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Jericho Transcript

Contributed By Suzanne

"Winter's End" Aired March 28, 2007

Previously on Jericho...

Eric:  When were you planning on telling me about the baby? A bad marriage doesn't get better because you add a kid.

April:  I didn't want you to stay with me because of the baby, Eric.

Ted: Heather!

Heather: My god. Uh... Jake, this is Ted Lewis.

Ted: Hey, how you doing?

Heather: We grew up together over in New Bern.

Ted: This is Russell and Mike.

Jake: Hey.

Russell: Yeah, we met. 460B4136.JPG

Heather: With a dozen full-size windmills, you could power the whole town.  I'm going to help turn the lights on for everyone back home.

Jake: Just going to leave?

Heather: It won't be for very long.

Robert: I have something in my possession and it puts you, me and the kids in danger here.

Darcy: 460B4146.JPGSarah is not on our side. She's not here to help us.

Man:  Hawkins is starting to put the pieces together. He needs to be eliminated.

Sarah:  I know.

Man:  Why are you stalling on this one?

Sarah: How can I be sure you won't follow me?

Robert:  I won't follow you.

Sarah:  Not if I take your son with me you won't.

Darcy: No. No!



[Robert digs a grave and then is cleaning up the blood on his living room floor.}

(knocking on door) (knocking on door)

[Robert hides the cleaning supplies.]


Gail: Honey, you look tired. You getting enough sleep? 460B419B.JPG

April: Almost seven hours.

Gail: Where?

April: In my office.

Gail: Sleeping in your office doesn't count. You're gonna to give the baby a crick in its neck.

April: You're going to make a terrific grandmother.

Gail: I know.

Jessica: You're Dr. Green?

April: Yes.

Jessica: Jessica Williams.

April: Nice to meet you.

Jessica: Mr. Ostrowski says he's having chest pains. He doesn't want anybody to look at him but you.

April: Are you the doctor who came in with the refugees?

Jessica: Close. Third-year med student, 460B41B1.JPGUniversity of Chicago. And I prefer "visitor" to "refugee."

April: I'm sorry. Thanks for the help.

Jessica: Don't thank me. I'm just working here 'cause I get to sleep in a bed instead of the church basement. Where do I start?

April: Pneumonia, malnutrition, hypothermia. Just grab a chart and pick a patient.


{Robert opens the door a sliver.]

Jimmy: Mr. Hawkins?

Robert: Hey, Jim.

Jimmy: Hope I didn't wake the kids.

Robert: No, you're okay.

Jimmy: Yeah. Mine are the same way. Up at all hours. Worse when 460B41D1.JPGwe had T.V.

Robert: Is there something I can do for you, Jim?

Jimmy: Uh. Sorry. Um... Mayor Anderson wants me to keep track of the refugees. You know, find out where they end up. See what kind of work they're doing to help the town. Sarah Mason. She's been staying with you, right? Mr. Hawkins...

Robert:  Yeah.

Jimmy:  It's freezing out here. Uh... is she around?


Gail:  Oh, the generator's back on.

April:  Thank god.

Jake: Hey. 460B41F2.JPGWell, that's it. We're on our last tank of diesel. Power's out to everything but the medical center.

April:  Our last tank? How long will we have power? 460B4208.JPG

Jake: Ten, maybe 12 hours, so turn off anything you're not using.

Gail: What about the biodiesel?

Jake: We burned through it. We're not going to have any more for days.

Gail: We need to come up with another plan.  We're getting more and more people in here every... oh, god!

Jake:  April, can you hear me?

Gail: Is she breathing?

Jake: April, wake up!

Gail: Oh, honey.

Jake: Get over here!


Jimmy: Whew.  It's colder than a witch's patootie. Whew. Ah. Using candles.

Robert: Uh-huh.

Jimmy: I saw you had some electric lights on when I was walking up.

Robert: I got a geni in the basement, but, uh... I just used the last of my gas.

Jimmy: Uh, what were you doing?

Robert: I, um... I'm putting some stuff in storage, but, uh... I was just cleaning up.

Jimmy: Yeah. Using the last of your fuel on housework, huh? Darcy's trained you well. (Laughing) 460B42F4.JPG

Robert: Yeah. Listen, Jimmy, um... I was just about to turn in, so...

