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Law & Order Trivia Quizzes

Test your Law & Order knowledge!

1. In which military branch did Fin of SVU serve?

a. Army
b. Marines
c. Air force
d. Navy
e. None of these

2. Which character has been in more TV shows than any other in TV history?

a. Lennie
b. Cragen
c. Munch
d. Van Buren
e. Benson

3. Which term does not mean theft?

a. heist
b. robbery
c. B&E
d. burglary
e. none of these

4. What is the nickname for someone who goes to a hooker?

a. jack
b. joe
c. jeff
d. john
e. jim

5. Which detective spent five years on one Law & Order show before ending up in another one?

a. Logan
b. Briscoe
c. Lupo
d. Curtis
e. Stabler

6. Law & Order: UK takes place in which city?

a. Manchester
b. London
c. Birmingham
d. Liverpool
e. None of these

7. Which was the only actor to portray the same character in all four of the American Law & Order shows?

a. Sam Waterston
b. S. Epatha Merkerson
c. Jerry Orbach
d. Richard Belzer
e. Chris Noth

8. Which actor played a lawyer in the short-lived southern drama "I'll Fly Away" before playing one on Law & Order?

a. Linus Roache
b. Steven Hill
c. Michael Moriarty
d. Sam Waterston
e. Elisabeth Röhm

9. Which actor was a former policeman in real life?

a. Jeremy Sisto
b. Anthony Anderson
c. Jerry Orbach
d. Chris Noth
e. None of the above

10. Who does the voice-over at the beginning of each of the Law & Order shows?

a. Sam Waterston
b. Steven Zirnkilton
c. Jerry Orbach
d. Dick Wolf
e. Chris Meloni


a. Army (Dr. Warner served in the Air Force, and Stabler served in the marines)
c. Munch
c. B&E (breaking and entering)
d. john
a. Logan
b. London
c. Jerry Orbach
d. Sam Waterston
e. None of the above
b. Steven Zirnkilton

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