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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Mallpisode - 2.15


By Kasey

Seth wakes up Ryan, who is still depressed about Lindsay. He tells Ryan he is there to help him. Ryan gets fed up with Seth and yells at him, telling him that things were different with Lindsay. Ryan is upset that Lindsay left him, like so many other people from his past. Seth leaves the pool house to give Ryan his space, and Ryan then begins to pack up his things.

Kirsten greets Sandy in the kitchen. She accidentally spills coffee on him, and Sandy notices that Kirsten is not wearing her ring. He speculates that it went down the kitchen drain, and offers to call a plumber.

Seth and Summer meet at the diner and kiss. Seth talks about how Ryan is so depressed, and Summer says that they should cheer Ryan up by inviting him to the mall later. She says that Marissa has already agreed to go, and Seth comments that maybe Ryan and Marissa could get back together. Summer mentions that she and Ryan were a terrible couple.

Alex and Marissa have an argument when Marissa accidentally turned all the clothes pink in the washer. Marissa wants to hang out with Alex later, but Alex reminds her that she has to work.

While Sandy looks for Kirstenís ring, Cal comes over and comments on how sad he is that Lindsay left. Cal admits that he screwed up.

Julie wants to edit her magazine, and she and Kirsten talk over business. Julie looks out her window and sees a strange man inquiring about her. She hurries to shut the blinds, and the man tells the receptionist to tell Julie that a blast from her past is there to see her.

Seth goes to the pool house and sees that Ryan left a note. He runs out of the house.

Marissa cleans up Alexís apartment when Summer stops by. Summer asks Marissa to go to the mall with her, and Marissa says that that sounds great.

Seth catches up with Ryan at the bus stop. Ryan says that he is going to Chicago to surprise Lindsay. Seth tells him that Lindsay has had enough surprises, and he should instead go to the mall with him. Ryan agrees.

The gang shows up at the mall and goes to work on organizing clothes for the clothing drive. The employee who shows them the room reminds them that the mall will be closing early. Marissa and Ryan feel awkward as Seth and Summer begin kissing.

Julie and Kirsten continue to debate the magazine. A man named Carter, who is supposed to help with the magazine, comes and introduces himself to the girls. Julie is not thrilled to meet him, and Carter admits that he is not so thrilled to be there either, as he does not really care about the same things Julieís magazine will be addressing.

Sandy and Cal drink, and Sandy tells Cal about the Rebecca situation. They talk about how Sandy had proposed to Kirsten with a plastic ring, and the two seem to have an idea.

Alex comes home from work to find that Marissa is not there. Alex calls Marissa, only to receive her voice mail.

Seth and Summer continue kissing and having fun together, while Ryan and Marissa work hard. Ryan admits to Marissa that he is having a hard time, while Marissa mentions how good it is to get out of homeóher home with Alex, that is.

Seth goes to the door, but finds it locked. Nobody has cell phone service, and Seth attempts to pick the lock. Seth and Summer speculate that they might be there all night, but Ryan gets up in the air conditioning area. Seth follows, and while the two crawl through the vent, Ryan thanks Seth for getting him out of the house. Seth falls through the vent, and yells that he found a way out.

Marissa and Summer chat, and Summer says that she feels really connected to Seth, for better or worse. Summer asks Marissa if she feels that way about Alex, but Marissa admits she only really ever felt that way for Ryan. Ryan overhears, and sits in the vent and listens as Marissa continues to admit that she thinks about getting back together with him every day. Seth comes in the room, having found a way out, and he waves to Ryan. Marissa seems panicked, realizing that Ryan may have overheard her confession.

The gang decides to stay overnight in the department store, and sneak out before the mall opens in the morning. Summer, Marissa, and Seth call Summerís dad, Alex, and the Cohens, respectively. Seth is the only one who leaves a message with the real reason why he canít be home.

In the sporting area, everyone plays hockey together to determine who sleeps in the deluxe bed and who sleeps in the tent. When the puck goes downstairs, Marissa and Summer chase it, and get detected by the motion sensors as soon as they reach the bottom of the stairs. The guys call them to come upstairs so they can eat.

Julie, Kirsten, and Carter go to dinner, but Julie excuses herself to the bar when she notices the mysterious stranger over there who had tried to visit her earlier. It turns out that his name is Lance, and he was Julieís ďfirst.Ē Lance slips Julie a mysterious bag, and tells her to look at it and tell him how much it is worth to her. Julie goes back to Carter and Kirsten and tells them that she is not feeling well, and has to go.

Seth asks Summer to go get material to make símores over the (fake) fire so that he has a chance to read her postcard from Zach. Summer catches him in the act.

Julie watches the contents of the mysterious bagóa porn tape from the 80ís, featuring her! Alex catches Julie, who hurries to turn off the TV. Alex says her lips are sealed, and she is looking for Marissa, who left her a message saying that she was over there. Julie says that Marissa is not home, and Alex realizes that she was lied to. Alex tries to leave and Julie levels with Alex, saying it was only a matter of time before the novelty of life with Alex wore off and Marissa wanted her old life back. Alex says that Marissa seems unhappy, scared and overwhelmed. Julie says that Ryan was Marissaís only true love.

Ryan and Marissa trade candy, and Summer yells at Seth for looking at her postcard. Summer insists that the postcard was innocent and Seth needs to trust her.

Cal and Sandy try to win a new plastic ring for Kirsten.

Ryan and Marissa discuss who will sleep in the tent and who will sleep outside the tent, when Marissa comments that there is enough room inside the tent for two. Alex calls Marissa, who says that she is actually with Summer. Ryan and Marissa head into the tent together.

Downstairs, two security men find the puck and look upstairs.

Seth and Summer keep arguing when Summer hears the cops downstairs.

Marissa and Ryan lay in the tent and talk about Seth and Summer and the year they were dating. Seth pops into the tent and says that they have to go right now.

Carter and Kirsten talk, and Carson mentions that he is divorced. He asks Kirsten if she was ever married, and when Kirsten says that she is married, Carter comments that she is not wearing a ring. Kirsten explains that she just lost it. Carter says that he knew his wife did not love him anymore when he found her ring laying around the house. Carter comments that he is more interested now in job.

The cops come upstairs, and instead of finding the teens, just find mannequins. They hear the alarms going off, and Seth, Summer, Ryan, and Marissa flee to the car and escape. When the four discuss getting something to eat, Seth and Summer get into another argument about the postcard.

Lance calls Julie, who offers him fifty thousand dollars. Lance says he was thinking more like $500,000. Julie says that she canít get that kind of money without Calís involvement, and Lance suggests she either make something up or tell the truth.

Ryan and Marissa head into the restaurant to get some food, while Summer and Seth stay in the car to resolve their issues. Summer agrees to show Seth the postcard if he stops bickering with her, and Seth is amazed to see that the postcard was, in fact, harmless. Zach even mentioned that Summer should say hi to Seth. The two kiss and make up.

Kirsten comes home, and Sandy tells her he was unable to find her ring. But he does present her with the plastic one that he was able to win with Cal, and Kirstenís heart is softened. When Sandy leaves the room, she takes out her actual rings, that were not actually missing, and she puts them back on.

Ryan and Marissa talk about how long they have been apart, and how much has happened in that time. Seth and Summer watch them outsight, and Seth comments that their Fantastic Four is becoming fantastic again. They go inside and join Ryan and Marissa.

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