Jimmy: Right. Sorry. Uh, well, like I said, Mayor Anderson's got me keeping tabs on the refugees, you know. Crime's up. Uh... so, Sarah Mason. Is she here? Can I ask her some questions?

[Robert sees a bloody rag and steps in front of it to hide it from Jimmy.]

Robert: You know, um... Sarah left yesterday. Something about, uh... family in New Orleans.

Jimmy: Wow. In this weather?

[Robert shrugs.]

Jimmy: Okay. Well, I'm sorry 460B4317.JPGto bother you.

Robert: Hey, don't worry about it.

Jimmy: You know, that's a nasty- looking cut you got there.

Robert: Uh, yeah, it was, uh... it was a tree branch when I was cutting wood.

Jimmy: Ouch.

Robert: Yeah.

Jimmy: Must have been a real bleeder.

Robert: Hey, it's not too deep.

Jimmy: [Laughs]  Well, you be careful. It's dangerous out there.

[Robert chuckles.]

Jimmy:  Again, sorry to bother you.  Yes.

(Door opens then closes as Jimmy leaves)


April: 460B4336.JPG I don't feel good. I'm so tired all of a sudden.

Gail: I know. I told you you need to get some rest. Here's your big chance.

April: Yeah.

Gail: Yeah... I'm not going to let anything happen to you, honey.

Jessica: I'm trying to keep her calm, but my gut tells me the baby's having a problem, and if I know it, she knows it.

Gail: What are we going to do?

Jake:  Get Kenchy?

Jessica: There's another doctor in town?

Gail: The man can barely sit up on his bar stool.

Jessica: Look, what I really need is an ultrasound machine. 460B4355.JPGWithout it, there's no real way to know what's going on.

Gail: Well, maybe we have one that survived the EMP in the basement. I'll go look.

Jessica:  Good.

Gail: You go get your father and tell him to find Eric. He's the one who should be here.


Johnston:  It's the guys from New Bern.  They actually built the thing. I can't believe it. Hey, Russell.

Russell:  Hey.  Sheriff, good to see you.

Johnston:  Good to see you.

Phil: Johnston, you sob. 460B4375.JPGHow the hell did you lose an election?

Johnston:  No, the question is, how did you get to be in charge in New Bern? They get tired of you being the sheriff?

Phil: No, I'm still sheriff. Just got a little more authority.

Johnston:  Oh. Well, this is our new mayor. This is Gray Anderson.

Phil: Mayor Anderson.

Gray: Nice to meet you.

Phil:  Congratulations.

Gray: Thank you. Thank you. So, this is the windmill, huh?

Russell:  It's a power-generating wind turbine. We get about 1,500 watts an hour out of one of these.

Johnston:  Jake. 460B438F.JPG

Jake: Hey.

Russell: Hey, Jake.

Jake: Have you seen Eric?

Johnston: No, did you try Mary's?

Jake: Yeah. I tried there. I tried at Bailey's. Does this thing work? Can we get power from it?

Russell: Probably some time tomorrow.

Jake: All right. Let's get it up as fast as we can.  I think we're going to need it at the medical center.

460B43A1.JPGRussell: You got it.

Jake: There's something wrong with April.

Johnston: What? What is it?

Jake: Well, she passed out. They think there's a problem with the baby.


Mimi: I'll pick you up at 5:00.

Bonnie: I'll walk.

Mimi: Look, Stanley thinks that you're using this whole volunteering thing as an excuse to see Sean Henthorn. I'm just following orders to keep an eye on you. Personally, I don't give a damn who you date.

Bonnie: I've been volunteering here since I was 16. It's not about Sean. You volunteer for anything? Ever?


Dale: Mr. Fredrickson. Come on, stop. Gracie gave you beet seed in exchange for 3% 460B43CF.JPGof your farm crop that 3% is mine now. The store was left to me.

Mr. Frederickson: I can't do that, Dale. Things have gotten worse now. I need it for my family, to feed the last of my livestock. I'm sorry.

Dale: It's the law, Mr. Fredrickson. It's rightfully mine.

Mr. Frederickson: There are no more laws, son.


Bonnie: No.

Mimi: I volunteered. So. What do I do?

Bonnie: Empty. Clean. Repeat.

Gail: Where the hell is Eric?

Jake: Uh, nobody knows. Dad's getting Bill on it.

Gail: Her blood pressure's dropping.

