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The Girlfriend - 1.06
aired 9/9/03

Kirsten and Caleb

by Mona

The Cohenís & Ryan are coming back from Grocery shopping, preparing for the arrival of Caleb Nichol, Kirstenís father and boss, Sandy on the other hand is knocking every possible joke he can think of about her father.  As they are packing groceries out, Caleb appears and throw Kirsten & Sandy off base, they are shocked to see him arrive so soon.  Sandy asks Caleb later on the in conversation where his new girlfriend is, sheís out in the pool.  Ryan on his way to the pool house gets a revealing look at grandma to be, an ex-model.  There all shocked, non more that Seth, who is exited about his future grandma.

Kirsten is planning Calebís party, which includes the whose who in Calebís life as well as in Newport .  Caleb however has problems with the new addition to the household and demotes Kirsten.  Sandy isnít too happy and voices his opinions, which involve moving away from Newport . 

Luke, after being shot in his arm, seems to have a whole new attitude; heís courteous and actually thinks about other people than himself.  He obviously want s to get back together with Marissa, who has trouble deciding between him and Ryan.  Ryan after being persuaded by Gabrielle (Grandma), goes over to Marissa to ask her to Calebís party.  There he sees Luke, who is still in his friendly mood.  He quickly changes his mind and leaves.   The other members of the Cooper family are coping with cutting back their lavish lifestyle, which means selling the pony.  Julie isnít too happy and after a confrontation with Jimmy she asks for a divorce. 
At the Crab shack, Gabrielle stops by and she and Ryan have a chat about her past as an ex-model & drug addict, they find they have something in common, their mothers.  During their conversation Marissa stops by, she and Ryan talk and she looks for clues in their conversation about who she should choose.  Ryan tells her than when she chooses she should come see him, she leaves upset. 

Ryan & Seth are hanging out at the pier and they see Marissa and Summer about to eat.  They come over and there is silence between Marissa and Ryan.  Summer enlists Sethís help to get condiments.  Ryan asks Marissa to the party and she says that she already has a date, Luke.  At the condiment table, Summer gets some on her nails and asks Seth to suck it off, he does.  She uses the opportunity to invite herself to the part and Seth accepts.  Summer explains to Marissa later, sheís only going with him to be introduced to young, rich men. 
Sandy continues to push Kirsten into telling her father that she quits and one night at dinner he does it for her.  This pisses Caleb off and he tells Kirsten he wants her resignation.  Seth, Ryan & Gabby, go out to the pool house to hang out.  They talk for a little and Seth leaves to get another game, thatís when Gabby makes her move and starts to literally move her hand up his leg, they kiss and are interrupted by the Caleb calling her.  The next morning the boys are swimming and are called in by Kirsten who is still planning the party, Seth takes the opportunity to ask Ryan about his involvement with Gabby, Ryan cracks and Sethís shocked & exited. 

At the party, the whose who of Newport is there and there is animosity between everyone, except of course Luke.  Who is increasingly nice to Seth.  Ryan sees Marissa with Luke and decides to spend the rest of the party inside his pool house.  At the part Jim asks Caleb for a job and is shot down, Julie on the other hand gets his attention and they make an unofficial date.  Sandy finally cracks and talks to Caleb and opens his eyes, Caleb goes out and talks to Kirsten and they have a cute family moment. Marissa after talking to Summer seems to have finally made her mind up about Ryan and Luke and goes to the pool house.  There she sees Gabby & Ryan in a hot and heavy make out almost sex session and runs.  She goes to Luke and they leave the party.  Ryan runs after her, and doesnít catch her. 

Summer goes outside to get Seth to introduce her to more people, Seth finally pissed of tells her no and brings up and incident when they were young involving a squirrel who she helped out.  He then recites a poem she was scared to say in class in the 6th grade, during the poem, the ice queen melts and kisses him, passionately.  Heís shocked and Summer, smiling leaves.
As the night ends, Marissa sleeps with Luke and Ryan is upset at the prospect of what may be happening.  Gabby approaches and mentions how she wised someone loved her, like he loves Marissa.  Ryan goes out and sees Marissa getting out of Lukeís car, he goes over to her and she says its too late and goes inside.  Ryanís left standing by himself outside, shocked. 

In This Episode, we found out thatÖÖÖ.

  • Seth & Summer Kiss
  • Luke & Marissa have Sex
  • Kirsten has a sister
  • The Cohenís havenít been living in Newport forever
  • Kirsten moves to Newport , when her mom got sick
  • Seth has been planning his escape from Newport since he was 6

Photos from Screencap Paradise

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Updated 9/10/10 


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