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The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't - 2.06
aired 12/16/04

Sandy and Caleb

Cal and Sandy meet at the pier. Sandy reminds Cal again to confess the truth. Cal again says that he canít.

Seth tries to divvy out Chrismukkah responsibilities while Ryan and Kirsten bring in the tree. Kirsten tells the boys that Julie and Cal are invited to Chrismukkah. Sandy walks in, and when he is reminded that it is Chrismukkah, he asks to stay out of it.

Ryan asks Seth if he should invite Lindsey to Chrismukkah. Seth says that he shouldnít move that fast.

Julie and Jimmy make love. Julie comments on the inappropriateness of their relationship, asking if itís adultery if she sleeps with her ex-husband. Jimmy says it is, and asks if she wants to stop. She says no, and they continue.

Sandy and Renee meet again. Sandy asks her to speak up, or she might risk losing Lindsey. She has the possibility of going to jail, too. But Renee cannot take the chance of telling Lindsey the truth.

Ryan meets Lindsey in class. Lindsey comments on how holidays were never good for her and her mom. Feeling bad for her, Ryan asks her to celebrate Chrismukkah with the Cohens. Lindsey seems excited about the possibility.

Marissa meets Summer in the lounge. They talk about how lame their holidays will be with both of their boyfriends out of town. Seth comes up, and is dismayed at their lack of holiday spirit. He invites them to Chrismukkah, and they both accept.

Julie shows up at the office and finds out from Kirsten that she missed their meeting. Kirsten points out that she was trying to call Julie all morning. Julie says that her phone must have been dead, but then it begins to ring Kirsten comments on the ring tone being Jimmyís favorite.

Seth tells Ryan that Marissa and Summer are coming over. Ryan panics, because Lindsey is coming over too. Seth complains about how Chrismukkah might be facing backlash. The two go outside, and Ryan tells Sandy that Lindsey is coming over for Chrismukkah. Sandy says that it isnít a good idea with everything going on with Calís case. Seth asks what Lindsey has to do with Calís case, and laughingly jokes that she is Calís love child. Sandy looks at the two, and they realize that he guessed the truth. Sandy tells them that it must stay between them.

Ryan and Seth decide to tell Lindsey, Marissa, and Summer that Chrismukkah is cancelled.

Ryan goes to Lindseyís to cancel, while Seth goes to Summerís to cancel. Lindsey shows Ryan her yamaclaus that she made and comments on how excited she is. Ryan doesnít have the heart to uninvite her. Lindsey puts her yamaclaus on Ryan.

Seth and Summer go shopping for Christmas trees. Summer points out that she is thrilled about being invited to the Cohenís for Chrismukkah, and she thinks that Seth might actually be changing. Seth doesnít have the heart to uninvited her.

Ryan confesses that he didnít have the guts to uninvite Lindsey. He shows Seth the yamaclaus that Lindsey made, and Seth replies with, ďHoly Moses!Ē Marissa and Summer show up, and Ryan realizes that Seth didnít uninvited the girls either.

Cal and Julie show up at the Cohenís. Cal asks Sandy to talk. Julie goes to the kitchen and kisses Jimmy. She says that she missed him all day, and when Kirsten walks in, Julie pushes Jimmy away and tells him to stop picking at the food.

Renee and Lindsey pull up at the Cohenís. Renee asks Lindsey if sheís sure that she wants to go, and Lindsey says it might be time to get over hating the holidays. Lindsey meets Kirsten when Kirsten answers the door.

Seth, Summer, and Marissa play video games while Ryan looks on. Lindsey shows up, and there is awkward tension between Lindsey and Ryan and everyone else.

Cal tells Sandy that he has decided to tell Kirsten the truth. He asks Sandy for help with how to tell her.

Renee shows up at the Cohenís, and asks Kirsten if she can talk to her. They walk into the kitchen, and Cal walks in too. Meanwhile, Lindsey, Ryan, Seth, Marissa, and Summer walk to the kitchen. Julie and Jimmy walk in too. Cal confesses that he fathered Lindsey. Lindsey walks out, and Renee chases her. Cal walks over to Kirsten, who slaps him and tells him to get out of her house. He walks over to Julie, and she slaps him too. She storms out, and Jimmy follows her. Cal turns towards Marissa, Summer, Seth, and Ryan, and all Seth does is wave. Ryan goes to check on Lindsey, and Seth goes to check on his mom. Summer comments on how dysfunctional the family is.

While Sandy, Cal, and Seth chase down Kirsten, Kirsten yells at Cal. She throws a potted plant at Cal and locks herself in the closet. Seth tells Cal he should leave, and Cal says that going to prison would have been better.

Ryan shows up at Reneeís and asks to talk to Lindsey. Renee says itís not a good time, but Lindsey says she can speak for herself. Renee leaves, and Ryan apologizes to Lindsey. He tells her that he is there for her. Lindsey says that it is best if they donít see each other anymore because she doesnít want to be anywhere near his family.

Summer and Marissa sit in Sethís room and talk about how weird their lives are while Summer cuddles with Captain Oats. Seth comes in and announces that they should cancel Chrismukkah.

Seth, Ryan, Marissa, and Summer eat at a diner. Seth tells Ryan how Chrismukkah is cancelled. Summer comments on how sad that is. Ryan offers Seth a ride home, and they start to leave. Summer says that while they might give up, she still believes in a Chrismakkuh miracle.

Julie sits alone in Marissaís bedroom. Cal comes in and tries to explain why he kept the secret. He says that he only cheated once, and will never cheat on Julie. He asks for her forgiveness. Julie says she doesnít know, and leaves to look for Marissa.

Ryan and Sandy talk about the situation. Ryan asks if he can talk to Kirsten. He goes up to the room and tries to talk to Kirsten through the door. He says Lindsey is not okay right now, but she might be if she realized what an accepting family she is a part of. Kirsten opens the door, and Sandy is standing there too. Sandy asks Kirsten if she wants to meet her sister. Kirsten says she isnít ready to call her that yet, but she seems like a sweet girl.

Summer and Marissa go to Jimmyís boat. They ask for a generator and an extension cord for a Chrismukkah miracle. Jimmy says yes, and Marissa comments on how she doesnít care if her mom is worried about her. She also tells Jimmy that if he became friends with her mom again, heíd be in trouble. The two girls leave, and we find out that Julie is there. She tells Jimmy they are making a huge mistake, but she wants to be with him.

Seth meets Lindsey on the beach. Seth reminds Lindsey that she is a Cohen now. Lindsey says that traumatic doesnít even begin to cover what sheís going through. Seth tells Lindsey they have much to be grateful for, like the fact that they didnít start dating. He gives her a Christmas stockingóthat says ďLaura.Ē It was the only one the store had. The two walk to Lindseyís, and Seth explains the origins of Chrismukkah. They arrive at Lindseyís, and where itís decorated in Christmas decorations. Kirsten, Sandy, Ryan, Renee, Marissa, and Summer are there. Kirsten introduces herself, and the two hug.

Sandy thanks Renee for coming forward. Seth thanks Summer for saving Chrismukkah. Everyone puts on yamaclauses and Seth sings his Chrismukkah song.

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