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Justified Cast List Page

Who's Who!

Raylan Givens - Timothy Olyphant
Art Mullen - Nick Searcy
Tim Gutterson - Jacob Pitts
Deputy U.S. Marshal Rachel Brooks - Erica Tazel

Boyd Crowder - Walton Goggins
Ava Crowder - Joelle Carter
Wynn Duffy - Jere Burns

STILL ALIVE (May or may not return)
Dewey Crowe - Damon Herriman
Dickie Bennett - Jeremy Davies
Winona Hawkins - Natalie Zea
Ellstin Limehouse - Mykelti Williamson
Loretta McCready - Kaitlyn Dever
Kendal Crowe - Jacob Lofland
Wendy Crowe - Alicia Witt
Sheriff Shelby Parlow (Drew Thompson) - Jim Beaver
ADA David Vasquez - Rick Gomez
Constable Bob Sweeney - Patton Oswalt

Dead or unlikely to return
Johnny Crowder - David Meunier
Mike - Jonathan Kowalsky
Jimmy - Jesse Luken
Arlo Givens - Raymond J. Barry
Ellen May - Abby Miller
Deputy Nick Mooney - William Gregory Lee
Daryl Crowe Jr. - Michael Rapaport
Gary Hawkins - William Ragsdale
Colton 'Colt' Rhodes - Ron Eldard
Errol - Demetrius Grosse
Robert Quarles - Neal McDonough
Trooper Tom Bergen - Peter Murnik
Doyle Bennett - Joseph Lyle Taylor
Deputy U.S. Marshal Nelson Dunlop - Mel Fair
Mags Bennett - Margo Martindale
Helen Givens - Linda Gehringer
Teri - Cathy Baron
Carl - Justin Welborn
Lee Paxton - Sam Anderson
Danny Crowe - A.J. Buckley
Picker - John Kapelos
Allison - Amy Smart
Devil - Kevin Rankin
Lindsey Salazar - Jenn Lyon
Judge Mike Reardon - Stephen Root
Cassie St. Cyr - Lindsay Pulsipher
Wade Messer - James Le Gros
Nicky Augustine - Mike O'Malley
Penny - Danielle Panabaker
Bo Crowder - M.C. Gainey

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Most of this Info from Internet Movie Database

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Page updated 8/13/21

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