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2-11 "The Hunting Party"

Transcripts contributed by Eric
Editing by Suzanne

Aired January 18th, 2006

(this still needs extensive proofreading)

Previously on "lost"...

we're gonna have to take the boy. I'm not giving you anybody! Dad! Dad! Walt! Where is she? You mean kate? I love her. Kate! Kate! Look here and here. (Whispering) you can see it's eroding up the spinal artery in the l5 area. Plus all this extradural growth-- I'm surprised it hasn't caused permanent ischemia. (Speaking italian) he says you don't need to talk in whispers. He knows he doesn't have a chance. Your father appreciates candor. We both do. Well, then tell him I'm very sorry, but he's not a candidate for surgery. Papa... (speaking italian) the way the tumor is situated on the spine, it's just not possible to remove it. (Speaks italian) he wants to know why you won't try. Because what your father is looking for is not a surgical procedure. What he is looking for is a miracle. 43CF1D41.JPG

Signore... (speaking italian) he said, "I did not come all this way for you, sir. I came for him." Miss busoni, I, uh-- you fixed a woman with a crushed spinal column-- an impossible surgery. And now she walks, yes? I consulted many medical journals before making this trip here. Then you should know it was a very different case under very different circumstances. But a miracle, right? Look, everything that my father is saying-- the risks, the unlikelihood-- he's absolutely right. But will you try? I'll have to admit him in the next couple of weeks, run some tests. (Speaks italian) locke? (John groaning) john! (Rifle cocks) stay in there. Stay-- michael! What are you-- stay in there, jack! Hey, whatever's going on-- look, I'm going after my son. I'm going after my son, and nobody is going to stop me, okay? Okay? That is my right. That is a father's right. There's another way to go about this-- get in the damn room! You gonna shoot me, michael?! No. But I'll shoot your damn computer. That thing is not what you think it is anyway. You don't understand, man. 43CF1DE1.JPGYou don't have any idea. Now get in there! Michael! Michael, listen, we can do this together, okay? I'll come with you. No. I have to do it... now. I have to do it alone.

 B what happened? Michael knocked you out. Look over here. Why would he... he went after walt. You feel nauseated? Sick? No, I'm okay. Good. Give me a boost up. It's no use. I bolted it shut from the inside. You did what? No point in changing the combination if you can get in through the air vent. That's really good thinking, john. You want to tell me why you let michael in here? Uh, he... he wanted a gun. For shooting practice. Shooting practice. The button. How long was I out? About 20 minutes. We're on shift for the next four hours. There's nobody coming down here. Yeah, I know. We better hope sawyer shows up to get his band-aid changed. Mornin'. Did you just throw a banana at me? Couldn't find any rocks. (Chuckles) there are nicer ways to wake a man up, freckles. 43CF1EFC.JPGCome on., It's time to go get your bandages changed. Well, why can't you do it for me? Because I'm not your nurse, and jack's got the bandages. Of course he does. (Grunts) you want to give me a hand? Thanks. Come on. This place still creeps me out. You'll get used to it. Where is everybody? Jack? John? Maybe they went out for ice cream. (Pounding) shh. (Jack) in here! (Pounding) (jack) hey! Jack? (Jack) in here! In the armory! (Locke) michael locked us in here! What did he say? I got it. (Beeping) hope you got the combo, doc. (Locke) right 3 times to 25. (Sawyer) 25, got it. (Locke) left 2 times to 29. (Locke) right once to 40. (Beeping stops) howdy, boys. What are you doing, jack? We're going after him. Hey, what... what happened? Michael went after walt. Went after walt? Pulled a gun on me, put us both in there and went after walt. (Zips up bag) hey. What are you doing? What does it look like? Comin' with ya. You're still on antibiotics. 43CF1F6E.JPGIt's a good thing I'm travelingwith my doctor then. How is he? Thought you'd gone home. My home is a hotel room. I like it more here. (Chuckles) think you needto find a better hotel. You didn't answermy question. His counts aren't whereI'd like 'em to be. You've been doing testsfor a month now, jack. I'm thorough. I have a confession to make. I don't believe in miracles. Yeah. Guess I'm not too sureabout them, either. I bet your wifefeels differently. Your wife. She's the womanyou fixed, isn't she? Yes. I'm thorough, too. She must be a very specialperson to let you work until 4:30 in the morning. (Sighs) I completelylost track... I've gotta--will you excuse me? Yes, of course. Go. Jack? Thank you. Yeah. Of course. Good night. Good night. Hey. How is he? Hey. Sorry to wake you. Mm.I gotta get up anyway. So how is he? About the same. Sarah, I'm sorry. I meant to... I just got... hey... that's the priceof being a miracle worker. Where are you going? I've gotta go to the gym, and then I've gotsome papers to grade. (Sighs) I didn't want to say anythinguntil I knew either way, but, um... I was late,so I got a pregnancy test. Don't worry.It's negative. Do you, um... do you want to talk about it? What's to talk about? Sarah, I... see you later, jack. 43CF2052.JPGWell? Well, I can't tell youit's definitely michael's, but looks like his boot print. There's one over here, too. That sounds like a trail. You got a gun for me? You're not coming. Excuse me?You're not coming. Someone has to be hereto take care of the button. So why should that person be me?I can track, carry a gun-- you're not comin'. You're stayin'. All right? Let's go.