460B43FF.JPGJessica: Gail!

April: I'm feeling contractions.

Jessica: I think she's going into labor.

April: No, no, I can't. The baby's only 16 weeks. I need, I need- I need ritodrine to stop the labor.

Jessica: I already checked. We don't have any more. I'll try to find some nifedipine.

Gail:  All right, now what are you feeling?

April: If I lose consciousness, and you can't find any medicine, use alcohol. 460B441A.JPG

Jake: What do you mean? What kind of alcohol?

April: Anything coming out of the still. Give me a 10% drip. It'll stop the contractions.

Gail: Oh, god, she's bleeding. Get Kenchy. Now!


{Mary and Eric gather firewood.)

Mary: I'm so cold my mouth is numb.

Eric: We need the logs or we're going to freeze to death.

Mary: Yeah. Isn't that what we're doing now?

Eric: All right. Let's get in the car.

Mary: Okay. 460B44EE.JPGOh.  Oh. 

Eric:  Yeah. Blanket.

Mary: Let's turn on the heat.

Eric: No. We can't. I'm sorry. We won't have enough gas to get home.

Mary: (Moans)

Eric: You know, we could make our own heat.

Mary:  (Chuckles) Don't get any ideas, I'm not taking my clothes off.

Eric: You know how happy you make me.

Mary: I'm still not taking my clothes off.


Jake: Come on!

Kenchy: What's her pressure? 460B4520.JPG

Jessica: You smell like a wino.

Kenchy: Nice to meet you, too. What is her pressure, please?

Gail:  80/44 and dropping.

Kenchy: Is she dilated?

Jessica: Two centimeters. Her contractions are six minutes apart.

Kenchy: I need an ultrasound.

Gail: I brought some old ones up from the basement. I'll go check on 'em now.

Kenchy: Okay.

Gail: Jake, come on.

Kenchy: Do we have fresh plasma?

Jessica: No.

Kenchy: Okay, I need you to find somebody...

Jessica: With O-negative blood. 460B4534.JPG

Kenchy: Yes. And we need a fetal heart monitor. Do we have that? No? Okay, I need you to put these on and monitor the baby's heart rate. Here, put these in your ear. I'll show you how to listen.

Bonnie: I'm deaf.

Kenchy: (Chuckles) Madam? Madam! I need you to put these in your ears-- I need you to monitor the baby's heart rate, okay? 460B454B.JPG

Mimi: I can't.

Kenchy: Yes, you can-- I will show you how. Come on, let's go! Please! Here we go. Put these on. Listen right here. Okay? Now, the higher one, the fast one-- you hear that? Pfft, pfft, pfft-- that's the baby's heart rate. You count 15 seconds, and then you multiply that by...

Mimi:  Four. Gives you beats per minute.

Kenchy:  Perfect. Okay, now I will show you how to take blood pressure and pulse rate.


[Men from Jericho and the two men from New Bern put up the wind turbine.]

Phil: All right, let's get ready to lift it.

Gray: You want me to settle 460B4565.JPGa contract dispute?!

Skylar: Mr. Fredrickson isn't giving Dale his share.

Gray: You're kidding me, right? I'm trying to get power restored. I-I got home robberies all over town. The refugees are threatening to break into the food lockup.

Phil:  Okay, we're going to go on three. One... two... three. There we go.

Various men helping out: A little higher, a little higher. Watch it. Okay, easy. Got it. Okay, good, good. Watch the rope. 460B4581.JPGThere you go. Keep it going. Almost there. You got enough on your side? Yeah, yeah. Keep it taut. Good job, fellas.

Gray:  Hey, how's the baby?

Johnston:  I don't know.   How close is this?

Gray:  I don't know, hours, at least.  Did you find Eric?

Johnston: No. Bill and the rangers are out looking for him.

Gray:  Phil. Can we buy some more of these things?

Phil:  Yeah. Let's talk about it.


[Roberts buries his nuclear bomb inside a shed's floor boards; he uses a winch to move it.]

Jimmy (calling): Mr. Hawkins! I'm back! 460B45B1.JPGMr. Hawkins, you around?

Robert: Just a second!

[Robert goes outside to greet Jimmy.]

Jimmy: You weren't answering your front door, so I just... you doing some yard work? You need a hand?

Robert: No. No, thank you. I was... was going to turn some compost-- getting ready to plant food for the spring.

