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Lois and Clark: Adventures of Superman Episode Guide

"Lois and Clark" Episode descriptions!


Pilot (Clark goes to Metropolis.)

Strange Visitor From Another Planet (A government organization tries to uncover Superman's identity and origins.)

Neverending Battle (The reporters and Luthor try to figure out what makes Superman tick.)

I'm Looking Through You (An invisible man raids the city.)

Requiem for a Superhero (Lois' father helps Luthor creates supermechanical men to defeat Superman.)

I've Got a Crush on You (Lois and Clark go undercover in a nightclub to catch an arson ring.)

Smart Kids (Luthor experiments on problem children with a supersmart drug.)

The Green, Green Glow of Home (Rogue agent Trask returns to kill Superman with Kryptonite found in Smallville.)

The Man of Steel Bars (Metropolis blames Superman for a mysterious heat wave.)

Pheronome, My Lovely (a scientist develops a love potion.)

Honeymoon in Metropolis (Lois and Clark pose as honeymooners.)

All Shook Up (Clark develops amnesia.)

Witness (A murderer who is also a master of disguise is after Lois.)

Illusions of Grandeur (A master magician kidnaps rich children and hypnotizes Superman.)

Ides of March (Lois believes an escaped convicted murderer is innocent.)

Foundling (Luther steals the Krypton globe just as Jor-el's message is appearing to Clark.)

The Rival (The Star, a rival newspaper whose star reporter is an old rival of Lois', tries to bury the Planet.)

Vatman (Luthor creates Superman's clone.)

Fly Hard (The Planet staff is held by terrorist robbers over the weekend.)

Barbarians at the Gate (Lex Luthor buys the planet, burns it down, buys Kryptonite, and asks Lois to marry him.)

The House of Luthor (Lex and Lois prepare to marry while the Planet staff investigates the fire.)


Madame Ex (Luthor's ex-wife tries to murder Superman and frame Lois for it with a double.)

Wall of Sound (A rock star causes explosions with sound.)

The Source (A source of Lois' ends up dead.) The Prankster (an ex-con who with a grudge against Lois goes on a crime spree and tries to kill her.)

Church of Metropolis (Lois is the target of the notorious Church Gang who wants to keep Superman out of their mob business, and the couple meets Assistant D.A. Mason.)

Operation Blackout (The reporters investigate when a military demonstration of a killer robot goes awry, killing an officer.)

That Old Gang of Mine (A scientist brings old gangster back to life and they go on a crime spree.)

A Bolt for the Blue (A lightning bolt accidentally gives some of Superman's powers to a nebbish.)

Seasons Greedings (A toymaker and his assistant create a toy that causes adults to act like children.)

Metallo (Two robotics scientists replace a felon's body with a super-strong robot, powered by Kryptonite.)

Chi of Steel (A vigilante ninja with stolen power bracelets fights Superman and steals from a sweat shop owner.)

The Eyes Have It (Superman is made blind by a powerful light.)

The Phoenix (Lex Luthor returns from the dead.)

Top Copy (A reporter tries to find out Superman's secret identity.)

The Return of the Prankster (The Prankster escapes from prison to kidnap the president, whom Lois is interviewing.)

Lucky Leon (An Intergang mobster robs and kills people through the sales of his desk planners, and pins a murder on Jimmy.)

Resurrection (After Mason's death, Lois and Clark team up with a fed to find out who killed her: a madman intent on loosing a deadly virus on Metropolis.)

Tempus Fugitive (HG Wells travels to Metropolis to warn Lois and Clark about an escaped convict from the future who wants to do away with Superman.)

Target: Jimmy Olsen (Jimmy is programmed to kill by his murdered family doctor's greedy wife.)

Individual Responsibility (Red kryptonite causes Superman not to care about helping people.)

Whine, Whine, Whine (Lois whines to Scardino about Clark not being there when she needs him; an obnoxious Brit sues Superman for breaking his arm when he saved him.)

And the Answer Is... (Clark tries to tell Lois he's Superman; meanwhile criminals blackmail him with Tempus' diary, which reveals his secret.)


We Have a Lot to Talk About (Clark proposes marriage to Lois, only to find out she knows he's Superman.)

Ordinary People (Lois and Clark take a vacation in order to spend some time together, and Lois insists that Clark refrain from being Superman during the retreat. But a deranged "Love Expert" has other plans for the couple, as he seeks both revenge on Lois Lane and the Man of Steel's body!) *This synopses comes from the Lois and Clark episode guide by Jeffery D. Sykes.

Contact (Lois seems to have been kidnapped by aliens.)

When Irish Eyes Are Killing (An old friend from Lois' past turns out to be a thief and murderer trying to obtain ancient powers through a gory ritual.)

Just Say Noah (A madman pretends to be a marriage counselor so he can lure couples to his "ark" and create a new flood to start mankind over.)

