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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Accomplice - 2.10
aired 1/27/05

Alex declares she is finished for good with Seth and Jody, her ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, Marissa seems to be spending lots of time with Alex. She skips school to drive to L.A. with Alex to get her necklace back from the ex-girlfriend, Jody. Alex fears she will be tempted by Jody to get back together and asks Marissa to help her. Jody tries to make her moves on Alex but Marissa steps in and announces she and Alex are dating. Later on, Marissa reveals she had stolen Jody's necklace then Alex proceeds to place it on Marissa's neck.

Sandy is visited by his old professor, Max. He tells Sandy he is dying and wants to be reunited with his daughter, Rebecca one last time before he dies. Rebecca turns out to be Sandy's old girlfriend who disappeared over 20 years ago after being accused of setting fire to a nuclear plant. Kirsten accuses Sandy of still being in love with her due to his involvement in trying to help. However, Sandy gets a call informing him of Rebecca's death. Later on, Rebecca walks into Sandy's office, very much alive.

Summer finds Seth's old sketch book from when he left Newport. Seth is convinced that Summer is now freaked out by his drawings, but Summer seems to be touched by them.

Ryan secretly attempts to reunite Lindsay with her newfound father, Caleb,  but does more harm than good. Caleb calls Lindsay and asks for the two of them to have dinner together. Nervous, Lindsay asks Ryan to tag along for support. At Dinner, Caleb is uneasy to find Ryan joining them and reveals to Lindsay that Ryan came to him about her. An angry Caleb is convinced that Lindsay is just out for his money. Lindsay is ultimately upset with Caleb and Ryan.

- By Laurin

Photos from Screencap Paradise

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