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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Distance - 2.01
aired 11/4/04

Sandy and Cal

By Kasey

Kirsten and Sandy have obvious tension at the Cohen home. Kirsten tells Sandy that she is tired of waiting for Seth to come home and wants him home now. Sandy insists that Seth will find his own way eventually.

Marissa and Summer hang out at Marissa’s pool, where Summer notices the yard guy checking Marissa out. Summer also notices that Marissa has put alcohol in their iced tea, and seems bothered by this. Marissa and Summer talk about Summer’s new relationship with Zach, and Summer talks about how Seth abandoned her… she seems bothered by this as well.

Theresa drops Ryan off at his construction job in Chino and gives him a packed lunch.

Julie and Cal talk in the kitchen. Cal is bothered by hearing a clicking on the phone line. Julie leaves to buy Kaitlin a new pony.

Kirsten calls Luke, and we find out that Seth is staying with him in Portland, Oregon. Kirsten talks to Seth on the phone, and Seth tells Kirsten that he hates Orange County and is not coming home. Kirsten talks to Sandy about how empty the home feels, despite the construction.

Jimmy stops by and asks the Cohens to join him and Haley for dinner. Sandy declines, saying that Kirsten is not feeling well. Jimmy suggests that Seth might talk to Ryan.

Sandy drops in on Ryan in Chino. He fills Ryan in on the Seth situation. Sandy asks Ryan to go with him to Oregon to talk to Seth. Ryan declines, but Sandy gives him a ticket just in case.

Ryan and Theresa talk about how Sandy wants Ryan to go to Portland. Theresa tells Ryan that he should go, but Ryan comments on how he’s not a part of their family anymore.

Sandy meets Cal in a parking garage. Cal says he thinks their homes and offices are bugged. Sandy says the DA probably has nothing on Cal, or is building a strong case.

Luke and Seth come home, where Sandy is waiting with Luke’s dad.

Marissa and Jimmy come to visit Kirsten, where Marissa inquires about Seth and Ryan. Marissa steps outside to the pool house and seems sad.

Luke, Seth, Luke’s dad (Carson), and Sandy sit down to dinner. Seth is really rude to Sandy, and Sandy snaps and corrects his attitude. Seth storms out of the room.

Marissa sits alone on the beach at night, drinking. She calls Ryan but does not say anything when he answers. She begins to cry and hangs up. Ryan hangs up, too—he seems to know it was Marissa, and he seems sad. Theresa lays in bed next to him, awake.

Sandy tells Seth that he is not forcing him to come home and is glad that Seth is safe there. Seth thanks Sandy for letting him stay. Sandy tells Seth that he is always welcome to come home. The two hug.

Theresa reminds Ryan about her doctor appointment, which he forgot about. Ryan told Theresa he was planning on going to Portland. Ryan lets it slip that he left Newport to make everyone’s lives easier, while Theresa had thought he had left to be with her. Ryan quickly says that he left for that reason, too. Theresa says he can go to Oregon if he wants, and so Ryan leaves.

Julie confronts Marissa about not being dressed to go to CardioBar. Julie grounds Marissa and takes away her iPod. Marissa says she wishes Julie didn’t exist, and Julie asks Marissa to tell her what’s bothering her. Marissa begins screaming, and throws her lounge chair in the pool.

As Sandy is leaving Portland, Ryan comes in. He wishes Ryan good luck with Seth and thanks him for coming.

Summer shows up at Kirsten’s, with all of Seth’s things in hand. She is getting rid of them as per her therapist’s recommendation. Summer tells Captain Oats that she hopes they can still be friends, and dumps all of Seth’s things on his bed.

Seth is happy to see Ryan. While Seth is grilling hamburgers, he tells Ryan that Summer will probably never speak to him again. He tells Ryan he did him a favor by motivating him to leave Newport. Seth tries to get Ryan to come back, and says if Ryan can’t, he won’t.

Julie and Jimmy talk at Julie’s home about Marissa’s freak out. Julie says they need to have a semblance of family life, and maybe Jimmy and Hailey can come over for dinner sometimes. Jimmy says he’ll do what he can. Julie tells Jimmy she is happy for him.

Cal talks to Sandy. Sandy tells Cal to get things in order because the DA’s office is about to come down on him.

