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2-10 "The 23rd Psalm"

By Beth

Aired January 11th, 2006

The episode starts in a flashback to Nigeria. There are children playing outside. A goat watches. Some bad guys with guns show up and start gathering up the children. They grab an old man and try to make a very young boy shoot him. The little boy’s older brother grabs the gun and shoots the old man himself, in order to spare his brother. The bad guy asks him his name. The boy tells him his name is Eko. The bad guys says “look at Mr. Eko, no hesitation! A born killer!” He rips off the cross that Eko is wearing and throws it on the ground, Eko’s brother picks it up. The bad guys take Eko away in their truck. Fast-forward to a grown up Mr. Eko back on the island talking with Claire. Claire mentions that Charlie has been carrying around a statue of the Virgin Mary and Mr. Eko starts to freak out asking her where he found it. Eko smashes the statue and shows Claire that there’s heroin inside.

Back at the hatch Michael watches Locke change the combination on the lock to the gun cabinet. He says he’s doing it because of all the new people around.

Jin and Charlie are on the beach apparently trying to fish, though all Charlie is doing is singing and asking Jin if he ever heard of a band called the Kinks. Mr. Eko comes charging out of the woods with a piece of the broken statue and asks Charlie where he found it. He demands Charlie take him there immediately.

Flashback to Nigeria where a grownup Mr. Eko is meeting with a drug dealer.
The dealer gives Eko a big bag of heroin. Eko tells him that he will pay him 50 (50 dollars? 50 thousand dollars? They don’t really say…) in exchange for the favor he is about to do him. The dealer is confused and Eko explains that there is no market for heroin in his country and that since the borders are all guarded by military, the only way to get it out of the country is by flying a missionary plane. Basically Eko will buy the drugs for next to nothing since the dealer has no choice and cannot get them out of the country on his own. Eko then whips out a knife and slits the dealer’s throat.

Cut back to the island. On the way into the woods Charlie stops off at Claire’s camp and she confronts him with the bag of heroin that was inside his statue. Charlie bumbles something about not knowing the heroin was inside and tells her that he’s not using anymore. Claire tells him that Eko is waiting for him and she storms off.

Outside the hatch Locke is teaching Michael how to shoot a gun. Michael says that everyone thinks he’s going to run off looking for Walt again, and then he agrees when Locke says that that wouldn’t be a smart idea. Michael shoots what looks like a giant bottle of aspirin and smiles to himself.

Charlie leads Eko to a spot in the woods and lies that that is where he found the statue. Eko doesn’t believe him and throws Charlie up against a tree demanding he take him to the real spot. Charlie & Eko walk and walk some more. Charlie asks how Eko knew about the plane. He doesn’t answer. Eko asks why Charlie lied to Claire about not knowing what was in the statue. As they stand there arguing, a creepy puff of black smoke comes out of the woods and then disappears. Eko looks a little creeped out, but they keep walking.

Flashback to Nigeria. Eko drives up to a church where a woman is trying to sell Virgin Mary statues in order to raise money for vaccines. We find out that his little brother has become a priest. Eko asks his brother if he can use a missionary plane to get the drugs out of the country. He tells his brother that the drug money will be used to pay for the vaccines, but his brother refuses to help.

Cut to the beach where Kate is giving Sawyer a haircut and some flirting ensues. Michael asks Kate if he can have her shift in the hatch, to help him keep his mind off things. Kate says okay.

Back in the woods Eko finds a parachute attached to the body of a priest with a gold tooth. Charlie asks Eko if he knows the guy and Eko says “yes, this man saved my life.” Charlie notices Eko’s stick with the scripture carved on it and makes the connection that he might also be a priest.

Flashback to the church in Nigeria. Eko barges in and throws everybody out. He asks his brother to make him and his friends priests so that they can fly the drugs out of the country themselves. He says he will buy all 300 of the Virgin Mary statues. He threatens to have his friends burn the church down if he does not sign the papers. His brother finally agrees and signs the papers.

Back in the woods Eko makes Charlie climb a tree to try to spot the plane. While Charlie is in the tree Eko starts looking around suspiciously. Suddenly the ground starts being torn up and our friend the mysterious island monster makes an appearance as a growling cloud of black smoke that parks itself in front of Eko’s face. Eko just stands there staring at it until it backs away and disappears back into the woods. Eko tells a bewildered Charlie that he wasn’t afraid of it, and then asks if he saw the plane. Charlie saw the plane, and they head off in that direction.

Back in the hatch Michael sits down at the computer trying to make contact again with Walt. “Dad?” comes up on the screen again. Michael asks if Walt is okay. Walt says yes and asks if Michael is alone. Walt says he can’t talk long because they are coming back soon. Michael asks where he is and Walt starts to answer “You need to com…” The camera pans up and Jack walks in. He tells Michael that as soon as they can they are going to go out and find Walt. Michael thanks him and but keeps suspiciously shifting his eyes towards the computer. Jack gets up and walks around behind Michael…of course the computer screen is now black.

Eko and Charlie find the plane at last.

Flashback to Eko dressed as a priest and loading up a small plane with crates. A truck pulls up and his brother jumps out saying he came to stop him. He says that Eko saved his life once so now he is saving his. Suddenly the military shows up. Eko looks at his brother and says “you did this?” His brother says he did but that he didn’t say that Eko was involved. Eko’s guys start shooting at the military and Eko’s brother gets shot. Eko’s guys jump on the plane with his brother’s body and one of them (we recognize him as the corpse with the gold tooth) pushes Eko out of the way. The plane takes off with Eko lying on the runway.

Back in the woods Eko find the body of his brother in the plane and cries. Flashback to Nigeria. A military man walks up to Eko and says “are you okay Father?” Back in the woods Eko gives Charlie a statue from the plane, “for the one I broke,” he tells him.

They set fire to the plane and Charlie asks Eko if he is a priest or not. Eko puts on the cross that his brother had been wearing (the same one that was torn from him at the beginning) and says yes, he is. They both recite the 23rd Psalm over the burning plane.

On the beach Jin introduces Ana Lucia to Sun. Hurley helps Libby set up some kind of tent. They smile at each other and folksy acoustic guitar plays in the background. Kate playfully tousles Sawyer’s new haircut and he checks it out in a mirror. Jack walks over with some meds for Sawyer. Everybody seems happy.

Charlie goes over to see Claire who is throwing all of his crap out of her campsite. She tells him that he lied to her and Charlie says he is sorry. She tells him she doesn’t want him sleeping near her baby anymore. Charlie packs up all his crap and moves on down the beach.

Last scene: Charlie is walking alone thru the pitch dark woods with a torch. He crouches down and it is revealed that he has a whole secret stash of Virgin Mary statues.

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