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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Strip - 1.26
aired 4/28/04

Sandy and Kirsten

By Jessica

The show starts off with an amusing conversation in Seth’s room at night. Seth wakes Ryan up and starts asking what to do about Summer. Ryan tries to sleep, but Seth keeps bothering him. Finally Seth says Ryan can go back to sleep, since things are worse for him than for Seth. Ryan asks how, and Seth explains that Ryan’s ex is sleeping in his room, to the dismay of his current girlfriend. Ryan says Marissa is fine, but Seth is sceptical. He then asks when Theresa is leaving, but Ryan says he’s not worried. Ryan tries to sleep, but realizes he is wondering when Theresa’s leaving. They go to visit her in the pool house, and before they can ask she says she’s probably leaving soon. Ryan says he’ll see her tomorrow – he including Marissa, and Seth says he’ll be there too since Summer is apparently dating her father. Ryan shuts him up, and the two guys leave. Then Theresa pulls out a pregnancy test box and stares at it thoughtfully.

In the Cohen kitchen Julie is asking Caleb wedding questions, and he tries to go off to work. Kirsten mentions that he’s been so busy with the wedding lately that she wanted him to come to some breakfast thing for work, and Julie interjects that Caleb has kept saying he’s busy with work to get out of wedding work. Sandy smartly asks “so Cay Cay what have you been doing all this time?” Julie tries to make weekend plans with Caleb before he runs away, but he gradually admits he has a one night business meeting in Las Vegas. Julie figures out it’s a bachelor party. Seth and Ryan wander in as Sandy fakes hurt about not being invited, and Seth quickly agrees. Then Sandy clarifies that he doesn’t have any affection for Caleb, but he loves “The Vegas.” This leads to a discussion about “The Vegas” in which Ryan admits he’s never been there (his mom was all about the Reno). The guys decide to go when Kirsten says she’ll take care of Theresa, and Caleb realizes he has no say in it.

Sandy goes to visit Jimmy so they can go for breakfast, and Jimmy shows him a house he’s placing a bid on, and says his realtor is just going to stop by. Apparently Marissa hasn’t told him about moving in with Caleb and her mom yet. Sandy invites Jimmy to crash Caleb’s party with him, and Jimmy agrees since Caleb did something (couldn’t hear it) and took Julie off his hands. The doorbell rings and Jimmy runs to get a contract while Sandy lets in the realtor. She reveals that Robert Campbell is going to turn the land into an outdoor mall and when Sandy says they sold the place to Caleb, she says Caleb must have sold it off, and made a fortune. Hmm dirty dealings here?

Over at the school (whoa you mean Ryan and company still go to school?) Marissa wants to kill Caleb, but that would put her in jail. Then she realizes that then she wouldn’t have to move in with him, or tell her dad about it. Ryan asks if she still hasn’t told her dad, and she says no, how can she say she was blackmailed? She says she’ll do it this weekend, but Ryan says Jimmy will be in Vegas this weekend. When she asks how Ryan knows, he says it’s because he might be in Vegas, and then elaborates that it’s for Caleb’s bachelor party. Marissa asks if it involves strippers, prostitutes, and showgirls, and Ryan jokes that he hopes so. She playfully shoves him, and he says he isn’t going because Theresa needs him. Way to make Marissa feel special. Marissa is hurt, and asks what about her. Ryan says that she has Summer and her sister, and Theresa has no one. Marissa says Theresa has her, since she’s Ryan’s girlfriend (this is posed as a question) and his friends are her friends. Ryan kisses her and says that she is his girlfriend, and then plays oblivious when she asks about the strippers.

Julie (who now seems to live at the Cohen’s house or in Kirsten’s office) is whining about not wanting Chippendales – she wants strippers. She and Kirsten argue about it (Kirsten doesn’t want them, and especially doesn’t want to go out somewhere where there are strippers). Julie wants to go to the Petting Zoo, but Kirsten flat out refuses. Finally she agrees to “one little stripper who’s trying to make his way in the world – naked” as Julie put it.

At school in the lounge room Seth informs Summer that he’s going to a bachelor party as “a courtesy thing, since last time [he] checked they were still officially boyfriend and girlfriend.” He then begs her to not let what her dad thinks of him break them up. He then figures that his caring for her just isn’t good enough for her, and leaves her looking sad.

Ryan goes to see Theresa in the pool house, asking her to hang out with him and Theresa, but she’s working another shift to make money to go to Atlanta where her cousin lives. All she needs is airfare, and she’ll have her own second chance. Ryan asks how much she needs, and she says around  $2000, but she isn’t asking him for money. He says he’ll ask the Cohen’s (ok just cause they took him in, doesn’t mean they want to fund his ex-girlfriend too), but Theresa says it’s not his problem. Inside Ryan, Marissa and Seth plan for him to take Seth’s bar mitzvah money (about a thousand) and a few hundred from Marissa to Vegas. Seth pulls out fake Ids he conveniently has, and asks if Ryan is in. Ryan pauses, and says he is.

