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2-12 "Fire + Water"

Transcripts contributed by Eric
Editing by Suzanne

Aired January 25th, 2006

(this still needs extensive proofreading)

Voltron! Whoa! Where are my presents? Right over here, charlie. (Gasps) it's a piano! This is mine?! Yes, charlie. Father christmas must have known how talented you are. (Laughs) you're special, love. Someday you're gonna get us outta here, all of us. Now... go on, play us a tune. (Man) come on, baby brother. You can't save your family if you don't play. Come on, charlie. Play. Play me a tune. Come on, now. Let's hear it. (Man) he ain't savin' no one, he is. Music... music will never get you anywhere, charlie boy. You need a trade. Dad? Do it, baby bro. Save us. Save us, charlie. Save us. (Aaron crying) (stops playing piano) aaron? Aaron? Aaron! (Muffled crying) it's okay, aaron. It's all right. 43D85826.JPG

(Ghostly voices whispering) (crying continuing) aaron! Aaron! Sun. Hey, sun! Have you seen claire and the baby? They're gone. They're right over there. Is aaron okay? Yes, he's fine. Charlie! (Laughter) captioning provided by touchstone television, abc, inc. And ford motor co.-- Built for the road ahead. Captioned by closed captioning services, inc. @@Xx|| a tough morning for families at the edmonton garrison. 150 troops have left their loved ones behind, bound for afghanistan. And: Edmontonians are basking in our weird winter weather. You need a tutu to do ballet. But anyone at anytime can wiggle. 43D858AC.JPG

Wiggle while you're wrigglin' free. Gonna giggle.

While you jiggle in a wigglin' spree. Wiggle.

Wiggle if you're wrigglin' free. Gonna giggle.

While you jiggle in a wigglin' spree. Wiggle. Contains (music throughout) at td canada trust, we know everyone wants to do things in their own good time. That's why we're open earlier, open later, open longer than any other bank in canada. Which makes rsp season that much easier td canada trust. (Aaron cooing) (whispers) it's okay. Hey. Hey. I made aaron some nappies this morning. I'll just put those there. Thanks. (Aaron crying) has he been asking about me? Charlie, don'T. I'm sorry. I should have told you about the statue and what was in it. I just wish things could get back to the way they were before. There is no "before," charlie. We were strangers on a plane, and we became friends. Now locke's your friend, huh? Please, charlie, just for now, give me some space, okay? Yeah. Space. See ya, mate. Take care of your mum now, okay? (Aaron coos) 43D8597C.JPG

(woman speaking

over P.A. System) charlie? Hey. Hey. Hi. Hey. What are you doin' up? You should be laying down. I just needed to see her again. Isn't she brilliant? She's beautiful, karen. I named her megan. Where's liam? He's not here. Karen, look, it wasn't his fault. We were leaving the club in dresden. I was in a cab. He was in a van with the gear, and he blew a tire on the way to the airport. He missed his flight, but he's on the next plane, all right? He'll be here soon. But he's okay? He's great. He's a dad. (Chuckles) yeah. 43D859C0.JPG

(Rock music playing) oh, for the... liam... unbelievable. Liam? Liam, wake up! Hey! What the hell's wrong with you? What the hell are you doing? Hi, baby brother. You're supposed to be cleaning up. Get up. I told karen you missed your flight. She's all alone at the hospital, and you're here fixin'. What's the matter with you? I'm cool, I'm cool, I'm cool. I just needed to get right, that's all. Don't worry. I left you some. "Get right"? Why don't you get up? Take a shower, get dressed, get to the hospital? All right, all right, I'm on it. I'm on it. Oh, by the way, you have a daughter. Her name is megan. After mum? Yeah, after mum. Now clean yourself up. You're a sodding father now. Easy. That's good.That was good. Okay, one more. Uh, sawyer, when you wereover there across the island, how well did you getto know those tailies? Well enough, why? That libby chickseems pretty cool. I mean, is she? Whoa, you gota little love connection brewin' over there, jabba? No, just askin'. Yeah, I hear you askin'. Forget it. What's with you? You're actinglike you're in junior high. (Scoffs) (sawyer)well, what do we have here? Looks like ana lucia'sgettin' the $20 tour. That's the third time I've seen'em walkin' out of the jungle. 43D85A48.JPGWhat do you supposethey're doin' out there? Why don't you just doyour exercises, sawyer? (Acoustic guitar plays) (tuning) oh, bloody hell. (Aaron crying) hey! Hey! The baby! (Crying continues) help! Help! The baby! (Crying continuing) aaron! Aaron! I'm coming!I'm coming, aaron! It's okay. It's okay. You're safe now. (Crying continues) (panting) (crying stops) I got you. It's all right.It's okay. You're okay now. That's it. That's it.There you go. (Crying softly)it's okay. Mum? Claire? He's in danger. You have to save him. The baby's in danger.You have to save the baby. You have to save him. The baby's in terrible danger.Charlie, only you can save him. The baby is in danger.The baby, charlie. You have to save him. Charlie, only youcan save him. You have to save him.You have to save the baby. He's in terrible danger. He's in danger. You have to save the baby,charlie. The baby's in terrible danger.Charlie, you have to save... (hurley) charlie? Only you can save him...what are you doing? The baby... you have to save...what? What are you doing, man? What's goin' on? It's the middle of the night. What are you doingwith the baby? I don't know. (Claire) help! Somebody stole my baby!(Woman) claire, what's wrong? I don't know!Aaron's gone! It's okay! We're over here! 43D85AE4.JPGIs he all right?!Is he okay?! Claire... I don't know what happened. I'm sorry. He's okay, though.I-I had this dream-- what was I thinking?I love that dress. -You're gorgeous. -Yeah... -you're beautiful. -Mhhmm... are my teeth looking a little dull? Well, they're, they're not... well, they're just, you know, there's uh... introducing colgate luminous