While Luke, Seth, and Ryan are playing video games, Theresa calls Ryan and tells him that she has miscarried their child. Ryan offers to come home, but Theresa says no—Ryan is not happy with her. Ryan tells the guys about the miscarriage, and goes to a separate room, disturbed. Seth comes in and sits next to Ryan.

Theresa’s mom comes in Theresa’s room, asking Theresa if Ryan believed her. Her mom tells Theresa that what she did was for her best, Ryan’s best, and the baby’s best.

Ryan is getting ready to leave Portland. Ryan comments on how he’s homeless again. Ryan’s cab shows up, and so Ryan walks to the cab. Seth chases after him, and meets Ryan at the door, who has turned around and come back. The two decide to go back to Newport together.

Sandy and Kirsten eat dinner together as Seth and Ryan come home. Kirsten is thrilled. Ryan returns to the pool house, and Seth follows him. The two talk about how much Monday will suck. Seth tells Ryan how he ended up in Portland- he sold his boat and took a Greyhound there.

Sorry, we accidentally have two descriptions for this one!

By Katie

The Cohen house is being remodeled. Sandy (Peter Gallagher) walks around with one of the construction workers, Archie, surveying the work that has been done. He wonders when the work will be completely finished and comments that his house is torn apart anyway, whether they are remodeling or not. When Archie is not positive about when the work will be done, Sandy makes one request. Could the workers at least try to wear shirts during the remainder of the project? Sandy is tired of the neighbors calling his home “The Manhole.” Archie says he will see what he can do. At that moment, Kirsten (Kelly Rowan) walks by. She greets Archie, but barely says anything to Sandy. Sandy tells Archie, “Oh, and don’t ever get married. And if you do, don’t ever have kids.”

In the kitchen, Sandy tells Kirsten that the work will be finished sometime between now and never. Kirsten doesn’t say anything, so Sandy rambles on about the case he is working on today. Kirsten notices that Sandy is speaking in gibberish to see if she is paying attention, but admits that she was actually distracted by the newspaper and the date that is printed on it. She is worried that Seth (Adam Brody) won’t come home in time to start school. Sandy asks Kirsten what she wants him to do. Should he go get Seth, stuff him into a trunk and bring him home? Kirsten says, “At this point, yes.” She says that she has had enough of Sandy’s “hippie parenting psychobabble.” Sandy argues that maybe Seth’s problem has to do with Kirsten’s over protectiveness, which prevented him from having friends until Ryan (Ben McKenzie) came to Newport. Sandy says that if they force Seth to come home, he’s just going to want to run away again. Kirsten, on the other hand, doesn’t care what Seth wants. He could have died on his little adventure, and she is sick of waiting for him to realize where he belongs. “Bring him home, Sandy,” she says.

Over at Julie and Caleb’s mansion, Marissa (Mischa Barton) and Summer (Rachel Bilson) are sitting on the side of the pool, complaining about the heat. They see the gardener outside watering the plants, and Summer says that he is checking out Marissa. Marissa quickly changes the subject, complaining that Julie has invited her to cardio bar, for a mother-daughter bonding experience. She says that since cardio bar is supposedly the new Tae-Bo, she might be able to learn to kick her mother’s ass. Summer tells Marissa she doesn’t need to do anymore cardio. When Marissa presses her for an explanation, Summer says that Marissa is looking a little thin. “I eat!” protests Marissa, just as Summer takes a sip of her drink. “You drink!” observes Summer, making a face at the taste of the drink. Marissa informs her that it is a Newport Beach Iced Tea, but all Summer can say is that ten o clock in the morning is too early for that much alcohol. “For who?” Marissa asks smugly. Summer makes a face, and then announces that her bikini is uncomfortable. Marissa says that they should go to the Paul Frank sale on Wednesday to buy a new one, but Summer can’t because she has plans with Zack. Summer says that the more time she spends with Zack, the less time she thinks about Seth, whom she calls “a little bitch” Summer admits that she is the insults to speak for her “inner pain.” Summer then announces that she refuses to get close to Zack, or to any boy, ever again. \Marissa says she knows what she means.

At a construction site in Chino, Ryan gets out of Theresa’s car to go to work. Theresa has made him a lunch, but Ryan doesn’t think that is the best way to fit in. Theresa suggests that they rent a movie or play pool that night, and Ryan seems reluctant, but says that it sounds good. He then starts walking away, and Theresa pulls the car away. Ryan looks into his lunch bag and makes a face.

