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The O.C. Episode Guide

The Debut - 1.04
aired 8/26/03

Luke and Marissa

by Mona

This episode deals with the upcoming Cotillion, which is a debutante ball for the future women of Newport .  The Cohen have decided to adopt Ryan, who is excited about this, none more than Seth.  The first order of business for the family is to get Ryan a tux for the Cotillion. 

At the place where the event will be held, they come across Summer, who now takes an avid interest in Ryan.  Marissa is obviously jealous.  She introduces Ryan to his Partner, Anna, a new girl in Newport . 

Sandy still having to deal with the situation involving Kirstenís loan to Jimmy is coping with it.  In a conversation with him, Jimmy mentions that it was wrong of him and he should have asked him as well.  AS Jimmy is finally starting to accept he gets a visit from an agent of the S.E.C. .  The agent tells him that Jimmy has been stealing his clients money to pay his expenses. 

At the practice for the ball, Anna is paired with Ryan and Summer is paired with Seth.  She isnít too happy about it, but Seth is ecstatic.  Marissa is the head debutante and she is in charge.  As they are practicing to dance, she sees Ryan isnít doing to well so she goes over to help.  They have an awkward an seductive moment as Ryan rubs his hands done her back, Anna notices the tension.  Luke on the other hand is pissed about Ryan, because they all thought he was leaving. 

Earlier in the dressing room, they almost got into a fight, but Ryan refuses and Luke hits him anyways.  This inspires Ryan not to go because he doesnít want to kicked out of the family.  Before leaving Marissa introduces Ryan to Holly, who is throwing a barbeque.  Seth wants to go, Ryan doesnít.  At the other side of the building, Jimmy sees Greg, holly father, and he asks Jimmy to talk some money out of an account for him.  Jimmy gets around the subject as the clerk tells him his credit card doesnít work.  He makes up a lie about it and pays cash.  Greg has to leave and tells him they talk at the party later. 

The night of the event is here and Ryan still doesnít want to go, Sandy as well doesnít want to go on account of Jimmy and his problems and Kirsten always sticking up for him.  They stay and lay video games.  Marissa comes to the door, she decided earlier she doesnít want to go as well and she and Ryan strike a deal, if one goes the other will. 

Marissa and Ryan walk into the ball together and Luke gets pissed and ends their relationship.  Marissa is left without a date and offers to be hers since earlier Summer dumps Seth and Anna and Seth pair up.  The ball gets underway and the procession begins.  The daughter and father come out on stage and the guy comes up bows ad takes her to the dance floor.

Marissa seems happy about Ryan being her date and Anna and Seth are beginning quite chummy.  The part is interrupted by Jimmy getting beat up by Greg when he reveals he doesnít have any of the money.  The party ends and the Coopers are extremely embarrassed.  Luke comes back and offers to stay with her and so does Ryan, she declines and leaves, wanting to be by herself. 

Photos from Screencap Paradise

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Updated 9/10/10 


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