toothpaste. It strengthens your enamel. And its whitening formula gives you a brighter, shinier, more

luminous smile. -Wow! -The dress? The smile.

New colgate luminous. Strengthens enamel and gives you 43D85B49.JPG

a more luminous smile. So, based on your rsp goals, I'd suggest the

scotia partners portfolios. Up to seven of canada's top mutual fund families in one easy investment. We're going to have to think about this. Would you excuse us?


Scotia partners

portfolios, that seems pretty simple. Right. Let's go for it. Don't go back so fast. Let her wait.

Let us show you how. G?G?G? Stick? I don't know, dude.Don't you need 21? I think you should hit. But I got a six.I'm gonna bust. How do you know that? Well, I don't, but you gottaassume that I'm gonna bust. Why? Well, well, look who's offto the laundromat. Well, go on. I'm sure you've got a load you need to drop in,don't you, jethro? I'm kind of waitin'for my moment. (Laughs) well... your moment is now, hoss. Hey, libby! Hey, yourself. (Hatch door opens) hey, john.Talk to you for a second? Yeah. What is it, charlie? I take it you heardabout what happened last night? If you mean you takingthe baby out of claire's tent in the middle of the night,yeah, I heard. This whole thing was a bigmisunderstanding, john. I was sleepwalking.I don't know how or why-- is there somethingyou want from me, charlie? I was hoping you couldspeak to claire for me, 43D85C10.JPGyou know, put in a good word. Are you using? What? Heroin. Are you using again? Kate sees a horse--nothing. Pretty much everybody's seen walt wanderinground the jungle. But when it's charlie, it mustbe the bloody drugs, right? It's funny, you didn'tanswer the question. You remember the plane,john? Mm-hmm. We burned it, eko and me. We burned the whole thing--the heroin, the statues. It's all gone, destroyed. All of them? All of them. Trust is a hard thingto win back. Claire needs time. You should leave herand the baby alone for a while. (People speaking indistinctly) can you do this?You look green. Sod off. I'm fine. (Man) all right, let's give thisanother go, shall we? Well, get it together,all right? Lest you forget,we need this. Tea? So you lads ready? Yeah, we're ready.Let's go. Let's try notto blow it this time, eh? Thank you. You good?Yeah. We've only 20 minutestill we're in overtime. Now get it right.There you are. Remember your slippers. All right... guys, clearly, then. (Bell dings)camera... 1, 2, 3...rotate on the 8-count. Rolling. Hold the product up."Butties diapers, take 53.." playback.Mark it. And action! 43D85C86.JPG

("(You all) everybody" tune playing)

you all every-butties

you all every-butties cut!It's all right. That's it. We're wrapped! (Bell dings)wait, no! Oi, mate, hang on! Wait. Wait.What are you doing? Let's not waste any more time,shall we? You were only hiredas a favor to your lawyer. I wanted dirt spigot. Come on, mate.Give us another chance. You want another chance?Take my advice--ditch that one. He's a bloody disaster. I'm not ditchin' anyone. He's my brother. Right. Well, then,I guess you're fired.

