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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Ex-Factor - 2.09
aired 1/20/05

Alex and Jodie

By Kasey

Kirsten orders food for the family. When she says that they have ordered enough for a small army, Sandy tells Ryan and Seth to invite their girls over.  

Seth goes to invite Alex to dinner, but Alex seems like a deer caught in the headlights. Alex tells Seth that her ex is in town, and she has to figure things out with her ex. Seth realizes that Alex wants him to stay away while the ex is in town, and leaves angrily. Meanwhile, we find out that Alex’s ex is a girl. She kisses Alex and tells her that she likes her club. 

Seth complains to Ryan and Lindsay about Alex and the ex situation. He leaves, but Marissa comes up to Ryan and Lindsay. Lindsay is threatened by Marissa when she notices that Marissa always looks like a model. Lindsay comments to Ryan that he sees a lot of his ex, too. Ryan suggests to Lindsay that she and Marissa become friends. 

Kirsten gives Sandy a massage and asks him for ideas for how to change The Newport Group’s reputation. Sandy suggests that they fund some low-income housing places, which Kirsten says is a great idea. 

Summer studies at school when Zach brings her a cupcake to celebrate their six-month anniversary. Summer is a little freaked out by their anniversary. 

Summer tells Marissa that while Zach is great, she is not so sure about having been in a relationship for six months. Summer suggests that they have a Girl’s Night Out. 

Kirsten tells Julie that Sandy has a great idea for how to save The Newport Group. Julie says it surely can’t top her idea, and she shows Kirsten a poster of her idea for a magazine. Julie tells Kirsten that she does not care about low-income housing, and people in Newport care about gossip and fashion instead. 

Ryan tells Lindsay he has to go to a comic book meeting, and he arranges for her to eat lunch with Summer and Marissa. Marissa invites Lindsay to join them on their Girl’s Night Out. Lindsay hesitatingly agrees. 

Seth gets dating advice from the guys in his comic book club. He decides to call Alex to tell her he is giving her space, but Zach and Ryan try to stop him. Ryan is successful, but then Seth wants to go to the club to see her and get his paycheck. Ryan says that he will go and get Seth’s check and check out the situation. 

Sandy tells Kirsten that the people in the low-incoming housing are thrilled about The Newport Group possibly helping them out. He sees the poster of Julie’s magazine, and Kirsten tells him that the magazine might not be a bad idea. 

Ryan picks up Seth’s check from Alex’s ex-girlfriend. When she introduces herself to Ryan, Ryan realizes that Alex’s ex is a girl. 

Seth tries to get information out of Ryan, who insists that he saw nothing at the club. Zach arrives, and he tells the guys about how he is struggling with Summer. Ryan suggests that they have a Guy’s Night Out. Zach and Seth agree that it might be fun. 

Cal asks Sandy for his and Kirsten’s help with breaking the news to Julie that her magazine is a terrible idea. Sandy agrees to help. 

Ryan drives Lindsay to Marissa’s. Lindsay asks Ryan to fill her in on how he ended up with Marissa. He tells her about their relationship. When they arrive at Marissa’s, he asks Marissa to take care of Lindsay. Lindsay is embarrassed, but Marissa agrees. 

Marissa tells Lindsay how protective Ryan is. She offers Lindsay a drink because of how tense they are, but Lindsay declines, saying that she does not drink. The doorbell rings, and Marissa goes to answer it, saying that it is Summer. While Marissa is gone, Lindsay looks at photos of Marissa and Ryan. 

Seth, Ryan, and Zach try to decide what to do for their Guy’s Night. Ryan suggests going out, but Seth and Zach both want to stay in and play video games. This is what the three eventually decide to do. 

Marissa, Summer, and Lindsay go to a club. Summer suggests that they talk about boys, but Marissa and Lindsay feel uncomfortable. Lindsay takes a sip of alcohol, and struggles to keep it down. Marissa goes to get her paper towels, and interrupts Alex and her ex-girlfriend’s argument. Alex thanks Marissa, saying that that was a conversation that she did not want to have. 

