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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Blaze of Glory - 2.16

Marissa and Seth

By Kasey

Seth and Ryan compare and contrast this year to the previous one. Seth tries to get Ryan to agree to go to the upcoming school bonfire. Marissa comes up, and Seth tells her that they will be at the bonfire. He also gets Ryan to walk Marissa to class. Summer comes up and tells Seth to stay out of Ryan and Marissa’s love life, since they are so combustible.

Sandy coaches Kirsten on golf. She tells him about Carter and his involvement with the magazine, and it turns out, Sandy is a big fan of Carter from his previous work. Sandy says that he would like to meet Carter. He also discovers that Kirsten has found her ring.

Seth tells Marissa that she should ask Ryan for help with designing the bonfire. Marissa agrees that she thinks it would be a good idea.

Julie calls Marissa and asks her to come home, but Marissa hangs up on her. Lance shows up at Julie’s office and tells her that she has three days to get him her money, or he will show the tape.

Kirsten comes to the office, and the secretary tells her that Carter had called in, saying that he would not be able to come in today. The secretary also mentioned that she thought Carter was drunk in his message. Julie runs out, claiming a personal emergency, and Kirsten realizes that the meeting is cancelled. Kirsten heads to Carter’s to take care of the situation.

Summer and Marissa chat over lunch when Ryan comes to hang out with them. Marissa asks Ryan to help with the bonfire, and he agrees. Summer realizes that Seth might be involved, and when he comes up to the table and quickly exits, Summer follows him. Marissa asks Ryan to swing by Alex’s place after school to work on the bonfire.

Julie stops by Sandy’s office and shows him the video of her porn tape. Julie tells Sandy about her dilemma, and asks him for help. Sandy suggests that she contact the cops, but Julie says that nobody can find out. Sandy says he will deal with things.

Summer chases down Seth and yells at him for messing with Ryan and Marissa. She warns him again to stay away from Ryan and Marissa, but Seth won’t make promises.

Alex calls Marissa and asks her to hang out, but Marissa can’t because of the fundraiser. Marissa tells Alex she will just see her later.

Kirsten goes to visit Carter, who is “celebrating” his wedding anniversary. Carter says that he wants out of the magazine, and Kirsten storms off.

Ryan talks to Seth about the bonfire. Sandy swings by and Seth inquires about Sandy and Kirsten’s marriage, but Sandy tells him everything is okay. Ryan asks Seth if he can borrow Captain Oats.

Julie visits Marissa at Alex’s. Julie begs Marissa to come home, and Marissa slams the door on her.

Alex goes to visit Seth. She asks him about Ryan and Marissa, and when Seth seems hesitant to say anything, she asks if Ryan and Marissa are one of those couples who is always a couple. Seth lets it slip that Ryan and Marissa slept in a tent together at the mall, and Alex is furious. Alex storms out, and Seth comments that Summer will kill him.

Ryan stops by Alex’s to visit Marissa. Marissa seems embarrassed about the mess. The two set to work on the bonfire.

Sandy goes to Lance’s hotel and says that he is there to negotiate. Sandy can’t convince Lance to back off, so he tells Lance that he will be hearing from him.

Marissa walks Ryan out, and Marissa tells Ryan that Seth suggested him for the bonfire. Ryan and Marissa hug goodbye, while Alex watches. When Marissa goes inside, Alex throws her beer bottle at Ryan and starts to shove him, yelling at him to stay away from her girlfriend. Ryan asks Alex to walk away, and Alex heads inside.

Sandy tells Kirsten that he is working on a case that he doesn’t want to see again. He asks for quality time with her, but Kirsten denies, saying that she needs to go to work. Kirsten tells Sandy that Carter won’t be working with her anymore, but asks for a copy of Carter’s old magazine.

Ryan confronts Seth about the situation with Alex. Seth admits what he was doing, and Ryan asks Seth to stay out of his and Marissa’s relationship.

Marissa gets a message from Ryan, who says that he can’t meet her that night. When Alex asks Marissa about the call, Marissa lies again. Alex confronts Marissa about the tent, saying that Marissa lied to her. Alex walks out.

Sandy tells Julie that he won’t be able to stop Lance without authorities involved. Julie begins talking about Marissa, and Sandy tells Julie that sometimes sending a messenger works wonders to straighten somebody out.

Kirsten goes to Carter’s and sticks his old magazine in his mailbox with a note.

Summer and Marissa talk about Marissa’s fight with Alex. Summer realizes how Seth was involved in Marissa’s fight with Alex, and storms off to confront Seth.

Julie visits Ryan and asks him to try to help her get Marissa’s life back on track.

Ryan goes to Alex’s, who is furious that Ryan is there. She tells him, though, that Marissa is at the bonfire. Ryan leaves to go after Marissa, but when Alex continues to threaten him, he tells her that if she has to work this hard, it’s not working.

At the bonfire, Marissa is in over her head. Ryan shows up and offers to help. Marissa puts him in charge, and he instantly sets to work. Marissa seems very proud.

Kirsten works at the office when Carter shows up and agrees to work for the magazine again.

Summer shows up at Seth’s and threatens to hurt him if he doesn’t apologize. They go to the pool house to start with Ryan, but when he is not there, they figure that he is at the bonfire. They head there together.

Sandy goes to visit Lance again, asking him for the rights to Julie’s movie. He offers Lance a hundred dollars, saying that he will give him everything he asked for within two weeks. Lance signs the rights over, and Sandy tells him that if he posts the video on the internet now, he will go to jail.

Sandy calls Julie and tells her how the situation was resolved. He tells Julie to get the money from Cal, which Julie is not happy about.

The bonfire seems to be going great, and as Marissa and Ryan congratulate each other on a job well done, Alex shows up with two guys to beat up Ryan. Marissa gets the guys to stop, and she and Alex decide to talk over their issues alone. They argue, and Marissa tells Alex that her life is at Harbor. Alex comments that she doesn’t fit into her life anymore. They both cry and apologize to each other, and decide to call it quits. Alex says that she might go home and get back in school. The girls hug and head back to the bonfire, where Alex apologizes to Ryan and heads off with her friends.

Summer and Seth show up, and Seth points out Ryan and Marissa—Ryan has his arm around Marissa. Ryan and Marissa start the fire at the bonfire together. The four join up together, and Marissa thanks Seth for getting everything together.

Photos from Screencap Paradise

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Updated 10/31/10  


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