The guys arrive at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Vegas. Seth explains that they chose not to go to Caesars. A lady comes up and asks who is Mr. Cohen, and Seth steps forward. She says that the penthouse is ready for them, and they had talked on the phone. Seth reveals to Sandy that he used Caleb’s credit card, and then everyone is happy. Sandy says he loves Seth, and Seth says he loves Sandy too, but not as much as Vegas. The guys discover they have a bowling alley – in their room. They are excited about it, except Caleb who thinks it’s a million dollar frat house. Seth and Ryan ask the lady to show them to the casino, and she asks to see their ID. They go to pull it out, and she mentions how they have so many underage kids using fake ID, and they’d hate to throw them out of the hotel. The boys quickly put away their wallets, and say they don’t really want the tour after all. Seth asks Ryan what they should do – he doesn’t want to be kicked out since he loves the hotel, and wants to marry it and have “little gambling alcohol addicted kids with it.” Ryan says they’ll find somewhere else, and sounds very evil villianish when he says that it’s Vegas, and all you have to do to find some action is ask. It only took 26 episodes for him to start plotting like a real teenager. In the casino Caleb gets a phone call, and makes plans with some person. Sandy comes up at questions what Caleb is going to do with the restaurant, and Caleb says he doesn’t know yet. He asks what Jimmy and Sandy are going to do, and Sandy says he’s going to gamble his, and Jimmy is buying a house for him and Marissa. Caleb asks why, since Marissa is moving in with him. Sandy pauses in thought.

Back in Newport Summer, Marissa and Hailey (really, how old is she?) are watching “The Valley” at Marissa’s house/apartment thing. Hailey is bored with the show, while Summer is in tears over the sad episode. Marissa informs Hailey that Summer broke up with Seth because her dad didn’t approve. Hailey makes a little faux pas when she says “you think my dad approves of Jimmy Cooper – the man’s a felon” and then tacks on a “no offence” to Marissa. Marissa adds that her mom doesn’t approve of Ryan, and Hailey says it’s like a rule that parents don’t approve, otherwise the sex isn’t that good. She realizes she shared a bit too much. The doorbell rings, and it’s Kirsten who (in private) asks Hailey to get a stripper for Julie. Hailey chastises her, because she doesn’t like Julie Cooper, and lets her walk all over her. Kirsten denies it, and says Hailey is upset Julie’s marrying Caleb, to which Hailey adds “for his money.” Hailey says she’ll get someone – she knows just the man. Ooh more evil plotting stuff.

At the beach pool thing at the hotel Ryan and Seth enjoy the sights (bikini clad women). Seth says he feels confident enough to go talk to any woman, but then realizes he’s a bit too shy. Suddenly a girl comes up and kisses Seth. She explains that her name is Jen, and she kissed him to pretend she’s with a guest (so she can use the beach pool area). Just then Summer calls, and starts off that she’s been thinking (wow Summer learned an important skill this season – when it started off all she could say was “eww”) Just then Jen says “I have to kiss you again” and kisses Seth, which Summer overhears. Jen compliments him on kissing, and Summer gets angry and hangs up on him. Summer turns to Marissa and says Seth was kissing another girl (wow he gets around – just wondering why she chose him over Ryan?) Summer says “He’s kissing another girl, right in front of me on the phone. I’ve been crying actual tears over that ass, and he’s kissing randoms.” Marissa quickly steps in for damage control and says that Theresa’s coming over, and they can do whatever Summer wants. Summer says all she wants to do is go to Vegas and kick Cohen’s ass. Seth knows what’s coming for him, and Jen apologizes and goes to leave. Then she asks where they’re going, and says she lives there, goes to UNLV and has a car. The guys ask if she knows of a blackjack dealer, and she offers an “intense” poker thing with some guys she knows. On the balcony Sandy and Jimmy talk, and Sandy is clearly suspicious of Caleb’s plans. Sandy tells Jimmy to retract his house bid, since Caleb claims Marissa’s moving in with him.

At Marissa’s Summer has gone home, and Theresa has come over. Theresa says she doesn’t want to go out, and when Marissa asks what food they should get, Theresa says no raw fish. Then Marissa offers some drinks, including beer, and Theresa she’s she can’t, or shouldn’t. Marissa makes a joke (one of her first) and says “you can’t drink, you can’t have sushi, what are you, pregnant?” (just a note, I can’t drink yet, I don’t like raw fish, and I am not pregnant and if someone who I know is underage said what Theresa said, I wouldn’t assume they were pregnant). Theresa looks down, and Marissa questions if she is pregnant.

