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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Dearly Beloved - 2.24
aired 5/19/05


By Kasey

Sandy makes an appointment with someone over the phone while looking at the brochure of the rehab that he wants Kirsten to go to.

Sandy expresses his regrets to Kirsten. He goes to Sandy’s office to find batteries, and comes across the brochure for the rehab.

Sandy shows the brochure to Ryan, who speculates that it is for Kirsten.

Sandy meets with a doctor at the rehab and talks to him about Kirsten’s situation. Sandy says that he does not think that Kirsten will come voluntarily, and the doctor tells Sandy that few people do.

Julie asks Marissa if she can borrow something black. Marissa agrees, and apologizes for being snappy with her. The doorbell rings, and Marissa goes to answer. It’s Jimmy! He says that he is there to comfort them, and the two girls tell him how happy they are to see him.

Hailey comes to the Cohen’s and she and Kirsten talk about Cal’s death. Kirsten tells Hailey about her last conversation with Cal.

Summer and Princess Sparkle come to visit Seth and Captain Oats. Summer expresses her concern for Seth, who confides in Summer is worry for Kirsten. He lets her in on how he saw the brochure. Summer tells Seth that Kirsten’s situation is bigger than him.

Jess tells Trey that she has a lot of deals coming up around graduation time to give drugs to students. She offers him half of the money if he gets involved and holds a gun “like he means it.” She takes a gun out of her purse, and Trey grabs it and puts it on the table.

Everyone arrives at Cal’s funeral. During the funeral, Sandy and Hailey share some final words. Ryan, Seth, Sandy, and other pallbearers carry the coffin out of the service.

Jess visits Trey at work. He is concerned that she would visit him at work. Jess tells Trey that the deal will go down that night, at his work. Trey tells Jess that he will help her, but after tonight, he is done.

Hailey comes up and says hi to Jimmy. The two catch up on life and observe Kirsten, who seems to be taking things hard.

Kirsten goes to the kitchen and gets a drink of alcohol from the fridge. Sandy confronts her, and when Kirsten angrily storms off, Julie tells Sandy that she can take over Kirsten-watch for a while. Sandy thanks her, and Julie joins Kirsten.

Seth, Ryan, and Marissa talk about how awkward things are, and decide to go chill in the pool house. Seth wonders where Summer is.

Summer stands at the buffet, fixing some food. She offers a plate to Kirsten, telling her that she should not drink on an empty stomach, but Kirsten declines and leaves Summer. Sandy sees Summer’s effort and thanks her for being helpful, and asks her to get Seth out of the house for a while. Summer agrees.

Summer asks everyone if they want to go get food and stop by the Bait Shop, where Trey works. Seth and Ryan agree, but when Marissa hesitates and wonders if Trey will be there, Ryan assures her that Trey only works day shifts.

When they arrive at the club, Marissa is shocked to see Trey. Trey greets everyone, passing along his condolences to Seth. Jess pulls him away to go and make their deal. Ryan seems concerned, and he asks Marissa and Summer to get them a table.

Jess tells Trey that it is too late to back out of things now, even if Ryan is there.

Summer asks Marissa what is going on between her and Trey. Marissa avoids the question.

Seth and Ryan wait for their drinks. Meanwhile, Ryan sees some suspicious looking men heading upstairs with Jess.

Jimmy and Sandy catch up when Julie runs up to Sandy, saying that she needs help. Sandy sees Kirsten stumbling along, holding a bottle of alcohol. When he confronts her, Kirsten screams at him, and drops her bottle, shattering glass everywhere. Everyone at the party is startled. Jimmy and Julie lead Kirsten out of the party, and Hailey looks at Sandy, stunned.

Jess and Trey meet with the people they were selling drugs to, who try to make off with the drugs and the cash. Jess pulls Trey’s gun away, and shots right above the guy’s heads, buying her enough time to grab the cash. She and Trey make a run for it, while the other men shoot after them. Everyone in the club is on the ground, and afterwards, Marissa is bleeding from being cut while ducking.

Hailey asks Sandy how long Kirsten has been having trouble. Sandy says that it has been too long, and now, she definitely needs to get help, whether she wants it or not. Hailey offers to help by getting Kirsten out of the house while Sandy explains things to Seth and Ryan. Sandy thanks her.

Ryan visits Trey the next morning and asks him what is going on. Trey explains the situation, and Ryan tells Trey that he has to leave Newport. Trey tries to argue, but finally agrees to leave the next morning. Ryan leaves.