Inside the mansion, Julie (Melinda Clarke) tells Caleb that Caitlin needs to be picked up from Junior Lifeguards and then says that maybe Caitlin can then “save her sister from drowning in self-pity.” Looking out the window, Caleb is surprised to see that the flower delivery truck is outside. He is even more surprised when Julie explains to him that they get flowers delivered every week. Caleb then goes to the phone and tells Julie that every time he picks it up, he hears a clicking. Julie tells him he is paranoid, and questions what is going on with him. Caleb blames his behavior on his blood thinning medication, but Julie says he’s been acting “wacko” all summer long. She then adds that she is taking Caitlin to look at new ponies. Caleb doesn’t see what is wrong with China, the pony they already have, but Julie points out that China has alopecia and has gone totally bald. Caleb just wants to make sure she’s not charging it on the company card. He says it is because it would be illegal to claim the pony as a business expense, but it seems like there is more to his request than that.

At the Cohens’, Kirsten arrives home with a bag of groceries. As she puts the groceries away, she notices the holiday picture of herself, Sandy, Seth and Ryan that is hanging on the refrigerator door. Next to it is a post-it note with the phone number for Luke’s dad, Carson Ward, on it. She dials the number and on the other end, in Portland, Luke answers. Kirsten asks for Seth, and Luke brings the phone to the couch, where Seth is playing video games. Without taking his hands from the game controller, Seth takes the phone between his shoulder and ear and says hello. Kirsten asks Seth to come home, but Seth’s only reply is, “Did Ryan come back?” Seth says that he hates Orange County so much; he’s not coming back unless they agree to move to anywhere else. Kirsten expresses her disappointment that an appeal from mother to son was not enough to convince Seth to come home, and Seth abruptly hangs up.

As Kirsten hangs up the phone, Sandy enters the kitchen. It turns out that he had the same talk with Seth that afternoon. Visibly upset, Kirsten says, “Doesn’t he know that we didn’t want Ryan to leave anymore than he did?” Sandy says that right now, for Seth, it’s not about what he knows, but how he feels. Kirsten comments that the house seems so empty without the two boys in it. Sandy says that it is still full of sweaty shirtless men, however, and that Kirsten should be in heaven. She gives a small smile, and then hears the doorbell. She says that it is Jimmy and that she promised that they could all have dinner together. Sandy goes to the door to greet Jimmy and tells him that Kirsten’s not feeling up for dinner. Jimmy is sympathetic as Sandy explains that he needs to find the best way for Seth to realize he has no choice but to come home. Jimmy cautions against bringing him back kicking and screaming, and Sandy says the last thing he wants is a bitter teenager living in his house. Jimmy suggests that if Seth won’t talk to his parents, maybe he will talk to Ryan.

At the construction site, Ryan sees Sandy pull up in his car and smiles as he goes to greet him. Sandy says he wanted to make sure Ryan wasn’t slacking off, and they make small talk for a few moments. Ryan wants to thank Kirsten for sending baby clothes to Theresa. Then they get to the topic that Sandy really wants to discuss. Sandy tells Ryan that, even with school right around the corner, Seth shows no signs of wanting to come home. Sandy says that he’s going up to Portland and invites Ryan to join him, saying that their “one-two punch” would be an “unbeatable combination.” Ryan hesitates, making excuses about Seth being mad at him, Theresa having tests, and having to work, but Sandy gives him a ticket just in case, telling him not to worry if he doesn’t end up using it. Theresa pulls up then and sees Sandy and Ryan talking. Sandy waves to Theresa, who hesitantly waves back. Ryan wishes Sandy good luck, and Sandy says goodbye. Ryan shoves the ticket into his pocket and heads over to the car.

In his bedroom the next morning, Ryan’s clock flips over to 6:00. He lies looking at the ceiling, while Theresa lies awake on her side. Both seem deep in thought. Ryan takes the garbage out. On the street, he sees young kids who look a bit like himself and Seth hanging out and having fun. The boy who looks like a younger version of himself makes eye contact with him, and then, as a car passes, he disappears, revealing the scene as a fantasy, not reality. Back inside, Ryan leans in the kitchen doorway, watching Theresa, who smiles and then goes back to cooking. His lunch is waiting on the table. Ryan goes back into the bedroom. It is now 6:27. Ryan pulls his ticket to Portland out of the nightstand drawer. Theresa comes in to tell Ryan his breakfast is ready and questions him about the ticket. He says that it’s nothing, that Sandy just needs a little help convincing Seth to come home. Theresa seems suspicious of this, especially since Ryan told her that Sandy was just checking in when he came to the construction site. Ryan is also hesitant, saying that Seth is still angry. Theresa says that she can’t imagine what Seth must think of her, and she asks if Ryan is going to Portland. As he gets dressed for work, Ryan says that he can’t. Theresa says that he should go, but Ryan says it is for their family to deal with. Theresa says, “You’re not a part of their family?” Ryan says, “Not anymore” and kisses her on the cheek.

