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OC Character Report


Name: Ryan Atwood

Alias: Chino


Family: Dawn (Mom), Trey (Brother), The Cohen's (Sandy, Kirsten, Seth)

Relationships: Marissa Cooper (current), Gabrielle (brief fling)

Extracurricular activities: Soccer

Occupation: Busboy

Best Friend: Seth Cohen

Rivals: Luke Ward




Ryan Atwood is a guy from the other side of the tracks.  Ryan grew up poor, with his brother, Trey, his mom and her numerous boyfriends.  In a fluke accident Ryan was sent to jail and bailed out by Sandy Cohen, his lawyer.  After being kicked out of his house by his mom, Ryan had nowhere to go and called Sandy who brought him into his home.  Kirsten, wasn't happy about the situation at first, but she grew to consider Ryan as her son, along with her actual son, Seth.  Ryan had trouble fitting into the Newport scene, especially with Luke Ward, Marissa Cooper, the girl next door's, ex-boyfriend. After a turn of events in Mexico Marissa broke up with Luke and she started to date Ryan.  Before Marissa, Ryan has a brief fling with Gabrielle, Caleb's then girlfriend.  He was also pursued for a little time by Summer.



More Info: Benjamin McKenzie (actor)


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Updated 8/23/03  


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