Jen takes Ryan and Seth to the poker place where we see the players (including one in a trucker hat). Ryan joins in the game after Seth persuades him that he loves “The Vegas” and they should see if “The Vegas” loves him.

Theresa tells Marissa that no one else knows, and Marissa promises she won’t tell anyone. She asks what Theresa is going to do, and Theresa says she doesn’t  have enough money to get to Atlanta, so she has no idea what she’ll do. Marissa suggests talking to Eddie, and Theresa says she can’t since he’ll try to convince her to marry him and have the baby, or else he’ll say it isn’t his. Marissa asks who else’s it could be, and Theresa looks up at her sadly. Marissa realizes what Theresa’s implying, and is shocked. Ok honestly, this baby better be Eddie’s, and I think it probably is because if it’s not then Ryan will have to marry Theresa (or at least support her) therefore not be with Marissa, which will ruin the show eventually. Plus the whole show is based on the outsider forced into the OC, so he can’t leave or get married / tied down.

In Vegas we see a funny shot of Seth sipping with a straw out of a shot glass. Ryan does really well at poker, and makes enough for Theresa, plus keeps Seth’s money. Seth says Ryan should keep playing, but Ryan points out that the guy in the trucker hat looks really angry at him. Seth suggests that maybe he’s angry because he found out people don’t wear trucker hats anymore (haha). Seth wants to stay since he’s doing so well with Jen (and apparently forgot Summer, even though earlier he kept thinking of her or calling her). Ryan says to invite her to the hotel room, and when she comes over Seth invites her and her friends (who have always wanted to see the penthouse).

At the Cohen’s Julie waits impatiently for the stripper. The doorbell rings, and it’s Hailey. Julie angrily asks what she’s doing there, and Hailey replies that Kirsten invited her, since Julie “clearly forgot.” She mentions she saw fire trucks outside, and suddenly a bunch of strippers dressed as firemen run in. Kirsten scolds Hailey for getting more than one stripper, and is distracted as the phone rings. She goes to answer it, and it’s Sandy. Kirsten tells him what’s going on, he says to keep the strippers off the furniture. Sandy voices his doubts that Caleb couldn’t get their liquor license, and Kirsten admits he knows everyone on the board. Sandy says he thinks Caleb did it to buy them out cheap and sell it for a lot of money, and he plans to talk to Caleb.

Ryan, Seth and Jen come back to the hotel, and Jimmy beckons Ryan over. Jimmy is leaving Marissa a message, and then tells Ryan she hasn’t been picking up her cell all day. He asks Ryan if he knows about Marissa moving in with Caleb, and Ryan says yes, assuming Marissa told him. Jimmy says Marissa didn’t tell him, but Caleb told Sandy who told him, and asks if Ryan knew. Ryan wonders why Caleb did that, as he and Marissa had a deal. Jimmy wants to know about the deal and Ryan assumedly tells him.

Over in the lobby, we see Summer arriving (wow that was really fast). She goes and asks for Cohen (“C-O-H-E-N, I think that’s how he spells it.”) Upstairs Seth is admiring the view, while Jen tries to get him in the hot tub. She takes off her robe, revealing a bikini, and when he obviously likes it, she asks if he wants to see what happens next. He says he would, except that he’s in love with his girlfriend (aww!). She points out that it’s ex-girlfriend and kisses him. Just then Summer comes in and yells “Cohen!” to Seth’s surprise, and she’s followed by Ryan who says he tried to stop her. She calls Jen a whore and tells her to get away from Seth, and when Seth explains she’s not a whore, and that she goes to UNLV Summer says “oh I’m sorry … skank!” Then three more girls wander in, and Summer is not impressed. They’re followed by two men, who explain that they want payment before the party. Seth is confused, Ryan realizes they’re prostitutes, and Summer hits Seth and mutters “knew it.” The man wants $5000, now. After a commercial break, we return to Seth informing Ryan he hates “The Vegas.” Seth is upset about being taken advantage of, and Summer in definitely not sympathetic as she mutters “way to go whore-boy.” (Just a note, as this point they’re on a couch with Ryan between Seth and Summer.) Ryan asks Summer for her money, and she says no since it’s Seth’s problem. Seth blames her for breaking up with him, she says “so you hire yourself a call girl?”, he says “what your dad wouldn’t approve”, she says “this has nothing to do with  my dad”, he says “you’re right it doesn’t” (Ryan falls back against the couch, out of their way), she realizes she over reacted a little and says “maybe if you didn’t try so hard with him”, he says “I only did that because I knew that it was important to you.” Summer stops, and obviously feels bad. She makes sure nothing happened with Jen besides the kiss – Seth says yes, and then clarifies it was four kisses. Summer says if anything like this happens again she’ll kill him, and Ryan adds that if they don’t get the money soon, the guy will kill them. Seth says they have $3000, Summer adds $500, and then Jen comes up and suggests more of Texas Round Up (the poker game) 