Jimmy: Oh, yeah, that's a good idea. Margaret's planting carrots inside. (Chuckles) They're a super-food, you know-- like broccoli.

Robert: You need something, Jimmy?

Jimmy: Uh, well, Gray wants me to find out what kind of resources Sarah might've taken 460B45E2.JPGwith her, you know,  fuel, food-- did she... drive out of town?

Robert: She didn't drive. Took a backpack. Some food, a tent.

Jimmy: Then just walked out into the cold, huh?

Robert: Yeah.

Jimmy: (Chuckles) That's crazy. Maybe Darcy knows something more.

Robert: No, I don't think so.

Jimmy: I just figured, you know, women talk, and who knows what the hell they say, right? (Chuckles) Uh... is Darcy around? Can I... can I speak with her?

Robert: 460B4602.JPGJimmy, uh... Darcy and I are having problems. She's moved out.

Jimmy: Oh... boy, that's tough. A lot of people leaving you lately, huh? I'm-I'm sorry. That's insensitive. I...

Robert: I will get my coat. I'll take you to her, Jimmy.

Jimmy: Really?

[Robert goes back inside the shed and finishes burying the bomb as Jimmy babbles on.  Robert puts a gun in his pocket.]

Jimmy (calling): Hey, how are your, uh, communication skills? You know, 'cause that's really what marriage is all about. Honesty, love. I'd say it's 50-50. Sort of like half and half, you know? Well, actually, more like thirds, if you throw respect in there. But not equal thirds, 'cause honesty... is more important than the love and the respect. I think.


Phil: 460B4644.JPGYou goe of only salt mines around for 400 miles. A year without salt, and New Bern will be a ghost town.

Gray: What are we talking about, a couple hundred pounds?

Phil: No, we need a lot more than that. We're going to need food.

Stanley: No food to spare. Won't see another crop till spring.

Phil: Spring crop's what I'm talking about. Ten wind turbines for, let's say, ten percent of your spring crop.

Gray: No, we can't put ourselves 460B465A.JPGin that potion.

Stanley: Spring crop might not even get us to next year. If we lose ten percent, we'll just be in the same position we are now.

Johnston: Worse.  Look, all we're asking you to do is be reasonable.

Russell: Well, we're just trying to survive.

Phil: Starve next fall or freeze this winter-- take your pick.

[Phil walks away; the other men glare at Russell, who looks embarrassed, then follows Phil.]


Kenchy: Vancomycin-- good. Start a drip: 250 milligrams iv. I'll do it.

[Kenchy impatiently grabs the bag from Bonnie, who looks upset.]

Jake:  We found four people who are O-negative. 460B4687.JPG

Mimi: Fetal heart rate is 169.

Kenchy: I'll get it off the ultrasound.

Gail: Her blood pressure is 130/70. Her respiratory rate is 18, and her pulse is 88-- it's going up.

Jessica: She's losing blood. Her heart's compensating by pumping harder.

Kenchy: Start an IV for the blood.

Gail: What do you see?

Kenchy: Placenta previa.

Jake: What's that?

Kenchy: The placenta's covering the entire cervix-- there's no way for me to find out where the 460B46A2.JPGbleedings coming from unless we operate.

Gail: Well, what are we going to do?

Kenchy: Well, under the best of circumstances, this is not an operating facility.

Jake: Then we don't have a choice.

Kenchy: Cannot operate here.

Jake:  Why?

460B46B8.JPGKenchy: I have been through this more times than you could possibly imagine.

Jake: Look, we've all been through a lot, all right? Just tell us what you need...

Kenchy: Yeah, I have seen hundreds of people die because of dirty facilities and infection and because I didn't have the proper medicine the equipment that I needed. I am not doing it again.

Gail: We are not losing this baby.

Kenchy: You can find yourself another butcher.

[Jake follows Kenchy out into the hall.]

Jake:  There's got to be a way. Come on. Kenchy.

Kenchy: Listen, we need a sterile operating room, sterile instruments, anesthesia, spinal block tray, caesarian tray. Have you ever even seen a surgery performed without an electrocautery machine? 460B479D.JPGNo, you haven't, cause it's not even taught anymore.

Jessica: Can't we just use laparotomy sponges to stop the bleeding?

Kenchy: God, my head is killing me.

