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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Rivals - 1.17
aired 1/21/04

Sandy and Jimmy

by Jaclyn

Ryan (Benjamin Mckenzie) and Seth (Adam Brody) are in school and Ryan is telling Seth that he didnít quite buy Oliverís suicide attempt. Seth thinks Ryan is being wrong since he hasnít seen Oliver do or say anything untrustworthy from him. They segue into a conversation about Seth, he feels like he and Anna (Samaire Armstrong) are very similar, maybe too similar as if he is dating the female version of himself. Ryan says he will try to give Oliver a chance and he and Marissa (Micha Barton) are walking in school when they find out Oliver has transferred to Harbor.

Summer (Rachel Bilson) has a new boyfriend Danny who everyone thinks is extremely funny however Seth does not think so, he thinks heís too ďbigĒ with his comedy. Oliver and Ryan are talking, he says he wants to fit in and be embraced just like Ryan was. Oliver is trying to build a comparison between the two of them.

Back at the Cohen house Ryan is confiding in Seth that he still doesnít trust Oliver because Oliver said there was an ďincidentĒ at his old high school. Seth and Sandy (Peter Gallagher) also draw the similarities between Ryan and Oliver however this just annoys Ryan more.

Ryan is then on his bike at night riding into school to dig up incriminating Oliver.

He is looking at his file and finds a confidential notice, but gets caught by a security guard. Sandy and Kirsten (Kelly Rowan) are in Dr. Kimís office discussing Ryanís latest stunt. Ryan tells then he doesnít trust Oliver and found out the ďincidentĒ at Pacific was that he slit his wrists because of a girl who filed a restraining order. They decide they will take action accordingly to his crime and Ryan will serve detention.

            Seth and Anna again wearing similar outfits are talking when Summer and Danny come by and he of course is making everyone laugh except Seth. Anna then concludes Seth is jealous of Summerís new boyfriend.

            Sandy and Jimmy (Tate Donovan) are talking about the restaurant they are hoping to buy together and how they want to change the Lighthouse to what it once was. Kirsten and Julie (Melinda Clarke) are also working together. Julie as been hired to decorate a house Kirsten hopes to sell. Julie wants to impress Caleb and hopes to be hired.

            Back at school Ryan sees Oliver and Marissa talking; he spies on them and sees Oliver give Marissa a letter which she puts in her locker. Back at home Ryan is being yelled at by Sandy and Kirsten for what he did after all they did for him and how much they hoped he changed. Ryan understands he is now part of the Cohen family and will be punished as if a son, not a border. Seth tells Ryan he is freaking him out with his obsession with Oliver. When Ryan shows Seth the letter he stole Seth canít believer he stole it and tells Ryan he has to put it back because Oliver has been nothing but a good friend to Marissa. After Seth leaves Ryan reads the letter.

            The next morning Ryan tells Seth he read the letter, Seth is shocked and doesnít want to hear about it because itís wrong. Marissa comes in and Ryan hides the letter. They go off to school.

            At Kirstenís office, Julie is crying because Kirsten was right about her redecorating, they donít have time and Julie went too big. Kirsten says they will do it together the best they can, simple not over the top like Julie initially wanted.

            Seth decides to prove he is not jealous of Danny he will invite him over so they can be friends. Ryan wants to put the letter back in Marissaís locker. Oliver comes by wondering what heís doing, and then Luke shows up all deferring Ryan from putting the letter back. Luke says he doesnít trust Oliver and he like Ryan sees that he is after Marissa.

            Sandy tells Jimmy he put a down payment on the restaurant which scares Jimmy as it is all moving fast for him and he doesnít want to feel like Sandy is paying the way the rest of his life. He says he is rethinking the partnership altogether.

            Seth and Danny are playing video games, and Danny of course is trying to be funny, Sandy doesnít think he is too funny, and then we learn the reason he is always trying to be funny is to impress Summer who has said Seth is the funniest person she knows. Seth likes hearing that Summer acknowledged him and his treasured figurine Captain Oats to Danny and tells Danny he should be even bigger, knowing this will draw Summer away.

            Dr. Kim has called Marissa into her office to talk about a transfer student who has a relationship with her that worries the dean. Marissa thinks she is talking about Oliver; Dr. Kim is actually talking about Ryan. Ryan comes out of detention and Marissa is waiting for him. She tells him she knows what he did and doesnít understand why he is being the way he is about Oliver. Ryan shows the letter he stole the one where Oliver is professing his love and devotion. Marissa canít believe Ryan would steal from her, especially a letter that was intended for Natalie not Marissa. Marissa says she canít do this anymore because now she doesnít trust Ryan.

            At Kirstenís office, Julie is worried Caleb didnít like the job she did; he walks in and says he actually loved it. He loved the simplicity. Julie takes all the credit and is hired as their full time decorator. Sandy doesnít think his business venture will turn out as well since Jimmy bailed on the partnership but at the last minute Jimmy comes into the restaurant agreeing to it. Jimmy and Sandy are in the restaurant business.

            Summer confides in Seth that Danny has changed. He is funny but now he is too big. She says she has to break up with him thus accepting her fate to be bitter and alone. Anna stops by wearing the same scarf as Seth. Seth likes unpredictability. Summer mentions she is unpredictable.

            At the Pool Hall, Ryan trying to apologize to Oliver says he thought Oliver may be going after Marissa but realized he was wrong. Oliver then tells Ryan he was right. Oliver and Marissa have a connection Ryan canít understand about and he should just give her up and not ďfight fateĒ. Ryan says he wonít let it happen and jumps on Oliver beating him up. Marissa runs over as Ryan is screaming and being detained because he wants to Oliver to ďStay away from herĒ.

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