 (Sawyer)what did she do to you? (Jack) what? Kate. What did she do? She didn't do anything. 43CF2133.JPG

Right. You yellin' at her 'cause she wanted to help get mike backmakes a lot of sense. Why don't you go back and seeif I hurt her feelings? I'm just sayin'. Yeah. I know. You love her. What did you say? What? Does any of this look familiarfrom when you were coming back? Oh, yeah.There's my favorite leaf. How could I forget this place? What's wrong? When you came across the island,what side was the ocean on? You came from the east.Michael's heading north. What the hell'sthat supposed to mean? That means he's not going backto where you came from. He's heading somewhere else. (Speaking indistinctly) (speaking korean) hello, hurley. Hey. Cool hat, dude. Is kate all right? Uh... yeah. I guess michael took off. (Speaks korean) what do you mean,he took off? He stole some guns,and he went all commando. Said he was going after walt. Later, dudes.Gotta get to the hatch. (Sun speaking korean) hey, doc. Wanna slow down? Take a break a minute? Good idea. He still heading north? Yup. You think he's lost? Doesn't seem to be. Trail's as straightas the interstate. The path of a man who knowswhere he's going. Where are you going, jack? What? Well, let's say we catch upwith him--michael. What are you gonna do? I'm gonna bring him back. What if he doesn't wantto come back? I'll talk himinto coming back. This is the second timehe's gone after walt. He knocked me out.He locked us both up. 43CF2219.JPGSomething tells me he might bepast listening to reason. What, you thinkwe should just let him go, write him off? Who are we to tell anyonewhat they can or can't do? It's not too late to go back. The tumor's aggressive,but your father could lead a very normal lifefor at least another year. Go back?Go back where? Home? Have you changedyour mind, jack? No. No. Is that it? Even if you don't succeed, you're giving us a chance. That's all we wanted. I'll come out and check on youbefore I scrub in. Okay. (Knock on door) am I interrupting? No. I was just leaving. I'll see you in the morning. I'll see you in the morning. I.T.R. Reports need to be signedby you as chief resident. (Slams papers down) what? Careful. There's a line, son.You know it's there. And pretending it's not... that would be a mistake. Guess you would know. It may be okayfor some people, jack, but not for you. Sure mike went this way? Why do you ask? Oh, I don't know, mr. Clean. I probably would have gone around mount vesuvius. Why did you pick that name? Ain't it obvious? All you need'san earring and a mop. No, your name.Why did you pick "sawyer"? What do you mean, "pick"? After the census, hurley gave methe flight manifest. Your name is james. Right? James ford. What's it to you? Just an interesting nameto choose, is all. Who'd you get it from? Who says I got itfrom anybody? (Gun firing) michael! (Locke) jack, get down! Michael!Jack! Jack! (Jack) michael! Michael! Jack. What? He's close. Yeah, and if he wasshooting at someone, you want 'em coming back?Personally, hell, yeah. You said these people weretwo days across the island. Yeah, and they took cindyless than a mile from our camp. (Whispers) over here. (Sniffs) shell casings. How many?Three. Michael'S. You boys deaf? I heardat least seven shots. You heard 'em, daniel boone.What's your count? Yeah.Seven sounds about right. It's gettin' dark. Which way did mike go? What? You out here for michael or just paybackfor getting shot? Why are you out here, doc? You got your reasons,and I got mine. (Christian) jack. 43CF2402.JPG

Jack! I had it.I know, son. I got it! I got it all.I mean, I had it! He was a sick old man on a tablefor seven and a half hours. His heart gave out.It's nobody's fault. Gotta go tell her. Yeah, well,I've already done that. Lest you forget,I am still chief of surgery. Where is she? Maybe you should go home.

Where is she? She's gone. Jack... go home. (Slams locker) (siren wailing) (car alarm chirps) jack? Gabriela. My father told methat you'd gone. I, uh... I, uh... thank you. Thank you for trying. (Sobbing) gabriela... I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorrythat I couldn'T... wha... it's okay. I... I'M... I can'T. (Sawyer) what do you mean,you lost it? He's a man, not a boar. The signs' more subtle.I need light to follow. Here. Light. I thinkwe'd better head back. What?Just find the trail, john. I've lost the trail. You don't just lose a trail. You just don't want to find him.Yeah, that's right, jack. I've been runningthrough the jungle toward the sound of gunfire because I don't careabout michael. Don't turn around on me, john. You're not gonna get himto come back, and you know it! You know what happens if wejust turn around and go back? 43CF24C0.JPGWe're never gonnasee him again, and that's gonna be on us--on you and on me. (Man) you're exactly right,jack! But if I were you, I'd listen to mr. Locke.

 who are you? He's the son of a bitchwho shot me on the raft. (Pistol cocks) why don't youpoint the gun down? (Gunshot)ow! (Grunts) probably be best if we just keep our handsat our sides, gentlemen. Where's michael? Don't worry about michael. He's not gonna find us. What do you want? Why don't you build usa fire, john? Think it's timewe all had a talk. "Geronimo jackson"? Huh. Whoo. As an expertin all things musical, I never heard of these guys,shocking as that may be. "Geronimo jackson." This looks sweet.Let's give her a rip. Yeah. So what do you think'sthe story with that libby chick? The story? She's kind of cute, right? 43CF25CE.JPG

(The pousette-dart band's

"fall on me" playing) you know, in a "I've beenterrorized by the others "for 40 days" kind of way. Yeah, there is that.

