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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Homecoming - 1.11
aired 11/19/03

Ryan, Seth and Kirsten

by Jaclyn

Thanksgiving at the Cohen house and Kirsten is talking about cooking the whole dinner herself, something the men of the house are very weary of. Ryan never really liked Thanksgiving at his house since it mostly involved his mom getting drunk. Seth tries reassuring him that Thanksgiving is a great holiday to be shared with his family. The phone rings and it is Ryan’s brother Trey from prison wanting to see him, Ryan is definitely not thrilled.

Julie Cooper and Caleb it seems are having Thanksgiving dinner together which Marissa promptly tries to get out of by saying she is staying with her father. She then proceeds to tell her father she is staying with her mother all a ploy to accompany Ryan on his trip to prison in Chino. Jimmy ends up by the Cohen house as does Rachel, Sandy’s associate who has made it clear she is ready to be more with him anytime. Kirsten and Sandy see an opportune time to take their prospective adulterous temptations off their hands with a set up.

Seth has invited Anna over for Thanksgiving since her family is in Pittsburgh but he is adamant in saying that the two are merely friends. As soon as Anna arrives she tries to steal time away with Seth alone in his room. While giving her the grand tour it becomes blatantly obvious what she wants. He leaves her in his room to talk to Ryan in the pool house but instead it is Summer there. They are alone just the way she likes it. In the midst of fooling around Seth remembers he has Anna in his room and begins a back and forth kissing chorale with the two of them. This cannot end well.

While in Chino Ryan finds out the reason his brother wanted to see him was because he is being threatened in prison for money he owes to people outside and he needs Ryan to steal a car and pay them off. Hoping all the crime was behind him Ryan doesn’t want to do at first but decides to wash his hands of his brother altogether by saving him and then leaving him. Marissa meets the estranged brother as well as a friend and ex girlfriend it seems Ryan left behind with no explanation. The trip becomes very educational for Marissa.

Things get weird when Julie and Caleb show up at the Cohen house just in the middle of Jimmy and Rachel hitting it off. Julie is under the assumption Marissa is with Jimmy and Jimmy was under the reverse assumption. Julie blames Jimmy’s irresponsibility and a screaming match begins until Seth clears up where everyone is.

Seth still has his problem of the two girls and it doesn’t help when Summer comes into the house looking for Seth and hits on his dad thinking it was him, mortified she decides she doesn’t want to hide out in the pool house anymore. Anna makes the same decision and the two find themselves in the kitchen with Seth and his family and neighbors confessing their disgust that he would kiss both of them. Seth decides he has to choose between the two but first get them to forgive him.

Photos from Screencap Paradise

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