lucas.

Seth fills George Lucas in on how he and Zach flipped a coin to determine who should do what. Lucas is stunned. Reed is mad. Just then, Zach shows up. When Seth meets him outside, Zach tells him that they both know where they should be. He gives Seth his tux top, and the two switch places.

Kirsten goes upstairs to take a bath while Sandy answers the door for the delivery man. When Sandy doesn’t have money on him, he goes to Kirsten’s purse to get some, and discovers that she has alcohol in there.

Sitting by the poolside, Cal toasts to him and Julie, and before he can take a drink, Julie stops him, saying that she forgot to put a lime in his drink. She grabs it and rushes to the kitchen, dumping it in the sink.

Marissa and Summer complain about how depressing their prom was. Before they can sneak out, Summer is announced prom queen, and Zach is announced prom king. Summer comes on stage, but says that Zach will not be coming. Seth arrives just in time, and comes on stage and announces that he loves Summer and will do anything to make it up to her. Summer replies that Seth can dance with her. The two kiss.

Marissa looks sad and heads out while everyone else dances. Ryan comes up to her outside and the two share a dance. Ryan apologizes for missing prom, but Marissa tells him that he is just in time.

Cal has a heart attack while sitting by the pool waiting for Julie. He calls for her, but is unable to scream loud enough for her to hear. He falls into the pool and sinks to the bottom. When Julie comes out with his new drink, she sees him and jumps in the pool after him.

Sandy confronts Kirsten, who says that she kept some alcohol just in case. She insists on doing things her own way. Sandy tells her that he needs to look after her. Just then, the phone rings. Julie tells Sandy, who repeats to Kirsten, that Cal has passed away. Kirsten is shocked. She grabs her alcohol and walks out of the room.

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