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The Brothers Grim - 2.17
aired 3/24/05

Marissa and Summer

By Kasey

Sandy wants to have a family dinner with Kirsten, Seth, and Ryan, despite everyone’s claims that they are too busy. When the phone rings and it is for Ryan, Sandy passes the phone to him. It was Trey, who announced that he is getting out of jail the next day and wants Ryan to pick him up.

The next day, Ryan tells Seth that he is trying to brace himself for the day ahead. Ryan admits that he maybe wants Trey out of his life. Meanwhile, Sandy and Kirsten talk about the effect that Trey might have on Ryan. Ryan and Seth join them, and Ryan tells Sandy that they do not have to come to Chino with him, but Sandy insists. Seth asks to skip school and come with them, but is turned down.

Summer tells Marissa about the Trey situation, and Marissa is sad that she did not know about it. The two see Zach, and when he acts happy to see them and not at all angry at Summer, Summer is confused.

At the jail, Sandy and Ryan wait for Trey. Sandy suggests to Ryan that Trey stay with them, but Ryan says that Trey can take care of himself. Trey comes out and hugs Ryan when Ryan tries to shake his hand. Sandy and Ryan take Trey to lunch.

As Carter and Kirsten work on the magazine, Julie comes in and asks for a moment with Kirsten. Carter excuses himself, and Julie tells Kirsten about her porn situation. Kirsten tells Julie that if Sandy cannot help her, Julie needs to talk to Cal.

Sandy takes Trey to a friend’s house for him to stay at. Trey says goodbye to them, but when nobody answers the door, Ryan yells at Trey to come back home with them.

Seth says hi to Zach. Zach reassures Seth that he is okay with him being with Summer. Zach also tells Seth a secret— he met somebody in Italy. Zach asks Seth to not tell Summer.

Trey is amazed at how nice the Cohen’s house is. Sandy tells Trey to stay in the pool house, and Trey is even more amazed when he sees that. Trey assures Ryan that he will not screw up Ryan’s good thing with the Cohens.

Seth comes in the pool house to chat with Ryan, but finds Trey instead. Trey does not seem to find Seth’s banter so amusing. Sandy and Ryan come in, and Sandy gives Trey some shopping money. Ryan asks Seth to call Marissa and have her meet them shopping.

Julie comes to have lunch with Cal. She admits to Cal that she was in a porn film, who agrees almost immediately to pay the money to keep her porn film from coming out. Julie, extremely grateful, heads back to work.

Summer whines to Seth about how normal Zach seems. Seth is forced to admit that Zach has a girlfriend now who he met in Italy. Summer seems dejected.

Trey and Ryan go shopping. Marissa joins them, and there is some awkwardness when Trey remembers Marissa as Ryan’s girlfriend.

Julie tells Kirsten about how nice Cal was in resolving the situation. When Kirsten seems distracted, Julie realizes that Kirsten likes Carter. Sandy shows up, and Julie exits. Sandy admits to Kirsten that he invited Trey to stay with them, and Kirsten seems to not mind at all. When Sandy wants to meet Carter, she lies and tells him that Carter is too busy.

As Ryan, Marissa, and Trey exit the shop, a man stops Trey and asks him to see his bag, thinking that Trey shoplifted. Trey is furious, and dumps out his bag, knocking over several other things in the process.

Ryan tells Seth about the Trey situation. Kirsten, Sandy, and Trey come in, and when there is tension between Trey and Ryan, the others step out. Trey tells Ryan that he knows that he needs to change, and Ryan tells Trey to do so soon.

Zach brings over Summer’s stuff, and Summer admits that she knows about Zach’s new girlfriend. She kicks Zach out.

Cal shows up at Lance’s hotel with two suitcases. He shows Lance the money, and Lance gives him the video. Cal says that there is nothing Julie has done that he does not know about. When Cal is leaving, two buff men walk in, and Cal tells Lance to hand over the money. Lance does so, and when Cal leaves, the men lock the door and draw the shades.

Carter brings Kirsten some wine to celebrate the magazine. Kirsten turns it down, feeling awkward in front of Julie, who teases her as soon as Carter leaves.

Summer goes to visit Zach, but he is not home. Summer gives Zach’s mom his stuff, and when Summer mentions Zach’s new girlfriend, Zach’s mom says that he sulked in the hotel room the whole Italy trip—there is no new girlfriend.

Ryan finds Trey looking over classifieds. Trey admits to Ryan that he is having a hard time finding a job. Ryan invites Trey to have a bite to eat, but then he notices the watch that Trey was accused of stealing. Trey insists that he bought it that day, as a gift for Ryan. Trey tosses the receipt at Ryan and storms off.

Sandy asks Ryan where Trey is, and Ryan admits that the situation with Trey is hard. Ryan asks to borrow the car, and Sandy agrees.

Zach comes to Summer’s and explains the situation about the fake girlfriend. Summer says that she will keep the lie a secret.

Marissa and Ryan leave the Cohen’s party to get Trey.

Cal tells Julie that everything with the porn tape is taken care of.

Summer is mad at Seth about having told her something that Zach told him to keep a secret. Summer tells Seth he has to figure out what she is mad about within twenty minutes, or she is gone.

Carter asks Kirsten if she is angry at him, since she is acting different. Julie sees them talking and gives Kirsten the thumbs up. When Carter realizes what is going on, he excuses himself. Kirsten asks for chardonnay from the server— Lance!

Ryan and Marissa find Trey at a bar. Trey tells Ryan to beat it, and goes outside.

Summer sits in Seth’s room waiting for her apology. Seth cannot figure it out, though, so Summer tells him. Seth insists that he only told Summer because she begged him to. Summer finds Seth’s explanation sweet, and kisses him.

Carter, Julie, and Kirsten stand on stage to launch the new magazine. Carter introduces Julie, who begins to play the video advertisement of the magazine. However, Lance switched out the tapes, and everyone at the party soon sees Julie’s porn video instead. Carter and Kirsten struggle to turn off the video, while a horrified Julie notices Lance in the crowd.

Julie cries alone and Cal comes to comfort her. Cal doesn’t admit how he tricked Lance, and offers to take Julie to Europe.

Sandy comes to meet Carter, and after he leaves, Carter apologizes to Kirsten for making things awkward at work.

Marissa and Ryan sit at the bar and wait for Trey. They finally agree to go find Trey, when a guy hits on Marissa. Ryan defends her, and the guy punches Ryan. When Ryan hits him back, some of the guy’s friends come to his aid. Trey hears the commotion from outside, and runs back in and rescues Ryan and Marissa. The three flee the scene, and Ryan asks Trey to come back home with him.

Kirsten and Sandy wait for the kids to come home, and when Trey, Ryan, and Marissa come in, Seth and Summer come downstairs, and the Cohens finally get to have their family dinner together.

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