Gail: We've got several spinal block trays, and we've got anesthesia.

Jessica:  And we can boil the sheets and the tools.

Jake: Is it possible?

Kenchy: Remotely.

Jake: Then start.


[Mimi boils something as Bonnie stands nearby.]

Mimi: We need bleach.

Bonnie: What?

Mimi: Bleach. You know? Bleach. 460B47B9.JPGBleach. Bonnie, look at my lips. Bleach.

[Bonnie grabs Mimi's hand and makes her do the sign language for the words.]

Bonnie: Learn.

Mimi: Is that the word for "bleach"?

Bonnie: No. "Bitch." And "please." And "sorry."


[Dale loads his gun.]

Skylar: Dale?

Dale: U460B4801.JPGh, I'm heading out. If I'm not back, lock up at dark and don't let anyone in. Also, if I'm not around ever and you need anything, just talk to Gail Green or Johnston. You can trust them.

Skylar: I'm gonna come with you.

Dale: Why?

Skylar: Two against one.

[Bill drives up to where Eric is collecting firewood.]

Eric: Hey, Bill. What's wrong?


Mimi: I just jumped in. It was... it... it was just in the moment. You volunteered at the medical center long before I ever get here.

Bonnie: It's fine.

Mimi: Kenchy just doesn't know you. Everybody else respects you.

Bonnie: They speak your language.


Stanley: Hey, we got a problem.

Gray: What's that?

Stanley: Eddie and Frank are asking how come you're not making the deal. 460B483A.JPG

Johnston: Word's going to start to spread.

Stanley: As far as they know, the Marines said that the Army Corps of Engineers would be here within the month. What difference does it make if we give New Bern a part of next year's profit?

Johnston: They think there's going to be food by then.

Gray: You didn't want to tell them it was a bunch of crap, so now what do we do?

Stanley: All right, maybe we should tell the town that help's not coming-- we just told them that to give 'em something to get through winter. 460B484F.JPG

Johnston: Town's already on the edge-- you'll have anarchy.

Gray: And I'm not leverage next winter's food-- that'd be suicide.

Stanley: What if we tell New Bern that we'll give them ten percent of next year's crop. We get power now. If next year we don't have the food to give, we don't give it up.

Johnston: That's how wars get started.


Jimmy: I can't believe Darcy's been staying at the refugee shelter.

Robert: Hey, Jim, let me talk to her a second. 460B4870.JPG

Jimmy: Sure.

Robert: Thanks.

Darcy: I asked you to stay away.

Robert: Jimmy wanted to ask you some questions... about Sarah. Where are the kids?

Darcy: They're in the gym, playing.

Robert: We need a consistent cover story.

Darcy: What'd you do with her body?

Robert: I buried her.

Darcy: So, I could tell him that right now and never see you again. I could tell him about-- what did you call it-- "the package"?

Robert: Stop it! You understand the story? Family? New Orleans? And you don't know anything else about her. 460B48A4.JPG

Jimmy: (Clears throat) This'll just take a sec.

Darcy: Yeah, well, I don't want to talk to you in front of him.

Jimmy: Why don't you give us a minute, Mr. Hawkins?

Robert: I'll be out front... let you two talk.


[Kenchy, Jessica, Mimi, and Gail prepare for April's surgery.]

Gail: You're going to be okay, angel.

Kenchy: Did you ever do a surgical rotation?

Gail: Only in school. Most of my career was in post-op.

Jessica: Kenchy, I feel obligated to ask you if you're sober enough to do this. You can talk me through it.

Kenchy: You will refer to me as Dr. Dhuwalia, Nurse. 460B48D2.JPGAnd my sobriety is not the issue.

Jessica: The people I call "doctor" don't smell like a brewery.

Mimi: Respirations are 16. Pulse rate is 82. Her blood pressure's down to 100/62.

Kenchy: God help us.

[Eric and Mary arrive at the medical center.]

Eric: Is the baby okay?

Jake: I don't know.  Mom said there's a problem.

Eric: We were just collecting firewood.

Jake: You don't have to explain it to me.

Eric: What about Mom?

Jake: Don't worry about that.

[Gail sees Mary standing there with Jake.]

Gail: Shut the door.

Kenchy: We're losing too much blood. 460B4900.JPGClamp it off.  Get away from the incision!

Gail: I need to hear if the baby's in distress.