Ryan is bored while Seth and Zach play games and chat about their women. Seth suggests going to the club to see the girls. When Ryan protests a lot, Seth realizes that Ryan knows something. Ryan finally admits to Seth that Alex’s ex is a she. 

Lindsay gets drunk, and Marissa tells her that she does not have to worry about her and Ryan. 

Summer leaves the two alone, and meets a guy from Zach’s water polo team. She is dismayed to hear that Zach told the team about their anniversary, but agrees to go upstairs with him to see the band better. 

The guys drive to the club while Seth panics about Alex’s ex. 

Cal, Julie, Kirsten, and Sandy eat dinner while Julie pitches her idea for the magazine again. Sandy tells Julie that her idea is terrible, and Julie is saddened when Cal does not come to her defense. Kirsten admits that she actually thinks the magazine is a good idea, and Sandy leaves angry. 

The guys arrive at the club. Seth goes up to Alex and says he wants to meet the girl. Alex says his confrontation will have to wait, as Alex is busy working. 

Zach goes upstairs and is angry to see Summer chatting with another guy. The two argue, and Zach storms off. 

Ryan finds Lindsay and Marissa and realizes that Lindsay is drunk. He takes her outside for fresh air. 

Kirsten and Cal discuss their spouses. Kirsten says spouses should back up their spouse—so she will support Sandy’s idea at the board meeting, and suggests that Cal back Julie. 

Ryan sits Lindsay down on the beach and says that he is going to go get food for them. Lindsay wants to swim, but agrees to wait for Ryan to get back. 

Alex locks herself in the office, while Seth knocks on her door. Seth is angry that Alex lied to him. Seth breaks up with Alex, who is noticeably saddened. 

Ryan comes to the beach with food, and he cannot find Lindsay. He sees her clothes sitting on the beach, and runs into the water to find her. 

Seth hears Ryan screaming for Lindsay. He goes and asks Ryan what he is doing in the ocean, and Ryan tells him that Lindsay has gone missing. Seth assures Ryan that Lindsay is okay—she is passed out drunk in Alex’s office. The two head into the club, and Ryan yells at Marissa for trying to screw up Lindsay’s life. Alex jumps to Marissa’s defense, and tells Ryan that she will make sure Lindsay is okay. The guys leave. 

Summer goes to the diner and orders a milkshake. She sees Zach and goes to his table. She tells Zach that her only dating experience was Seth, so she needs to take baby steps in their relationship. Zach says that he understands, and the two share a milkshake together. 

Seth tells Ryan that Alex called, and took Lindsay home. Seth says that he screwed things up with Alex, and Ryan says he probably won’t hang out with Marissa any time soon. Seth says that he should apologize to Alex, and Ryan offers to drive, realizing that he needs to apologize to Marissa too.  

Sandy watches a movie, and Kirsten comes in to join him. Sandy says that he is not angry, and agrees that Julie’s idea makes sense. 

Seth and Ryan go to Alex’s. Alex tells Seth they should talk outside, since her ex-girlfriend is inside, but directs Ryan inside to Marissa. 

Ryan tells Marissa that he had hoped their friendship post-dating would have worked out. Marissa tells Ryan that their relationship had meant a lot to her, even though Ryan has forgotten about it. Marissa says she likes Lindsay, and being her friend is okay. Marissa tells Ryan that things between them will be strange for a while. Ryan apologizes to Marissa, and she apologizes too. 

Seth asks Alex if they can go back to how things were, but Alex hesitates. Seth says he is willing to wait. Ryan comes and gets Seth, but before he leaves, Alex thanks Seth for coming by. She apologizes and kisses Seth on the cheek. 

Alex and Marissa watch a movie together after Alex says that she has had enough of girls and guys. Alex gives Marissa a blanket, and there is some romantic tension between the two, who keep looking at each other.

Photos from Screencap Paradise

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