Jimmy brings Julie coffee and donuts and asks her if she and Marissa can go sailing. Julie tells him that Marissa won’t be able to go, and agrees to go herself.

Seth asks Sandy about Kirsten. Sandy tells Seth that she is at a spa for the day with Hailey. Seth comments on how different Kirsten seems lately. Sandy tells him that Kirsten has a drinking problem. Seth asks if Kirsten will stop when they ask her to, but Sandy says that she needs professional help. Sandy tells him that a doctor is coming to help them stage an intervention. Seth is furious that he has not been clued in until now, and refuses to be a part of things. Ryan comes in, and Seth fills Ryan in and storms out. Ryan offers to talk to Seth, and assures Sandy that he is doing the right thing.

Summer visits Marissa and offers to take her out for breakfast. Before they go out, though, Summer insists that Marissa tell her what is going on. Marissa begins to cry, and Summer hugs her.

Sandy visits Seth in his bedroom. Seth asks how long Kirsten will be gone, and Sandy says that it could be months. Sandy apologizes for not telling Seth about things sooner. Seth says that they aren’t “that” family, and he doesn’t know if he can do it. Sandy tells Seth that he understands. The doorbell rings, and Sandy tells Seth that it is the doctor. The two hug when Seth tears up.

Hailey and Kirsten drive home. Kirsten suggests that they get food, but Hailey says they should head straight home. Hailey notices how tense Kirsten seems.

The girls arrive home, where Sandy asks Kirsten to come into the kitchen. The doctor, Ryan, and Seth all are there. The doctor from rehab introduces himself, and Kirsten is startled. The doctor tells her that he is there to stage an intervention. Sandy, Hailey, and Ryan all speak their minds, and when Kirsten tries to leave the kitchen, Seth stops her and asks her to please go to rehab. Kirsten breaks down, and everyone gathers around and hugs her.

Everyone gathers around to wish Kirsten farewell. Hailey tells Kirsten that she was glad to be able to be there for this. Kirsten apologizes to Ryan and Seth, who say that they will be fine. The three hug. Sandy drives Kirsten away.

Julie and Jimmy come home, and Julie comments on how she feels guilty for having so much fun the day after her husband’s death. Jimmy asks Julie what would happen if he came home and they gave things another shot. The two hold hands.

Trey packs up, and Jess asks him where he is going. She asks him to come to Vegas with her. She tells him that she is going home to pack, and will be back later.

Ryan and Seth speculate on what they can do to cheer up. The doorbell rings. It is Summer. She asks to talk to Seth alone. She tells Seth what happened between Trey and Marissa. Seth says that Ryan has to know, and Summer asks Seth how he is going to tell him.

Sandy and Kirsten arrive at the rehab, and the doctor asks to check Kirsten’s bag. Sandy and Kirsten check out Kirsten’s room, and Kirsten seems stunned at everything that is happening. A nurse comes and asks Kirsten to come to the meeting for new guests, and she informs Sandy that Kirsten will not be able to make any phone calls for 72 hours. Sandy asks for a minute alone with Kirsten. Kirsten apologizes to Sandy, and the two kiss. Sandy heads out, and Kirsten blows him a kiss goodbye.

Seth asks Ryan if they can talk. He tells Ryan about how Trey attacked Marissa. Ryan is very angry, and tells Seth that he is going to settle things with Trey—once and for all.

Jimmy and Julie prepare dinner and ask Marissa how she feels about Jimmy coming to stay with them indefinitely. Marissa says that that will be fine, and hugs them both. Marissa tells them that she would love for them to be a family again. Marissa gets a phone call from Seth, who is driving with Summer to try to stop Ryan. Seth tells her that Ryan knows, and they need to stop him. Marissa peels out of her driveway to go after Ryan.

Meanwhile, Ryan drives to Trey’s. He pounds on the door and confronts Trey about Marissa. When Ryan begins to attack Trey, Trey pulls out the gun that is still on his couch and tells him to walk away. Ryan begins to walk away, but when Trey begins to lower the gun, Ryan lunges at him. The two fight violently. Trey begins to choke Ryan just as Marissa enters the living room. Marissa screams at Trey to stop, but Trey grabs his phone to try to club Ryan with it, as he continues to choke him. Marissa sees the gun, grabs it, and shoots Trey. Trey turns and looks at Marissa before falling to the ground. Ryan gets up and goes to Marissa, and Seth and Summer also run in to see Trey laying on the ground, dead.

Photos from Screencap Paradise

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Updated 10/31/10  


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