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The Perfect Couple - 1.10
aired 11/12/03

Ryan and Marissa

by Jaclyn

Ryan and Marissa try and plan a romantic first date however Julieís attempt to stay in her social circle derails their plans. Everyone ends up on a yacht benefiting another charity Julie claims to care the most about. Marissa is happy thinking her parents may work out their problems but Ryan knows something she doesnít.

Sandy is going head to head against his father in law Caleb and wife Kirsten to preserve Horizon but Caleb seems to be pushing him up against every wall and being victorious until Kirsten discovers something. Will she betray her father costing her own company to lose or cost her husband his first high profile case?

Seth continues to try and make Summer jealous with Anna oblivious to Annaís own mounting feelings for him. He manages to dodge a kiss from Anna but not from Summer who jumps him in the back of the boat, then threatens violence if he tells anyone. Summer admits she does in fact like Seth and does not seem very happy about it.

We know Marissa is already starting to crack under her delicate domestic situation as she has stolen a bottle of vodka from her dadís cabinet, the only way she thinks she can survive the evening. Ryan then tells her he saw her mom kissing Caleb and that they are now a couple, putting the final nail in any possibility her parents reconciling.

Kirsten does end up telling Sandy that Horizon has no architectural value and no one can build on it making Calebís offer null, and Sandy victorious over their battle. Caleb is very distressed over Kirstenís betrayal. At least he has Julie Cooper, something her husband Jimmy is not as torn up about as one would think.

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