Sandy and Caleb meet in a parking garage. Caleb says that he thinks the feds are bugging his home and possibly the Cohens’ house as well, so he had to meet him here. Sandy says that Caleb has gone nuts and then says that he doesn’t have much time because he is flying to Portland soon. Caleb says, “I don’t get it. His best friend leaves, so he runs off with another boy and his gay dad.” He calls it strange, but Sandy says Caleb’s paranoid behavior is just as strange. Sandy tries to reassure Caleb, telling him that he hasn’t heard anything about Caleb from the DA’s office. Sandy says that either they realize they have nothing on him, or they’re building up “one hell of a case.” Sandy then leaves to catch his plane.

In a Portland boat shop, Seth is drawing cartoons. Luke points out that the girl he has just drawn looks like Summer. Luke asks if they have spoken since the fourth of July, but Seth says that he stopped making calls when she stopped taking them. Seth says that Summer doesn’t understand that this isn’t about her. Two girls come into the boat shop talking about some guy who just wiped out on his jet skis and lost his bathing suit. One of the girls goes to Luke, and he kisses her. The other girl seems somewhat interested in Seth, but he doesn’t really respond to her advances. They talk for a moment about Seth’s plans to be home schooled this coming year, and then the girls leave. Seth looks unhappy. Luke tells him that he needs to “close on Jane” before the summer is over. They enter the Ward house and are informed that dinner is in half an hour and they have a guest. Sandy enters the room. “Hi,” he says, and then jokingly introduces himself. “Sandy Cohen.” Seth gives a slight wave, but seems to be in shock.

Back in Newport, Marissa and Jimmy arrive at the Cohens’ for dinner. Jimmy says that Haley got stuck at work, but that he and Marissa are more than happy to keep her company. Marissa wants to know if Kirsten has talked to Seth or Ryan. Kirsten says that she talked at Seth, but didn’t have much luck. Marissa admits that she has stopped talking to Ryan because it made everything too hard. As Marissa leaves the room, Jimmy says to Kirsten, “See? Your kid doesn’t need to be in Portland to be distant.” Marissa goes outside to the pool house where she used to go to visit Ryan. She thinks about opening the door but when she sees that everything is empty and that the sheets on the bed are all folded up, she changes her mind.

In Portland, dinner has just started and already Seth is trying to embarrass his father by commenting on and contradicting everything he says. Sandy turns the conversation to school, asking Luke if he is looking forward to it, and working in some details about changes taking place at the Harbor School, including a new gym. Seth makes a snide remark about Sandy being on the tourism board, and then an argument breaks out. Sandy tells Seth that he is spoiled and that he is killing his mother. Seth starts out by complaining that this isn’t about his parents, but then gets to the heart of the matter, which is that his parents didn’t even try to stop Ryan from leaving. “Ryan had to do what he had to do,” says Sandy. “Okay, well, so do I,” says Seth and he leaves the dinner table.

Marissa is alone on the beach in Newport, drinking and feeling sorry for herself. She pulls her phone out. In Chino, Ryan’s phone rings at 11:18pm. When he answers it, it is Marissa, but he doesn’t know that because she doesn’t say anything. After a long silence, she finally hangs up. Theresa has heard the phone call, but she doesn’t move or say anything.

In Portland the next morning, Sandy and Carson are in the kitchen. Over coffee, Sandy confesses that he didn’t sleep at all. Carson says that Seth is a good kid and a smart kid, but wonders where kids get all their power. Sandy says that they’ve always had the power and that this is just the teenage version of running after them as toddlers to make sure they don’t get hurt. Seth comes into the kitchen then. Carson excuses himself and leaves the Cohen men alone. Seth says that this seems like the start of round two of their argument, but Sandy says that he’s not going to argue anymore. If this is where Seth wants to stay, then Sandy doesn’t know what else to do. He says that at least he knows his son is safe in Portland and that it’s better to have him there than bring him home and have him run off again. Seth thanks his father and apologizes for dragging him all the way up there just for that. Sandy says it was worth it just to see Seth. Sandy then says that he left home when he was Seth’s age and that he wants to say to Seth what he wishes his parents had said to him. “I love you,” says Sandy. “And the door is always open.” Seth says that he has a sailing lesson, but before he leaves he gives his father a hug.

