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Lost Transcripts

We have started putting up the current season eps and hope to get the older ones eventually!

Transcripts contributed by Eric
Editing by Suzanne

Season 1

9/22/04 Pilot (1)
9/29/04 Pilot (2)
10/6/04 Tabula Rasa
10/13/04 Walkabout
10/20/04 White Rabbit
10/27/04 House of the Rising Sun
11/03/04 The Moth
11/10/04 Confidence Man
11/17/04 Solitary
12/01/04 Raised by Another
12/08/04 All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
1/05/05 Whatever the Case May Be
1/12/05 Hearts and Minds
1/19/05 Special
2/09/05 Homecoming
2/16/05 Outlaws
2/23/05 ...In Translation
3/02/05 Numbers
3/30/05 Deus Ex Machina
4/06/05 Do No Harm
5/04/04 The Greater Good (a.k.a. Sides)
5/11/05 Born to Run
5/18/05 Exodus (1)
5/25/05 Exodus (2)

Season 2

9/21/05 Man of Science, Man of Faith
9/28/05 Adrift
10/05/05 Orientation
10/12/05 Everybody Hates Hugo
10/19/05 ...And Found
11/9 Abandoned
11/16 The Other 48 Days
11/23 Collision (a.k.a.Old Habits)
11/30 What Kate Did
1/11 The 23rd Psalm
1/18 The Hunting Party
1/25 Fire + Water
2/8 The Long Con
2/15 One of Them
3/1 Maternity Leave

These are all we have so far, but we hope to get more. To see earlier episodes, please visit Twiz TV-NOTE: This site is infected with spyware..

Would you like to contribute to our Lost episode guide or help edit these transcripts? Email us!

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