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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Lonely Hearts Club - 2.12
aired 2/10/05

Seth and Summer

By Kasey

Sandy brings dozens of red roses in and asks Seth and Ryan for help with the rest. Seth tells Ryan that he is attracted to Summer again. Ryan tells Seth to stay friends with Summer. Sandy comes in with the rest of the roses, and when Kirsten comes in and Sandy wishes her a Happy Valentine’s Day, she puts them down the garbage disposal and walks out.  

Sandy joins Kirsten in their bedroom. Kirsten accuses Sandy of lying to her, and says that their marriage should have come before Rebecca. Sandy tells Kirsten that there is nothing going on with Rebecca, and they should stop fighting before Valentine’s Day. Kirsten walks out again. 

Ryan gives Lindsay a rose, and she agrees to be in a relationship with him again for Valentine’s Day if he apologizes to Cal. Ryan agrees. 

Seth comes over to Summer’s and tries to talk to her about their relationship, but Summer says she just cares about the comic book. Zach shows up, and the three head out to the car. 

At the hospital, Kirsten and Lindsay take Cal to the car to take him home. Lindsay and Cal plan time together, and on Kirsten’s prompting, Cal asks Lindsay to invite Ryan to join them in spending time together. 

Seth, Summer, and Zach drive to San Diego together while Seth and Summer reflect on their trip to Tijuana.  

Julie comes home and surprises Cal. Julie is surprised to see Lindsay, who has come over to make Cal lunch and play mad libs with him. 

Julie wakes up Marissa and offers her a gift from Europe. Julie tells Marissa that she wants to become friends with her again, but Marissa denies Julie’s friendship. Julie says she will take away her cell phone then, and Marissa agrees to meet Julie for dinner. 

Sandy takes Rebecca to a hotel to get her out of the office. She gives Sandy a DVD as a gift. Sandy tells Rebecca that he probably shouldn’t take her case. Rebecca says she can see why, as he would be putting a strain on his relationship with Kirsten.  

Sandy tells Kirsten that he is not going to take Rebecca’s case because of her. Kirsten admits to being happy, and she tells him she will make dinner reservations for them for Valentine’s Day. 

Marissa and Alex work together at the club. Alex tries to give Marissa ideas on how to solve her problems with Julie, and the two agree to go on a date next week. 

Zach and Seth plan out their comic book pitch, and when Summer leaves to floss her teeth, Zach tells Seth that they will be backpacking together in Tuscany after his sister gets married. A woman comes out to tell Zach and Seth that their appointment got moved to tomorrow, and so they will have to stay overnight in a hotel. 

Lindsay sends Ryan to apologize to Cal. Ryan apologizes to Cal, but Cal continues to insult Ryan, so he leaves.

Seth is shocked to see that they have adjoining rooms at the hotel, and he is even more started when Zach says that he wants to share a room with Summer. 

Sandy meets with Max, who makes Sandy feel bad for not helping Rebecca. Sandy leaves to get him some green tea. 

Zach and Summer try to get Seth out of their room so that they can get some sleep. Seth finally leaves. 

Sandy comes back to Max with his green tea, only to find that Max has passed away. 

Sandy and Rebecca are on the beach, and Sandy hugs her as she cries about her dad. 

Seth has not slept a wink, and is wired from all the coffee he is drinking. The three head in to their meeting, and Seth gives a heated explanation of the comic, revealing his secret desire to be with Summer. Zach and Summer argue with Seth, and the man they were meeting with says that they are clearly not ready to forge a partnership at this time. 

Sandy tells Kirsten about Max’s passing. Sandy tells her that he still wants to go out, but Kirsten says they can celebrate Valentine’s Day another time. Sandy goes to take a nap, saying they will celebrate afterwards. 

Ryan asks Lindsay for another chance with Cal. He and Cal go to the pool room, and Ryan says they should play pool, and if Ryan wins, Cal has to accept him. Cal takes him on it. 

At dinner, Julie tries to make small talk with Marissa. Julie tells Marissa that she can never handle losing Marissa. Julie says they have to play their cards right to make sure they get Cal’s money when he is gone. Marissa is horrified, but playing along with Alex’s advice, she tells Julie that she will think about it. 

Summer visits Seth in his hotel room. She asks him to explain his meltdown, and says that he has a chance now to talk to her about how he feels. Seth says that he is just going to take the bus home, and when Zach comes in, he suggests that he and Summer stay the night in the hotel if they don’t have to take Seth home. Seth leaves. 

Rebecca calls Sandy and tells him that she is leaving that night. She asks him to come say goodbye in person, but when Kirsten walks in the room, Sandy tells her he’ll get back to her. Sandy tells Kirsten about the situation, who says Sandy can go say goodbye—but when Sandy takes her up on it, she is obviously crushed. 

Seth comes home on the Greyhound while Summer and Zach talk in the hotel room. Seth tries to call Summer, who doesn’t answer the phone. Zach tells Summer that before they do anything, he has to tell her something. 

Cal and Ryan work on their pool game while arguing about Lindsay. Ryan wins! Cal offers to pay for their date, but Ryan says Cal and Lindsay should hang out, and he will take his date with Lindsay another time. 

Alone, Kirsten calls The Arches to cancel their dinner reservation. 

Sandy tells Rebecca that he will miss her, and he tells her he wishes that she had never run in the first place. The two kiss, and Sandy leaves.  

Seth and Ryan meet at the diner. Seth tells Ryan about his terrible day. 

Marissa goes to visit Alex and tells her about how terrible her dinner was with her mom. The two decide to go for a first date on the beach to see the tide change. 

Sandy comes home to Kirsten, who shuts the door on him. 

Seth and Ryan stroll down the pier and talk some more about how screwed up their Valentine’s Day was. 

Alex tells Marissa that the tide has turned, and the two kiss.

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