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Lost Opinion Article

By Lola Denise Johnson


One Woman's Opinion

**Warning: If you haven't watched this episode, this article does contain spoilers**

     First things first. I have an admission. I put my pajamas on and crawled into bed to watch this episode. Just in case I fell asleep... It was reported that it was going to be a Nikki and Paulo-centric episode. A pair of characters that we've barely seen, and definitely not worth a whole episode. Perhaps the only saving grace was that I'd catch a glimpse of Boone and Shannon.

And now I have another admission. I was wrong. Boy was I ever!

     As you've probably figured out by now, I'm convinced quotes are a good part of what makes this such a great show. Here's my favorites from this episode:

  1. Sawyer: Who the hell's Nikki? (Right after Hurley says she's dead. I was thinking the exact same thing at the exact same moment.)

  2. Sawyer: Crime Scene? There a forensics hatch I don't know about? (When Hurley gives him trouble for messing up the 'crime scene.')

  3. Ben: The same way I get anybody to do anything. I find out what he's emotionally invested in and I exploit it. (In a flashback scene with Juliet when she asks him how they're going to get Jack to do the surgery.)

  4. Hurley: No offense, dude, but as far as super powers go, yours are kinda lame. (After seeing if Desmond could help figure out what happened to Nikki and Paulo.)

  5. Sawyer: I don't have the guns. A-Team took them all. (After Nikki confronts him and demands one)

     The flashbacks in this episode were great. As I already mentioned we got to see Boone and Shannon in all her bratty glory. We saw Ethan, and how easily he insinuated himself amongst the castaways, and we saw Dr. Arzt in his Science teacher glory.

     We quickly learned that Nikki and Paulo were also Cons, which falls in with the whole redemption thing the Island seems to have going on. After Nikki's starring turn on Expose as Corvette, she and Paulo poison the director of the show in order to steal his diamonds. Their whole flashback sequences fall around this event, and you see just how much greed drives Nikki. I think Paulo truly loved her, and kept the diamonds from her so that they could live happily ever after on the Island. Unfortunately, Nikki spent some time with the good Dr. Arzt and his spiders, and uses the spiders to exact revenge upon Paulo. The crushed spider seemed to release some sort of pheromones calling the other spiders, but I like to think that was Nikki and Paulo's version of the Monster coming to get them. The end result was that everyone thought they were dead, but as Sawyer's shoveling dirt over her (Nikki's) face, her eyes open. (Buried alive I actually didn't see that coming!) Hopefully they'll stay dead. They had their story line, and the end is justice.

     Perhaps more importantly than then Nikki/Paulo story was that Charlie confessed to Sun that he kidnapped her, under Sawyer's direction, and not the Other's as she thought. Sawyer got off with a slap across the face for this episode, but I'd be surprised if that's as far as it goes. There has to be consequence for Charlie and it's coming...

     This wasn't as big an episode as last week, but I give the Writer's credit for tying up the loose ends of Nikki/Paulo. Now we can move on towards more reveals as the season draws to an end.

I'll be writing articles for the rest of the season, so check back to catch up on them. As I watch previous episodes again, I'll write more accordingly. Also, you can email me your comments at:




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Updated 3/22/07  


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