In Chino, Ryan is in the kitchen. Theresa says they should leave in half an hour, but Ryan says he doesn’t work on Saturdays. He has forgotten about Theresa’s doctor’s appointment and was going to go to Portland. Now that he has remembered the appointment, however, he’s not going. Theresa asks him about the plane ticket and the phone call in the middle of the night. What is going on with him? Ryan says that he left Newport to make life easier for everyone, but instead it seems to be making everything harder. Theresa says, “That’s funny. I thought you left Newport to be with me.” Ryan says that he did, but he really needs to make things right with Seth. Theresa wants to know why that is so important to him. She says that it isn’t like he abandoned Seth. But Ryan says that it is like abandonment, because he just took off without talking to Seth about it or anything. Theresa says it is okay with her if he misses the check up. He asks if she is sure, and she says she is. Ryan kisses her and then heads out.

Julie comes out to the pool to find Marissa, who is tanning and listening to her iPod. They were supposed to leave for cardio bar fifteen minutes ago, and Marissa still isn’t ready. Julie is annoyed, but Marissa seems not to care as she throws out a flippant, “Sorry.” Julie takes Marissa’s iPod away from her and announces that she is grounded. Marissa protests, saying her mother can’t ground her, but Julie is sick of being ignored like she doesn’t even exist. Marissa says she wishes that her mother didn’t exist. Julie asks Marissa to please just tell her whatever is bothering her. Marissa asks if her mother really wants to know what’s on her mind. When Julie insists that she does, Marissa opens her mouth and begins to scream. Then she starts throwing things into the pool. Julie is speechless.

In Portland, Sandy is on the phone promising that he will talk to Caleb as soon as he gets back to Newport. Carson pokes his head in to let Sandy know that his cab has arrived. Sandy gathers up his bags and heads toward the cab, only to discover that Ryan is getting out of it! Sandy tells Ryan that he has taken his shot, but wishes Ryan luck with his. As he leaves, Sandy says, “Thanks.”

The doorbell rings at the Cohen house. Kirsten opens the door to find Summer standing there with a box full of stuff. Summer explains that her therapist told her the best way to get over Seth is to get rid of all of the stuff that belongs to him. Summer says that this is her best chance of ever again “vibrating at a high frequency.” Kirsten has no idea what she is talking about, so Summer explains that Lynn Grabhorn, author of “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting” believes that “human beings have an electrochemical currency running through us which is affected by our emotions.” Summer says that that current vibrates at a higher frequency when a person feels happy and that this high frequency attracts happier people. Kirsten gives her an odd look and then tells her she is welcome to take the box of stuff up to Seth’s room. She says that if Seth wasn’t her son, she’d be doing the same thing.

Upstairs in Seth’s room, Summer is a little more subdued. She enters slowly and looks around before putting down the box and picking up Captain Oats. She tells Captain Oats that she hopes they can still be friends. Then she dumps the box out onto Seth’s bed and leaves the house.

Luke and Seth arrive home for dinner with Carson, who tells them they have yet another guest. Seth is not pleased, assuming it must be his mother. But then Ryan enters the room. Luke greets him right away, while Seth admits he would never have guessed this and gives an awkward wave. Seth is sure Ryan is there to help his father, but says there is no reason he shouldn’t stay and have a burger.

Outside, Seth cooks on the grill. Ryan comes out to join him and teases him about being a better cook than his mom. They make small talk about life in Portland and Seth admits that Summer will probably never speak to him again. Ryan starts to apologize for any trouble he may have caused, but Seth cuts him off, saying that if anything, Ryan just made him stay in Newport one year longer than he should have. Ryan tells Seth that his decision to drop out of school is still a big deal and looks concerned. Seth brushes it off, saying that it used to be perfectly common for teenagers to “board tram steamers and travel the country.” Ryan points out that that was during the Depression and that they did it only because they needed to work and then asks if there is any chance that Seth will return to Newport. Seth says, “Are you?” When Ryan doesn’t respond, Seth turns back to the grill, resigned to stay in Portland. Ryan says that he can’t go back, and Seth says that he can’t either.