(Perry como's "papa loves mambo" playing) is this washer and dryer newer thaneverything else in here? It washes clothes.That's all I need to know. Ah, finally. Someone who keeps it simple. Oh, hey, look at this. I got it in someof the abandoned luggage. You thinkI can pull this off? Let me give you a hint-- uh, when a girl asksthat kind of question, she's looking for validation. Do I...know you from somewhere? You mean other thanthe flight? Flight... okay, turn around.Huh? Turn around. I wanna try it on.Turn around. Oh. Oh, sure, yeah. Go ahead.No peeking. I cannot believe you don'tremember stepping on my foot. I did? Yes, you did,and it was hard. I know that becauseI remember you were the last oneon the flight, and you were all sweaty, and you had headphones onand... crunch! You stepped on my foot.Okay, turn around. What do you think? It's awesome. Thanks. What are you doing? I'm marking trees. Why? 'Cause these...are the ones I like. Did you tell lockeyou gave me 43D85D34.JPGone of the statues from the plane?Why would I do that? He knows, man. The bald wankerknows something. Something wrong, charlie? Apart from me losing my mind,no, everything's just peachy. And why would you sayyou are losing your mind? How about the factthat I've been sleepwalking, stealin' babiesfrom their cribs... oh, yeah, and then there'sthe vivid dreams that make me feel likeI'm completely awake until of course,I wake up. What are your dreams about? Variations of aaronbeing in mortal peril... trapped in a piano,driftin' out to sea... and there's the flying dove and claire and my momdressed as angels tellin' me I needto save the baby. What? Have you considered thatthese dreams mean something? Like what? What if you do need to save the baby? I have to talk to her. You know, now's nota good time, okay? No, I have to talk to her. She'll want to hear this. Okay, you know what? Tell me,and I will tell her. Kate--no, no! Claire! Your baby!I said-- claire, listen to me. Listen to me. Please!I said not now! Claire, listen to me. Aaron's in danger.What are you talking about? The baby's in danger! Look,I've been having these dreams. I know what they mean now. 43D85D95.JPG

Kate! Charlie-- claire, listen, we have to baptize aaron.What? We can do this. Eko's a priest. We can do this. You've said your piece.It's time for you to go. No, wait! I'm not leaving. Claire, we haveto baptize aaron! Claire, he's in danger.We've got to do this! We have to! @@Pxx|| @@xx@``xu0x,v+ua0 n|||y/y/y/y/y/k r here. For when it rains. Thanks. So when are you gonna tell mewhat happened in the jungle? I already did. Pull it tighteror it'll sag. You told mewhat that guy said. You didn't tell mewhat made you turn around, what made you come back. He had a gun at kate's head. You hittin' that? What? Plane crash... you both survived... nice beach... she's hot, you're hot.It's what people do. I'm not "hittin' that." (Humming) (hums) hey. Karen kicked me out, man. What? What happened? She, uh... she thinks I'm dangerous. Why would she think that? (Chokes up)because I dropped her. I dropped megan. Oh. Hey, liam.It's all right. I've got no money,got nothin'. What are we gonna do? We'll get through this. Yeah? How's that? I'm writin' again. I got a new song. It's about two brothers. Two brotherswho should've been butchers. Don't say that.It's a good one. 43D85F1B.JPGI feel likethis might be the one. All right,listen to this, okay?

Funny now

you finally see mestanding here

funny now

I'm cryin' in the rain

all along

we tried to beinvincible

together now (both, harmonizing) we can be saved nice, man. This could work. It's good, right? We could make it work. Write all night,just like the old days. All right.How about that? So, baby brother... do you got any? (Locke) I'm disappointedin you, charlie. You followed me? How long you beencomin' out here? John, you gotthe wrong idea, man. You said you destroyed them all,and yet, here they are. How is that the wrong idea? I came out hereto finish the job. I'm gonna get rid of these right now. Yeah, that's very convenientnow that I've found them. What are you doing?There was a time when I let you choosewhether or not you were gonnado this to yourself. Now I'm making that choicefor you. Oh, you don't believe me?Give 'em to me. Give 'em to me right now.I'll destroy 'em. Look! I'll throw 'emin the sodding wind! Look, john, I know I lied,all right? Just wait.Wait, wait, john. Remember all those talkswe had? You and me, we saideverything happens for a reason. This island tests us. That's what this is, john--a test. This is my test. That's why these are here. These are here becauseyou put 'em here, charlie. No, wait. John, wait. What are you gonna do?You gonna tell claire? You can'T. Look, if she sees them,I'm done. She'll never trust me again,and she has to, john. It's about the baby,all right? Aaron's in danger. You have to believe me. 43D85FB7.JPGYou've given up the rightto be believed, charlie. @@Xp||