Kenchy: Get away from the incision.

Gail: You haven't let me get a pulse from this baby in an hour.

Mimi: Respirations are 16, pulse is 84.

Gail: Fetal heart rate is less than five beats per minute.

Jessica: You're not close enough to the fetus. It's not an accurate measurement.

Kenchy: The placenta's grown into the uterus wall. It's ripping away. That's what's causing the bleeding.

Gail: Now I've lost it. 460B491B.JPGI can't hear anything.

Jake: What is going on?

Gail: The baby's heartbeat has stopped.

Eric: W-what do you mean, it's stopped?

Gail: Do something.

460B4934.JPGJessica: That must be the last of the diesel.

Kenchy: Open the door. Open-open the blinds. I need light.

Gail: Why aren't you doing something about the baby?

Jessica: This hasn't been about the baby for several hours. The baby never really had a chance. I'm sorry.

Eric: What are you saying?

Kenchy: I am trying to save April.


[Dale and Skylar knock on the door.]

(Knocking on door)

Mr. Frederickson:  What do you want?

Dale: Same thing as before. My share of the crop.

Mr. Frederickson:  I told you I can't do that. Go home.

[Dale puts his foot in the door and shows his gun.]

Dale: I'm only asking for what's mine. You said there's no law, right? I'm not trying to cheat anybody.

Mr. Frederickson:  I don't have that much left.

Dale: Then give my share of whatever you got. Right now.


[Eric walks out of the surgery to where Jake, Johnston and Mary are waiting.]

Jake: What's going on? 460BF5E8.JPG

Eric: I-I just... need some space right now. (Sighs) we lost the baby.

Mary: (sighs) Oh, sweetie...

Eric: I-I-I... I need to be with April right now.

[He goes back inside.]


[Jimmy walks slowly toward Robert, who makes sure he has his gun ready.]

Robert: Hey... what took you so long?

Jimmy: Well, after, uh, talking with Darcy, uh... a lot of things are starting to make sense now.

[Robert glances around nervously.]

Jimmy: You all right, Mr. Hawkins?

Robert: I'm fine.

Jimmy: Well, Darcy said... that Sarah left for New Orleans, just like you told me.

Robert: (Chuckles) What? You think I was lying?

Jimmy: (Chuckles) I told Darcy she and the kids can come stay with us. 460BF62A.JPGShe doesn't need to be staying in the shelter.

Robert: Thanks, Jimmy. I appreciate that.

[Jimmy puts his hand out. After a moment's hesitation, Robert takes it and shakes it.]

Jimmy: We found a body, Robert. Out in the woods. Near Mill Creek. Broken neck. Animals got to it. Michael Connor was on patrol, said he saw an African-American woman driving out that way a couple nights ago. Perfect description of Sarah Mason.

Robert: Really?

Jimmy: Yeah. Think she could do something like that?

Robert: I don't know. 460BF655.JPGYou know, I'm learning that, uh... it's hard to figure what people are capable of, Jimmy.

Jimmy: Well, our John Doe was bald. Know anyone looks like that?

[Jimmy shows Robert a picture of the man Sarah killed.]

Robert: No.

Jimmy: Well, if Sarah comes back... we'd really, really, like to talk to her.

Robert: My guess is... she's not coming back.

Jimmy: Yeah, that'd be my guess, too.


Phil: New Bern's all made of clay, can't grow nothing. We need ten percent of your spring crop, and 700 pounds refined salt.

Gray: Well, y-you said 500 earlier. 460BF689.JPG

Phil: Price went up.

Johnston: Why?

Phil: Because that's what power costs in this world.

Gray: Oh, now, come on... we got people freezing to death in their homes. Give us a break.

Johnston: You were at my son's wedding.

Phil: I'm sorry for your troubles. But we got our own.

[Phil starts to walk toward the door until Gray stops him.]

Gray: Okay, okay. We'll give you the food. We'll give you the salt. Everything.

Phil: All right. We can have the wind turbines to you in a couple weeks. What guarantee do we have you'll 460BF6AE.JPGgive us our share of crop?

Johnston: You have our word.

Phil: We're going to need ten Jericho men to help us build them. We can take them back with us now.

Gray: Is this about manpower for wind turbines?

Johnston:  Or is it more about making sure you get our crops come spring?