In Newport, Jimmy is visiting Julie. As she brings him a drink, he looks out over the pool and compliments her on how well she has done for herself. Julie then begins discussing Marissa’s recent attitude, calling her the spawn of “Chucky and Keith Moon” and Jimmy agrees that Marissa is “definitely going through a hard time.” Julie describes Marissa’s meltdown and then says that the sad part is that Marissa’s tantrum was probably the most honest conversation they’ve ever had. She comments that she is glad Caitlin is going to boarding school because this environment wouldn’t be good for her, and then says that Marissa is going to be seriously screwed up for the rest of her life if they, as her parents, don’t do something. Julie suggests that Jimmy and Haley come over for Sunday dinner to give Marissa a more normal family dynamic. Jimmy says he will do the best he can and Julie lets him know that she is happy for him. Jimmy doesn’t believe her, but says he will pretend for Marissa’s sake.

Caleb arrives at the Cohen house and accosts Sandy, saying that he can’t believe that Sandy went to the DA’s office the day before and didn’t go right to Caleb afterwards. Sandy explains that he was trying to get Seth to come home, but was unsuccessful. Caleb offers to go talk to him himself, but Sandy says that Caleb will need his energy because “the clouds have gathered” and “it’s about to rain down” on him and everyone else. Sandy tells him to get in everything in order as soon as possible.

In Portland, Luke, Seth, and Ryan play video games. Carson comes in to tell Ryan he has a phone call. It’s Theresa, and she sounds upset. Ryan is immediately worried. Theresa says that she went to the doctor’s office for the checkup and they could not find the heartbeat. She says that she has lost the baby. Ryan says he will come right home, but Theresa says she thinks this is a sign. She says that he’s not happy with her, and that she knows he doesn’t really want to come home. Ryan hangs up and goes and tells Seth and Luke the bad news. Without giving them a chance to respond, he goes into a bedroom and shuts the door. Sitting alone on the bed, he shuts his eyes. After a moment, Seth comes in and sits beside him, placing a sympathetic hand on his friend’s back.

In Chino, Theresa’s mom asks her if she told Ryan. She nods. Her mother then asks if Ryan believed her. She says she thinks he did. Her mother tells her that this is for the best for Theresa, Ryan and the baby. Theresa nods in agreement, but then begins to cry. Her mother holds her as she sobs.

Ryan and Seth are now outside of Carson’s house. Ryan’s cab will be there any minute. Seth asks what Ryan will do. Ryan says he’s going to move out of Chino, and then he will be homeless again. Seth asks him if he has considered living in Portland, but Ryan says he has to keep his job because it pays pretty well, and that he will figure something out. Ryan asks Seth what he plans to do. Seth says he’s going to continue his new life in Portland with Luke and his dad. He says it will be awesome, but sounds very uncertain. Ryan’s cab arrives. He gets ready to leave and Seth tells him not to be a stranger. Ryan picks up his bag and leaves Seth there alone. As Ryan approaches the cab, Seth shifts nervously in his seat. As Ryan’s hand touches the door of the cab, Seth jumps up and takes off running through the house. When he opens the door to head outside again, he comes face to face with Ryan. The two boys smile. They have both been thinking and they have decided to go back to Newport. Seth says, “We don’t have to hug or anything like that, do we?” Ryan says they don’t. Seth opens the door and Ryan joins him back inside.

Sandy and Kirsten are having dinner surrounded by their furniture. Sandy tries to make light of the situation, but Kirsten is not amused. She stabs her food angrily and glares at Sandy, but her mood changes completely when Seth and Ryan enter the house. Sandy and Kirsten welcome both of the boys home. Ryan says that this is where they belong.

Ryan enters the dark pool house alone and puts down his bag. He turns on the light and goes to close the door, but Seth is behind him. Seth asks if it’s good to be back, and Ryan says it is. Seth says his room feels smaller, like he has grown a lot over the past few months. Ryan says that Monday is going to suck. Seth offers to fire up the grill, but Ryan says he is tired. But then Ryan asks how Seth managed to get to Portland in his little boat. Seth tells Ryan it was a “long and treacherous journey,” but then admits that he sailed to Santa Barbara, and then had to take a Greyhound. Ryan can’t believe Seth took a bus. Seth says they need to come up with a better story for school. They think up various ideas, plotting and scheming together just like old times, as the camera pans out and the screen fades to black.

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