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Thanks canada. Together we've helped thousands of athletes reach their dreams. Hey. Hi. How's our boy? Oh, he's good. Hey, john, can I ask yousomething? Sure. Do you think, uh,aaron and I could stay in the bedroomin the hatch for a while? Pretty loud alarm goes offevery hour and a half. It's not the best placefor a baby to sleep through the night. Oh, yeah, sure. How about if I move my stuffdown here for a couple nights? Set up right nextto your tent? That would be great. Thanks. Yeah, consider it done. Hey, john, you don'T... you don't know anythingabout baptism, do you? Not a whole lot. Why? Charlie cameby my tent before and... he told meaaron had to be baptized... that he was in danger. My understanding is thatbaptism is about making sure that children get into heaven,should anything happen. 43D860B3.JPGCall it "spiritual insurance." There isn't any danger,claire. Charlie just... charlie just feels likehe has to save the baby 'cause he can't save himself. I'll see you tonight. Okay. Charlie,can you give us a hand? Now's not a good time,sayid. Let's lift this. Okay, I got it. Fire! Fire! Grab tools, containers for sand,anything you have. If we don't stop it now, it'llburn right through the camp! (All shouting) stay here with aaron. We need to cut a fire breakright here! Form a bucket line! Some of you people,down to the water! (Sayid) sawyer! We'll hand 'em up.Wait here! (Aaron crying) liam?! My piano. What'S... what's going on? Liam, where's my piano? I sold it. You what? Hey, wait, come on.Get off of me. Where's the money?Is it up your soddin' arm?! I'm clean.I haven't used in two days. Two days?Well, happy anniversary! Well, how long you been clean?Where's the money? She was gonna leave me, charlie.She was gonna take megan. What did you do, liam? Karen's got an unclein australia. He's gonna get me a job. There's a rehab clinicin sydney. I just needed the moneyto get us there. I have to do this.I have to take care of myself, for them, for my family. 43D86192.JPG

I'm your family! Wait. Will you just wait? I can't, charlie. What about the band?What about the song? Try to understand,I have to go. I have to. Look, I'll give you a callwhen things settle down for me. For you? What about me? What about my family? What about my family?! (All shouting) (aaron crying) charlie! What are you doing?! I'm doing what I have to do!He's got my baby! Stop it!No! Claire, it's all right! Charlie, stop!It's not... no! I... help! Help! Somebody help!He's got my baby! Help! Help! Come on, charlie, please, stop it. (Aaron crying) I just want to save him! Charlie! It's all right.Please! Give me the baby. Eko, tell them!Tell them, eko! Tell them what you told me, that the baby has to be baptized!This is not the way. (Crying) charlie... come on, give him to me. Who the hell are you, john?!Aaron's not your responsibility! Where were youwhen he was born?! Where were youwhen he was taken?! You're not his father.You're not his family! Neither are you, charlie. I have to do this, I need to.I'm not gonna hurt him. You're hurting me, charlie. (Aaron continues crying) (sobs) claire. I'm sorry-- (grunting) @@xx|| a tough morning for families at the edmonton garrison. 150 troops have left their loved ones behind, bound for afghanistan. And: Edmontonians are basking in our weird winter weather. 43D862B6.JPG

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[ ] ,M you need stitches. Try to be still.Yeah. I started the fire, jack. Yeah, I know. I was desperate.She didn't-- I need to know you're never gonna do anythinglike this again, ever. I know what this looks like,what people think. It doesn't matter now,but... I didn't use. I wanted to. I really wanted to. But I didn'T. That's not what I asked,charlie. It's not gonna happen again. (Grunting) charlie told meyou're a priest. Yes. He said that you told himthat I had to have-- I did not tell charlieto do what he did. I'm sorryif he misunderstood. But do you thinkthe baby has to be baptized? Do you knowwhat baptism is? It's whatgets you into heaven. It is said that when john the baptistbaptized jesus, the skies opened up, and a dove flew downfrom the sky. This told john something-- 43D863AE.JPGthat he had cleansed this manof all his sins, that he had freed him. Heaven came much later. I haven't been baptized. And does that meanthat if you do it to aaron, and something happened to us, that we wouldn't be together? Not if I baptize you both. Captioning provided by touchstone television, abc, inc. And ford motor co.-- Built for the road ahead. Captioned by closed captioning services, inc.

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