Phil: Human beings as collateral? I would never do that. But I am not going to build these things on credit. You want them now? You're gonna help make them.


Kenchy: Just hold the pressure. Put pressure right there. Right there. Press, harder! Damn it! I can't see! 460BF6CD.JPG

Eric: I-I'll get another lantern.

Kenchy: You can bring ten lanterns. Doesn't make any difference. It's not going to be enough. I need real light!

Mimi: Blood pressure is down to 66/30.

Kenchy: This is crazy. This is crazy. Close her up.

Jessica: But we haven't stopped the bleeding.

Gail: What are you doing?

Kenchy: Give her some peace. Give her some dignity.

Gail: You are not giving up on her.

Kenchy: I'm sorry. Close this up. 460BF6E5.JPG

Gail: No!

[Kenchy walks out; Eric and Jake run after him. They all go outside.]

Eric:  Hey, where do you think you're going? You get back inside, right now!

Jake: Hey, hey... come on!

Eric:  This is not over!

Jake: Hey, take it easy. Take it easy, all right?  Just let me handle this. Let me handle it. What are you doing?

Kenchy: You want me to say it in front of him?

Jake: Go back inside, all right? April needs you.

Kenchy: To go on operating is cruel and pointless. Don't even ask me, Jake. 460BF70B.JPGI've done with this. I became a plastic surgeon so I could have a simple, easy life. There are other men for this.

Jake: Not in this town.

Kenchy: I don't care. I'm not going through this anymore. It is madness.

Jake: And everyone here can just go to hell? Huh? If you stop trying, and I stop, then they see that. And this whole thing falls apart. We're all leaning on each other here, whether you like it or not.

Kenchy: Promise me you are not saying that we're all connected.  460BF723.JPGThis is not some existential, web-of-life BS. That is not what I'm hearing, is it, Jake?

Jake: Then tell me what you want to hear. 'Cause I'll say anything, if you'll just go back in there and keep trying.

Kenchy: She's going to die.

Jake: I know.


Kenchy: Okay. New gloves. Let's get this bleeding stopped, shall we?

Jessica: Well, we've got more sponges.

Kenchy: Excellent. Pack them in around this vascular bleeding. Just give me time to suture.


[Eric sits by sleeping April's bedside, holding her hand. Music plays in the background.  Jake watches them and then goes to hold his mother.]

Hold on, hold on to coldest steel

it chills you down inside

when you see just what is real

paste it up and tear it down

Jake: He's going to need you. Now.

17 Fahrenheit

feel the winter grow

April: Hold my hand.

Eric: I'm right here. I'm right next to you. 460BF7A2.JPG

There's nowhere to write it

there's nowhere to write it

there's nowhere to write it down

there's nowhere to write it

there's nowhere to write it

April: I like the name Tracy.

There's nowhere to write it down 460BF7B5.JPG

write it down

Eric: Tracy's a beautiful name.

[Eric breaks down crying as April dies.  Gail comes in and takes her pulse.]

Step down the alley

walking against the stony crowd

you're trying not to listen

but they shout so loud

chew you up and spit you out

crush you between its finger and its thumb

[Gail hugs Eric as he cries.  Johnston and Jake walk in.  Jake sits down on the other side of April and holds Eric's hand.  Johnston stands behind Gail and Eric.]

this world in all its anger 460BF7F1.JPG

oh, there's always more to come

there's nowhere to write it

there's nowhere to write it

there's nowhere to write it down.


Robert: Thank you for not saying anything.

Darcy: I didn't do it for you; I did it for Allison.

Robert: I need my family to come home. I, uh... I need you.

Darcy: You know, in the last three months, I remembered all the reasons 460BF89B.JPGwhy I needed you in life.

Robert: So have I.

Darcy: I've also remembered why it can never work. I need truth, Robert, and that's something you've never given me.

Robert: Everything I do, I do for us.

Darcy: Listen. When you hide a part of yourself-- I don't care what the reason is-- it puts something between us.

Robert: Please.

Darcy: My daughter just killed a woman. I don't have any more trust to give you.

Jimmy: So, I got the kids with Margaret back at the house. 460BF8C2.JPGUh, what can I carry?

Darcy: This.

[Darcy hands him a bag and then walks out.]

Jimmy: Hang in there. I got faith in you guys.

Robert: (Chuckles softly)


[Mimi finds Bonnie and signs to her.]