If you don't fall... I think I havea chance with her. I mean, it's a classicdesert island scenario. If I ever had a shot,this is it. You thinkclaire's missed me yet? Dude, it's been a day.

If you should fall

fall on me this musicis quite depressing. We can change it, dude. You ever hearof geronimo jackson? I'm afraid not.Where's jack and locke? Oh, they went after michael. Michael? Yeah, he's runafter walt again. Everyone's goneto bring him back. Who's everyone? Everyone--jack, sawyer, locke. Oh, and kate. Just sit down, jack.Nobody gonna hurt you. I come in peace. How do you know our names? You took walt. Walt's fine. He's a very special boy. Look, you saidyou wanted to talk. Talk. Let me ask you this--how longyou been here on the island? 50 days. Ooh, 50 days. That's, what,almost two whole months. Tell me, you go over a man's housefor the first time, do you take off your shoes? Do you put your feet upon his coffee table? Do you walk in the kitchen and eat foodthat doesn't belong to you, open the door to roomsyou got no business opening? You know, somebodya whole lot smarter than anybody hereonce said that, "since the dawn of our species, "man has been blessedwith curiosity." You know the other one aboutcuriosity, don't you, jack? This is not your island. This is our island. And the only reasonyou're living on it is 'cause we let you live on it. 43CF2661.JPG(Chuckles) I don't believe you. You don't believe what? I think you've gotone guy up there with a gun. I think there's more of usthan there are of you. I think if you hadany real strength, you wouldn't have hadto send a spy. Ethan. That's an interesting theory. Light 'em up! We got a misunderstanding,jack... your people, my people. So listen carefully. Right here there's a line. You cross that line, we go from misunderstandingto... something else. Now give me your weapons,turn around. Go home. No. Jack, maybe-- no! I hoped it wouldn'tcome to this. Bring her out, alex! (Woman whimpering) she was following you. Like I said--curiosity. Don'T.(Cocks gun) jack, the decision you gottamake right now is this-- can you live with the factthat I shot this woman right in front of you... when you could havesaved her life by giving up and going home? Now you gonna give me your guns,turn around and walk away. It's your call, jack. If you toucheda hair on her head, I'll-- shut up! I'm gonna count to three. One. (Whimpering) two. Stop. Now them. Give me the other one, too. You and me ain't done, zeke. (Grunts) (panting) jack, I... you all right? Yeah.

 a (speaking korean) (speaking korean) I was just tryingto help, jack. When you told me not to go,I just... I made a mistake. Hey. Could you just talk to mefor a second? I'm sorry. Yeah. I'm sorry, too. Hey. Hey. How did it go? He died. I'm sorry. Yeah. Me too. Who was over? My mom. Her bridge game okay? Oh, yeah.She's on a streak. Did you--did you eat? Yeah. No, I--it'S... it's late. I'm fine. You don't have to do that. It's therapeutic.Cheaper than a shrink. How'd the daughter take it? What's her name--gabriela? She kissed me. Yeah, she... she kissed me, and...(sniffles) I kissed her back. I... I don't know. I don't know how it happened.I just... (sniffles) I made a mistake. I made a mistake,and this is my fault. It's my faultthat you and me-- I haven't been here, sarah. 43CF28DB.JPGI mean... we don't even talk anymore. I hate what's happeningto us, and I promise you that thingsare gonna be different. I'm gonna--I'm gonna work less. I'm gonna be here for you. Okay? I'm gonna fix this. We're gonna go backto the way things were. I'm gonna fix this.I'm gonna fix this. Jack. Jack... I'm leaving you. What? I was already leaving you.That's why my mother was here. She was helping me pack. I've been seeing someone... (sighs) someone else. I have to... I can't stay. Sarah... you... you will alwaysneed something to fix. Good-bye. See you, james. Don't beat yourself up,freckles. If he'd told meto stay behind, I'd have donethe same damn thing. Oh. Hello.What's the matter? What's the matterwith your little foot? Hi. Hi! Who's that? (Cries) you don't likeyour uncle johnny? (Claire laughs) what is he doingto your toy? What is he doing? Hey, go away. I barely have enough foodto feed myself. Here. Get that. Go! (Panting) I see you found a new friend. Progress. (Grunts) hear you were outlookin' for michael. Yeah. He ran off lookingfor his kid again? Not much you can doabout that then. Is it true thatyou killed one of them? One of who? Them. 43CF29BE.JPGSayid tells methat you're a cop. I was a cop. Can I ask you something? Shoot. How long do you thinkit would take to train an army?

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