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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Pilot - 1.0
aired 12/3/03

Ryan and Marissa

Ryan Atwood and his brother Trey are in this secluded area at night.  Trey is trying to persuade him to help steal a car.  As they are attempting it, a cop drives by, so Ryan and Trey hurry.  The cop gets suspicious;  pretty soon a chase begins.  Itís a thrill for Trey and a terror for Ryan. They end up crashing.  Next we see Sandy Cohen, a lawyer, sitting at a table in jail; Ryan is brought to him.  Ryan asks about his brother, and Sandy explains that since Trey has had previous felonies on his record, he is staying in prison.  Sandy notices that Ryan is bad at school but has exceptionally high test scores.  Ryan second-guesses his observations and replies about current events surrounding social security and the current state of mind.

Ryan is let go.  He and Sandy walk outside. Ryanís mom comes speeding up in her car.  She isnít happy about the situation and doesnít try to hide it.  Sandy, noticing the distance between them,  gives Ryan a card with his phone number.  At Ryanís house, his mom (who is drunk) is fed up with whatís happens.  She says that she canít take it anymore and kicks Ryan out.  Ryan hesitates, and then his momís boyfriend tells him to get out. Ryan throws a punch and then gets punched out himself.  Next, we see him on the side of the street at a payphone, calling everyone he knows.  He finally gives up but as a last resort calls Sandy .  Sandy comes to  get him and drives him to his home in Newport .  He explains that his wife is successful when Ryan comments on his lifestyle.  When they arrive, Sandy goes inside to plead Ryanís case to Kirsten, but sheís hesitant to take him in. 

Outside, a waiting Ryan is lighting a cigarette when the next door neighborís daughter, Marissa Cooper, comes out, waiting for a ride.  She sees him and is instantly attracted.  She bums a cigarette from him, and they talk for  a little while; she thinks that he is a visiting cousin.  Sandy comes back to get Ryan, Marissa invites Ryan to the fashion show they're putting on for charity.  Up drives Luke Ward, her boyfriend.

Ryan goes in and meets Kirsten, who tells him he will be staying in the pool house.  She is still reluctant but gives him a chance.  In the morning, Ryan walks into the main house and meets Seth Cohen.  Seth is on the floor playing video games and invites Ryan to join him.  After some persuasion, Ryan and Seth bond over video games.  Sandy comes in and tells Seth  to give Ryan a tour of Newport, so Seth brings him to the beach.  They are in the the water, and Seth explains how sailing is the only escape for him and that he wants to sail to Tahiti .  He brings up Summer--  Marissaís best friend -- and his infatuation for her.  They are interrupted by Sandy, who tells them to get ready for the fashion show.  Seth resists until Ryan mentions that Summer will be there.  That gets Seth to quickly changes his mood.  They all walk back to the house while Marissa watches from afar.  Marissa's doorbell rings, so she answers it.  Two men in suits want to see Marissaís dad, Jimmy.  She takes a card from them, and it's obvious they have been there before.  She gives the card to her dad and asks if anything is wrong. He replies that it's not, but it's clear that something is very wrong.

Everyone is getting ready for the fashion show at Marissa's house.  Marissa's mom seems to be an average rich bitch, and itís clear that Marissa's little sister is following in her footsteps.  At the fashion show, Ryan orders a drink, but when he turns around, Kirsten is standing there.  She tells him that she wants to be wrong about him, so he gives her the drink. 

Everyone is seated; we see that Seth is an outsider because he chooses to sit with the little kids.  Marissa introduces the charity, and then the fashion show begins.  During the show, Jimmy goes to the bathroom, and he starts to cry in the stall.  All of this overheard by Ryan. 

Summer and Marissa are in the dressing room, and each have stolen some sort of booze from the party.  Later, outside, Summer sees Ryan and invites him to a party.  Ryan decides to go, but Seth doesnít want to, until Ryan lies that Summer invited them both.  They go to the party, only to discover that the kids are binge-drinking and having threesomes in the bathroom.  Ryan walks around the house and he see Summer.  She comes up to him, clearly drunk, and tries to seduce him, A drunk Seth catches them and thinks that Ryan has betrayed him, so he throws the fact that Ryan stole a car in his face and that he should just go back to where he came from.  Summer scoffs at Ryan, and everyone starts to give him dirty looks and taking about him, so he takes off.

Kirsten is outside and sees Jimmy; they comment on their children and how late they're out.  It turns out that Jimmy and Kirsten were lovers some years before. Back at the party, Seth goes down to the beach, where he is confronted by Luke and his buddies.  He almost gets beaten up until Ryan jumps in and punches Luke.  Ryan then gets pummeled to the floor, as well as Seth, and they are left there, bleeding. 

Later on, Seth and Ryan head back to the pool house, and itís clear that a friendship has been formed.  Seth  comments on the fight and falls asleep on Ryanís couch.  Ryan can't sleep and decides to go out on the balcony, where he sees Summer and a friend pulling an unconscious Marissa out of a car.  They leave her there in the driveway and drive away.  Ryan goes over to her, finds her keys, and helps her in.  The next morning,  Kirsten comes in and is pissed off because Seth was drunk and hurt.  She blames Ryan for it.  She tells Sandy that he canít stay there, but Sandy pleads on Ryanís behalf.  He gets nowhere. Sandy drives Ryan back to his house.  On the way out of the Cohen's house, Ryan and Marissaís eyes meet before he leaves..

At Ryanís House, Sandy tells him that he was just like Ryan as a teenager, and that if he needs any help, he'll be there. Ryan gets out of the car and goes in, only to find an empty house and a note, which he doesnít read.  Sandy comes in to introduce himself , seeing that Ryan is alone.  Sandy leads Ryan back to his car.

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