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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Family Ties - 2.07
aired 1/6/05

Ryan and Lindsey

By Kasey

Ryan studies in the kitchen and Seth laments the change in Ryan. Seth shows Ryan pictures of Kirsten as a young lady, and they see the resemblance to Lindsay. Seth jokes about Ryan dating his aunt, and Sandy comes in and joins in on the fun. Ryan says he doesn’t know what to do. Sandy tells Ryan that Kirsten shouldn’t find out about him dating Lindsay. Kirsten walks in and talks about Lindsay being a part of their family. When Ryan corrects her, saying that Lindsay is a part of their family, Kirsten says that Ryan is a part of the family too, so Lindsay is his aunt—or, more like his sister. Ryan is disturbed.

Summer and Marissa talk about DJ meeting Jimmy. Marissa really wants Jimmy to like DJ.

Zach and Seth say hi, and we find out that Zach sent Seth a Christmas card apology. Zach tells Seth that he kissed an ex-girlfriend while away for Christmas. He feels guilty. Seth tells Zach to tell Summer and apologize.

Ryan hugs Lindsay at school. Lindsay says she still wants to hang out with Ryan. Lindsay reminds Ryan that they are definitely not related.

Cal and Sandy talk about how Cal is a free man now. Cal wants to go back to work.

Julie tells Jimmy that Cal is a free man now. Cal won’t serve any jail time. Jimmy asks Julie if they’re over. Julie says she should get back to the office and life, and pecks Jimmy on the cheek. But then she turns around and passionately kisses Jimmy. Julie says she is willing to find out if they can get their relationship back again if Jimmy is.

Kirsten comes to school and offers Lindsay a ride home. Lindsay declines. Kirsten asks if they can grab a cup of coffee.

Marissa and DJ go to meet Jimmy, but arrive just in time to see Julie and Jimmy kissing. Marissa and DJ run off.

Seth goes to visit Alex, but a random guy opens the door. Alex says that she has been back in Newport for a while but was catching up with old friends. Seth is saddened that Alex didn’t ever contact him, but Alex just tells Seth that it was nice of him to stop by. Seth is weirded out by her use of “nice.”

Seth talks to his dad about how he’s “nice.” He tries to make himself seem more bad boy, but Sandy and Ryan just laugh. Kirsten and Lindsay show up and Kirsten announces that Lindsay will be staying for dinner.

Jimmy asks Marissa why she and DJ bailed on him. Marissa says it wasn’t a good time, then says that he was too busy making out with Julie. She tells Jimmy she saw them kissing. She scolds Jimmy about Julie, saying that she is married and ruined their lives. Marissa said Jimmy was supposed to take his money and start over and stop lying. She tells Jimmy to grow up and be a real dad.

Seth tries on Ryan’s wifebeater. He says he is trying to seem less “nice.” Ryan says the wifebeater won’t do it.

Ryan, Lindsay, and Seth go to the Modest Mouse concert. Seth slips away to chat with Alex. He drinks a bit to try to make himself seem bad, but Alex can see through his act.

Jimmy confesses to Sandy and Kirsten that he has fallen in love with Julie again. He says everything Marissa said about him was true. Jimmy says he can’t stay there and not be with Julie, so he is leaving to Maui to charter boats. He has to leave before he does any more damage. He says he will leave in a couple of days.

Lindsay tries to hold Ryan’s hand, but he tries to hold her pinky instead, saying he isn’t into PDA. Lindsey tells him they should go outside and talk.

Summer and Zach show up at the Modest Mouse concert. Zach wants to talk about their winter breaks, but then Seth comes up—drunk! He spills the beans about Zach kissing his ex.

Lindsay asks Ryan why he’s being weird. He says that the Cohens are his family, which means now she is too. Alex comes outside and tells Ryan to take Seth home. Seth is drunk and leaving a path of destruction in his way. Summer storms outside, yelling at Zach for kissing someone else and telling Seth.

Ryan brings Seth home. He is wasted; talking loudly. He gets out of the car and trips over the trash cans. Sandy comes outside and sees how drunk Seth is.

Jimmy tells Marissa that she was right about him. He says he’s ending things with Julie, and leaving town. Jimmy invites Marissa to his goodbye party at the Cohen’s. Marissa says he was the last person keeping her sane, so we’ll see how things go when he’s gone.

Seth tells Ryan that he’s dying, and thanks him for his friendship. He also apologizes for last night. Ryan tells Seth about all the bad things he did last night.

Seth tries to go to see Alex, but Sandy won’t let him, saying he’s grounded and needs to get ready for Jimmy’s party.

Zach shows up at Summer’s to make amends. Summer is still mad, though, and refuses to make nice.

Julie and Cal show up at the party, and Kirsten and Julie continue to ignore him.

Seth asks Ryan to cover for him while he goes to talk to Alex. Ryan tells him that leaving is not a good idea, but Seth does so anyways.

Sandy tells Jimmy he will miss him. Julie comes up to Jimmy, mad about not having been told he was leaving. They leave to somewhere more private.

Lindsay shows up and Kirsten “hands her off” to Ryan. Cal shows up and says hi to Lindsay. He then goes off to find Julie.

Julie asks Jimmy why he is leaving. She says that she wouldn’t leave him again, and begins to cry. Jimmy comforts her. Kirsten comes in, and Julie says they were just saying goodbye. She walks out.

Ryan and Lindsay join Summer at the party.

Marissa and DJ come to the party. Marissa calls Julie a whore and the wicked witch of the west when Julie realizes that Marissa is drunk. Marissa begins to make a scene, so Jimmy runs to break it up. Marissa says that she is the daughter of a thief and a slut and she hates them both. She then storms out.

Jimmy asks Kirsten to check up on Marissa while he’s gone. Kirsten says that she will do anything for her oldest friend, and hugs Jimmy.

Cal and Julie find out that they can’t leave because Cal’s car has been stolen. We soon see that Seth is at Alex’s, having stolen the car from Cal. Alex asks if Seth is trying to impress her with his bad boy act. Alex tells Seth that he is a good guy, and that’s why she likes him. Then a cop shows up, asking Seth if the car is his.

Summer comes home to find Zach in her room watching *The Valley*. He apologizes again, and says that from now on, he’ll tell her everything instead of Seth.

Lindsay and Ryan go to hang out in the pool house. Lindsay says that they should kiss and Ryan can find out if kissing her is like kissing his sister. The two kiss, and things get pretty heated before Kirsten walks in and asks if they’ve seen Seth. Ryan and Lindsay agree to keep things under wraps.

Seth is dropped off at home by the cops. Sandy is upset.

Jimmy comes to see Marissa and DJ at the beach. DJ called Jimmy and asked him to come. DJ steps out, and Jimmy joins Marissa. He apologizes for letting her down. Marissa sobs, and begs Jimmy to stay. Jimmy comforts her, saying he can’t do that. The two decide to sit there for a while.

Marissa comes over to the Cohen’s the next day, and exchanges Sandy bagels for coming inside. They all hang out, and try to make Marissa feel better about Jimmy leaving.

Photos from Screencap Paradise

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