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The O.C. Episode Guide

The O.C. Confidential - 2.20
aired 4/21/05

Summer and Marissa

By Kasey

Ryan tells Seth that he does not think that Trey was actually responsible for drugging the girl at the party. When Trey and Sandy come in, Trey is surprised that Ryan is being so nice to him and believes him. Sandy says that he has been proclaimed Trey’s legal caretaker to keep him out of jail. Sandy also says that getting Trey off the hook will be hard. Ryan tells Seth that he is going to try to go undercover to get Trey off the hook himself.

Sandy calls Kirsten and tells her that he will not be able to make the wine tasting that they were supposed to go on with Carter because of the situation with Trey. He tells Kirsten that she should go instead, but Kirsten refuses, saying Carter will have to go alone. Sandy tells her that Carter was going to invite Erin, so Kirsten says that she should definitely stay home.

Marissa is surprised when Julie doesn’t punish her for the rager. Julie says that she is throwing a party for two for her and Cal that night, and Marissa says that she will be spending the night with Summer that night.

Zach asks Summer about her relationship with Seth, and Summer tells him how angry she is. Seth comes up and apologizes, and asks Summer to see Death Cab for Cutie that night with him. Zach, observing all of this, asks Seth if he had checked his email, because they are supposed to meet with Reed that night. Seth tries to turn him down, but finally agrees to go to the concert late. Summer, mad, storms off.

Ryan lets Marissa in on his plot to clear Trey’s name. She suggests that a guy named Kyle gave the drugs to Jess, the girl who passed out at the party in the pool. Marissa offers to talk to Jess and try to figure out the situation.

Carter tells Kirsten that he never heard back from Erin about going to the wine tasting together. He offers Sandy and Kirsten a ride in the car he rented for the occasion, but Kirsten tells him that they won’t be able to go after all.

Marissa asks Jess to hook her up with someone for some drugs. Jess says she can do so at the Death Cab for Cutie concert that night.

Seth asks Ryan to give a flower to Summer at the concert for him. Sandy enters the kitchen, and tells Trey about the prosecutor, who is a family man. Sandy says that they will have to start working on Trey’s case that night.

At the meeting, Reed and another guy give Seth a ton of suggestions for the comic book. Seth thinks that all the suggestions are dumb, but when the two offer to throw a party in Seth’s honor the next night, Zach is elated. He tells Seth that Summer will not be angry with him if he brings Summer to the party and has her be a part of the process.

Sandy and Trey try to work out Trey’s case, and Trey admits that he knew Jess. Trey says that he was just trying to help Marissa out.

At the Death Cab concert, Summer whines about Seth. Marissa and Ryan fill her in on the plan to help Trey.

Julie gets ready to seduce Cal, but when he comes home, he is not amused, saying she looks like she is in a porn movie again. Julie is hurt. Cal tells Julie that they are going to have to have a serious conversation, and they will meet to have their conversation the next day, after Cal meets with his lawyers.

Marissa sees Jess, and Summer pretends to be stoned when Jess approaches them. Marissa asks Jess again to hook her up with someone who has drugs, and Jess says that she won’t be able to get them for her until the next night. She gives Marissa a flyer for the party, asking her to come.

Sandy talks to Kirsten about Trey’s situation. Kirsten suggests that the prosecutor gets to know Trey not just on paper. Sandy thinks it is a great idea. He encourages Kirsten again to go to the wine tasting with Carter.

Ryan meets up with Kyle at the party, who is not interested in chatting with Ryan. He walks off to meet with someone else, and the two suspiciously head off together. Unfortunately, Ryan cannot find them, as Seth has just showed up at the concert and is distracting him talking about missing the concert and his problems with Summer.

Sandy and Trey show up at a restaurant to meet with the prosecutor, who tells Sandy that he will not be cutting a deal with Trey since the case is so clear cut. The only way Trey would get off the hook is if there were another suspect.

Kirsten and Carter show up at the wine tasting, talking about the car ride up there. When they receive their wine, they toast.

Summer complains that Seth tricked her into coming to the party. They come in, and Reed introduces Seth to everyone. Zach gets Seth to leave and chat with someone important, and he stays behind to talk with Summer.

Ryan, Marissa, and Trey tell Sandy that they have a plan to help get Trey off the hook.

Julie visits Lance and tells him that Cal is divorcing her. Lance offers to drug Caleb, giving him a heart attack. Julie offers to write Lance a check to get him to leave town, saying that they are not murderers. Outside, she kisses him goodbye, and a photographer snaps pictures of the kiss.

Kirsten and Carter drink wine together at the tasting, and they both get a bit drunk. They aren’t sure how to get home, since they are both drunk, and decide to stay the night at the winery.

Sandy and Trey sit outside while Ryan and Marissa try to get into the party. Ryan is denied entry when Kyle spots him and recognizes him from the previous night, but Marissa asks Ryan to meet her around the side of the party, as she heads in.

Marissa lets Ryan in, and when the suspects (including Kyle) walk by, the two hide. Jess spots Marissa and hugs her, telling her that she is high. Marissa leaves with Jess.

Julie comes home to Cal, who is mad that she was late for their meeting. When Julie starts to cry about their potential divorce, Cal tells her that she is willing to give her a second chance, since he realizes that he still has feelings for her. He tells her to put on something nice so he can take her out to dinner.

Kirsten and Carter get situated in their hotel room. Kirsten says that she is going to call Sandy, and Carter goes to shower.

Trey tells Sandy that he was going to leave town that night. Kirsten calls Sandy and tells him that she can’t come home, and Sandy tells her it is fine to stay the night. Kirsten seems saddened about that, and Trey tells Sandy that he does not know too many guys who would be okay with their girls staying the night with other men. Meanwhile, an employee stops by Kirsten and Carter’s room and tells Kirsten that they have a car available for them after all, but Kirsten says that she will get back to her when she hears Carter getting out of the shower.

At the party, Seth chats with everyone, and Summer comes up to him and tells him that she wants to leave. Reed proposes a toast to Seth and Summer, but Summer is still not happy, and Seth has to chase her out of the party. Seth asks Zach for a ride home, who agrees. When Seth asks Zach what he is doing, Zach just smirks at him, and walks Summer out. Meanwhile, Reed and several other people grab Seth and ask him to come inside and play board games with them.

Kirsten tells Carter that they found a car for them, and that she needs to go home. Carter says that he will get dressed.

Marissa waits for Jess, who comes and gives her the drugs, telling her that Kyle thinks she is cute. Ryan calls Sandy, who tells him that reinforcements are on their way.

When Marissa thanks Kyle for the drugs, he starts to lean in to kiss her, but Ryan stops him, and tells him that the party is over. When Kyle sees the cops coming, he starts to run, but Trey hits him with the car door. The cops find the drugs on Kyle and arrest him, and the prosecutor announces that the charges against Trey will be dropped.

Trey asks everyone to let him stay at his own home, so Ryan and Marissa drop him off. After Trey goes inside, Ryan kisses Marissa, and the two decide to go to his pool house.

Trey finds Jess in his apartment, who asks why he did not turn her in too. Trey says that he likes “talking” to her, and says that he is interested in her.

Photo from The OC Show

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