Don't Tug on Superman's Cape (Two rich collectors kidnap Lois to use as bait so they can collect Superman.)

Ultra Woman (Superman's powers are transferred to Lois by two loony sisters with a raygun.)

A Chip Off the Old Clark (A woman claims that her child is the progeny of her and Superman. Clark must figure out why the child really has superpowers.)

Supermann (Nazis come out of suspended animation to take over America.)

Virtually Destroyed (Lex Luthor's son, computer nerd, tries to get information out of Lois' mind while she and Clark are trapped in his Virtual Reality world.)

Home Is Where the Hurt Is (Meet the 'rents) (Lois' holidays are ruined by her bickering parents, who show up unexpectedly, and Clark is hit with a strange Kryptonian virus.)

Never on Sunday (A man with a grudge against Clark tortures him with voodoo and kills others.)

The Dad Who Came In From the Cold (Jimmy's dad comes to visit, but he's really a spy who thinks that Lois and Clark may be behind treasonous espionage.)

Tempus Anyone? (Tempus returns to foist Lois into an alternate reality where Superman doesn't exist.)

I Now Pronounce You (It Happened All Night) (Lois and Clark prepare to marry while clones try to replace the president)

Double Jeopardy (Clark finds himself uniting with Lex to find Lois, who thinks she's lounge singer Wanda Detroit.)

Seconds (Clark and the Clone Lois fight to save Lois before Lex can make her kill Superman and put his and her brains in clone bodies.)

Forget Me Not (Clark visits Lois in a sanitarium as she fights to regain her memory and the two try to unravel the mystery of some killings and strokes.)

Oedipus Wrecks (Lois therapist uses her memory loss to get close to her.)

It's a Small World After All (One of Lois' old high school classmates is shrinking the popular classmates who snubbed her.)

Through a Glass, Darkly (A man and woman put Superman through a series of tests.)

Big Girls Don't Fly (Superman has to move to New Krypton to help lead his fellow Kryptonians, leaving Lois behind.)


Lord Of The Flys (Lord Nor and his henchman come to Earth to take it over, starting with Smallville.)

Battleground Earth (Part two; Superman must find a way to battle Nor's Super army.)

Swear To God, This Time We're Not Kidding (Lois and Clark get married, although not without being threatened by the "Wedding Destroyer" first.)

Soul Mates (Before Lois and Clark can have sex, HG Wells visits to tell the couple they must go back in time to avoid a curse.)

Brutal Youth (Lois and Clark investigate why one of Jimmy's peers ages rapidly and discover that the same thing is happening to him.)

The People v. Lois Lane (Lois is framed for murder and sentenced to death.)

Dead Lois Walking (Clark breaks Lois out so they can find the fiend who framed her before he destroys the city.)

Bob and Carol and Lois and Clark (Lois and Clark bond with their new neighbors, not realizing that he is a super-villain.)

Ghosts (A con man resurrects a ghost to scare Lois and Clark out of their house.)

Stop The Presses (Perry is moved upstairs so he picks Lois to fill his shoes, which causes problems in Lois and Clark's marriage; also, a computer hacker and his brother plot to murder Superman.)

Twas The Night Before Mxymas (Playful elf Mr. Mxyzptlk comes to earth to destroy Christmas.)

Lethal Weapon (Perry's son gets out of jail to team up with a father-son crime team and try to destroy Superman with red kryptonite.)

Sex, Lies, and Videotape (An unscrupulous tabloid publisher catches Lois and Superman in a comprising position, which threatens to ruin Superman's reputation and keep him from uniting two warring nations.)

Meet John Doe (Tempus escapes and runs for president, using a mind-control device to make everyone love him.)

Lois And Clarks (The alternate Clark and HG Wells help Lois save Clark and defeat Tempus.)

AKA Superman (When Jimmy lets a pretty girl think he's secretly Superman, things could get dangerous.)

Faster Than A Speeding Vixen (Clark has to deal with the handsome new owner of the Daily Planet, while Superman has to contend with Vixen, a super-powerful being without a conscience.)

Shadow Of A Doubt (Leslie, who may be Lex Luthor's son, conspires with a deformed guy to kill Superman with kryptonite.)

Voice From The Past (Lois is kidnapped by Leslie and the Troll, leaving Clark with a mystery.)

I've Got You Under My Skin (A petty criminal uses a device to switch places with Clark in order to hide from a big mobster; when he finds out he's Superman, he doesn't want to switch back.)

Toy Story (The Toyman, a frustrated scientist, kidnaps children to get revenge on the world. Meanwhile, Ma and Pa Kent try to celebrate their anniversary in Metropolis.)

The Family Hour (Lois and Clark find out they probably can't have children, so they figure out how to adopt. Meanwhile, Fathead Mensa, whose brain is super-smart, uses his mental powers to take revenge on those he thinks betrayed him.) Last episode of the series.

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