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Blood Bath at Law & Order: Criminal Intent! by Suzanne

I read that they are killing off one of the main characters and firing the others. I suspect that Jeff Goldblum may be the last man standing. I have no proof of that, though. No one is saying yet who will be killed off.

It makes sense, in a way. Unless you are a huge fan of Vincenet D'Onofrio, the actors are not the reason you watch Law & Order; Criminal Intent. Either you just love the writing and the stories, or their particular format. (I do wonder if there is anyone who loves CI more than the other two?) The ratings are low and falling more every year, so they have to do some big drastic change if they want to save it.

In a way, this is similar to what some soap operas have done in the past, to boost ratings and fire actors, although they usually have either a serial killer or big disaster to kill off half of the cast. I don't know yet know what the story will be here.

Good for NBC and USA for doing this instead of just canceling the show. I really hope it does work. I never liked the format of the show as much as I did the other two, but it is a very good show and well worth watching (more than most shows). I usually tune in to the reruns when I'm bored, or watch it on DVD.

It's certainly an interesting tactic. I hope it works well for them. I will miss the actors that are leaving because they always do a good job. I will be tuning in, though, you can be sure, next season to find out how they do this, who is left standing, and which actors take their places.

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Updated 9/25/21


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