Mimi: Sorry?

[Bonnie smiles at her and nods, then starts to cry.  Mimi comforts her with a hug.]

Bonnie:  (Crying)

[Kenchy sits against the wall, looking tired and defeated as Jessica still tends to patients.]

Jessica: The wind turbine's working.  Mrs. Hodges, how are you doing?

Mrs. Hodges: Not so hot.

Jessica: Let's get you checked out again.  Dr. Dhuwalia. Mrs. Hodges' cough is worse. Her temperature is 102.

460BF913.JPGKenchy: Hello, Mrs. Hodges. I'm Dr. Dhuwalia.

Mrs. Hodges: Nice to meet you.

[They shake hands.]

Kenchy: Nice to meet you. Why don't you go outside and get a pan of boiling hot water, build a tent with a sheet. We need to get this lady breathing some moist air. Take a deep breath. There we go.

[Jake watches Kenchy with amazement.]


[Skylar and Dale lie on the floor in sleeping bags next to each other.]

Skylar: That was incredible! Did you see the look on his face?

Dale: I know; I thought he was going to have a heart attack, and we were going to have to drive him to the medical center. 460BF92C.JPG

[They laugh.]

Skylar: (Sighs) I think we're going to be okay.

Dale: Yeah. Thanks for coming.

Skylar: I wanted to be there... with you.

[They face each other and then kiss.]

Gray: You men are the only ones who really know what's going on here. When New Bern gets their share of the spring crop, you'll be allowed to return. I know that sounds like a long time, but what you are about to do means this town's survival. Now you've... I know your families want 460BF957.JPGsome time to say goodbye,  so let's get going.

[Stanley signs the following to Bonnie.]

Stanley: Promise me something...Promise me you won't kill Mimi while I'm gone. And you'll give her food.

Bonnie:  Why do you have to go?

Stanley:  People will die if we don't get these wind turbines...

[Bonnie tears up.]

Bonnie: You're all I have.

Stanley: (Aloud as the terminator) I'll be back.

(Bonnie sobbing)

[They hug, and then Stanley turns to Mimi.]

Stanley: Take care of Bonnie, okay?

Mimi: Look, I just want to tell you something. And don't freak out, okay?

Stanley:  I won't.

Mimi: In this crazy world we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow (voice breaking), and I don't want to leave anything unsaid, so I'm just going to say it, okay? So here I go...

Stanley: I've loved you since the first day I saw you at Bailey's. 460BF9AB.JPG

I never felt this way before

Mimi: You said it... you said it first.

The wheels just keep on turning

Mimi: no one's ever said it first to me before.

Stanley: Well, I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, and... plus, I can hold it over you for the rest of our lives.

[Mimi laughs and they kiss.]

Mimi: I love you, Stanley Richmond. 460BF9D1.JPG

Hold my hand

Stanley: But I said it first.

[He walks away; Mimi cries.]

Inside your hands

I need someone

who understands

I need someone

Mary: It wasn't your fault, Eric. You don't have to do this.

For you, I've waited all these years

Eric: I can't be here right now. I can't. 460BF9EE.JPG

[They hug.]

For you, I'it

till kingdom come

until my day

my day is done

Johnston: Take care, son.

[Johnston and Eric shake hands.]

And set me free

just say you'll wait

you'll wait for me

[Jake and Eric hug.]

Jake: Be strong.

In your tears

and in your blood 460BFA21.JPG

in your fire

{Eric and Gail hug.]

Eric: I'm... I'm sorry, Mom.

Gail: We'll take care of Mary.

I heard you say

"I wouldn't change a single thing"

Phil: All right, let's move out.

The wheels just keep on turning 460BFA3A.JPG

the drummers begin to drum

I don't know which way I'm going

I don't know what I've become

Jake: My dad told me what's happening. First you're helping us, and now this... what the hell's going on?

Russell: They're going to be fine. I'm going to look after them. You have to trust me on this.

Jake:  Trust?

Russell: This isn't me.

Jake: Where's heather?

Russell: She's fine. I told her we were making the trip. She didn't want to come. 460BFA5A.JPGTruth.

Jake: If anything happens to any of them, you're the first one I come for.

Russell: I know.

You'll wait for me

say you'll wait

you'll wait for me...

[The men drive off in a truck.]

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