Julie and the stripper talk a bit, and he suggests they go somewhere after, and she goes to get her purse. On her way she meets Kirsten, who’s shocked she’s leaving. Julie feigns exhaustion and then notices the stripper chatting with Hailey. Kirsten reveals the two are old friends. Julie stalks over to Hailey, and asks if her plan was to catch Julie with the stripper, and then tell Caleb, who would call off the wedding. Hailey says Julie wouldn’t sleep with Jeff (the stripper) since he doesn’t make enough money. She elaborates that Julie married Jimmy and now her dad for the money, and then says “Jeffery here might be a stripper, but honey you’re a whore.” (Haha SNAP for Hailey!) Julie slaps Hailey, who retaliates by shoving Julie, The two get into a catfight, and eventually end up in the pool, still fighting (one of the funniest scenes I’ve seen).

Sandy goes into the restaurant where Caleb is with Robert Campbell, sits down at the table, and helps himself to Caleb’s food and drink. He asks Campbell about the property, and then starts telling his little story about the liquor license, including the part where ‘one of the partners’ asked the council not the give them the license, so he could buy the property from them and sell it for a much higher price. Then Sandy says he is guilty of fraud (and some other stuff I missed) and that the legal battle could take years. Caleb gets up and tries to force Sandy to leave, but Sandy’s ready to fight. But Jimmy runs in and stops Sandy from punching him, saying “no, let me.” He then punches Caleb – hard – and yells at him for manipulating him and holding his daughter hostage. Sandy’s upset – because Jimmy beat him to the punch 

At the poker game Ryan loses his money, so he goes to Jen and asks her for some. She refuses, and Ryan blames her for him needing more money, but she says she was doing her job, and assumed they’d have money as they’re staying in the penthouse. She asks how come he sucks so much, when he was doing so well earlier. Ryan says “so I guess the guy with the trucker hat is feeling pretty confident right now, wouldn’t you say?” in his new evil plotting way (which I’m totally loving). Jen realizes Ryan lost on purpose, and gives him some money. Cut to Ryan, Seth and Summer walking outside, with Ryan wearing the ugly trucker hat. Seth can’t believe the guy gave it to him, but Ryan says he won it. Ryan says he did lose Seth’s bar mitzvah money, but Seth says he lost it himself, as well as Theresa’s money. Ryan is ok with it, and says you win some, you lose some, and they’re leaving pretty much even. Seth says some of them are walking out ahead, and gives Summer a big kiss. Summer says if it were up to Seth they wouldn’t be walking out at all, and he says now they have a good Vegas story. She questions if they’d want to tell people he lost his bar mitzvah money to prostitutes. Ryan adds “you know what they say – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Summer says she thought that was Tijuana, and Seth thinks the hat should stay in Vegas, and grabs it off Ryan’s head, throwing it into a conveniently located river. Seth says he definitely loves “The Vegas” and the three walk off (for once it’s Seth and Summer paired up, and Ryan alone – but I did wish Marissa was there too).

Now Sandy is arriving home, where he finds Kirsten in bed. She tells him about Hailey and Julie’s catfight, he says that he didn’t punch Caleb in the mouth, since Jimmy did. Sandy says he doesn’t want to go back to Vegas soon, and when Kirsten questions him he says that the best part about Vegas is coming home afterwards.

The next morning we see Marissa fling open the door to find Ryan looking very happy. She’s upset he told her dad, but he says that her dad found out and asked him, so he had to tell the truth. She says that he’ll tell her dad the truth, but not her. Ryan is now confused, but still looking very cute. He asks what she’s talking about, and she says he should ask Theresa, and tries to close the door on him (forgetting that he’s easily 100 times stronger than her). He pushes it back open, and comes in. Marissa says Theresa’s pregnant, and Ryan’s happy little half smile finally fades. Then she says “and it might not be Eddie’s, so why don’t you tell me what’s going on?” Ryan looks totally shocked and scared (though his hair looks great), and Marissa’s eyes are all watery. The camera pans out on them both standing there.

Jessica's Final thoughts:

NOOOO Theresa can’t be pregnant – it BETTER be Eddie’s (read my little thing somewhere in the middle of the summary for thoughts on that).

The catfight was funny, and a long time coming. I hope at some point we see implications of that.

Seth and Summer are back together!!! But according to the “Cohen-Atwood Curse” only one of Ryan or Seth can be happy in love at a time (think about it – if you go through all the episodes, they never both are happy with Marissa and Summer respectively for more than an episode). Obviously Ryan and Marissa have problems coming up, and since the finale is next, that means the problems will stay till next season.

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Updated 9/11/10 


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