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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Model Home - 1.01
aired 12/3/03

Ryan and Sandy

by Mona


  It's dinnertime and Sandy and Kirsten are discussing Ryan and his situation.  Sandy tells Kirsten that since Ryan is a teenager it makes him hard for him to be adopted.  Ryan and &Seth come in from a swim where Sandy tells Ryan that he needs him to sign some papers, Seth asks why Ryan just couldn't live with the since they have all that space, its an awkward moment and then Ryan signs the paper.  Ryan comments on his new name (the government number) and notices Kirsten's model home.

Ryan's trying to fall asleep in the poorhouse, with no succession and he decides to run away.  On his way out the door he sees Seth who tells him he will help him escape.  While waiting for Seth outside Ryan sees Marissa, she grills him on where he's going and then Seth shows up.  He unknowingly blabs everything to Marissa.

Marissa gives them a ride in the car and she finds out that Seth and her have a lot in common (their taste in music). They arrive at the Model House that Seth's mom is working on and that was abandoned because of contracting issues.  Seth tells Ryan that the best part about the house is the empty pool in the back.  While Seth's skating Ryan and Marissa bond over Burgers & Fries.  Summer calls Marissa and she leaves only after convincing Ryan to stay. And they all keep it a secret.

The Next day, Seth & Marissa are getting supplies for Ryan.  They almost get caught by Luke and Julie and after some persuading Luke leaves and they go to help Ryan.  At the Model Home they are all helping Ryan set-up his new home, but then they realize they forgot to bring him food.  They decide to go out on eat, their Seth & Marissa realize they have something new in common, (a favorite book).  Their good time is ruined by the appearance of Luke and his friends.  Marissa goes to distract them while Ryan and Seth try to sneak out the back only to be stopped by the waitress.  On their way out through the front door Seth knocks over a waitress and gets the attention of Luke, They exchange "smart comments" and Luke gets ready to beat up  Seth, Ryan sticks up for Seth and he punches Luke and then He and Seth escape.  

Back at the Model Home, Marissa shows up and tells them the waitress called the police.  They are interrupted by the entrance of Jimmy & Kirsten.  They overhear them talking about Jimmy's money problems and that Kirsten agrees to lend him $100, 000.  She also tells him that they have  a new construction team who will be coming soon, that's the end or Ryan's model home.  

Ryan realizes he cant stay their anymore and decides to leave.  Seth goes home and tries to buy him a bus ticket, before he can leave his dad gets him to help "search" for Ryan.  Marissa leaves Summer's Party after she sees the O.C. kids in a new light.  She goes to see Ryan and he sends her away saying that they are from different worlds.  she runs out crying and leaves, Ryan runs after her and Luke, who followed Marissa, sees him.

Thinking that its Seth coming back, Ryan turns around to see Luke.  They fight and Luke beats the crap out of him, while fighting they knock over the numerous candles, Ryan ahs and the house goes up in flame.  Luke's friends run out, but Luke drags Ryan out and leaves him outside the house.  he's unconscious.  Ryan wakes up and runs away. Seth and Sandy get a call from Kirsten saying that some set the model home on fire, Seth cracks.  Ryan is out hitchhiking and a car stops, Ryan discovers that it is Luke.  They go back to the Cohen's only to discover the cops are there.  Ryan gets arrested and Luke's arrest follows.  

Photos from Screencap Paradise

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Updated 9/10/10 


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