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Jericho Transcript

Contributed By Suzanne

"Pilot" Aired April 4, 2007

[This still needs some proofreading]

Previously on Jericho

Jake: Some of them were on planes that landed in the middle of nowhere. They've been walking for weeks. They must have gone through hell.

Emily:  Oh, my god. Roger.

Gray: At the current levels of consumption, we will be completely out of gas and diesel in two weeks.

Jake:  There's a woman in that group of refugees that Bill is processing. 46151BB5.JPG I think you should talk to her.

Sarah: Hello, Rob.  Someone on my team sold us all out.

Robert:  You're smart enough to know that they would say anything to get you to talk, Sarah.

Sarah: Get the package.

Darcy: No!


Hill: We're the united states marines, and we're here to help. ...And those are to restore lights, power and infrastructure to Kansas, one town at a time.


(fireworks exploding, people cheering)

Jake:  Something's wrong about 46151BD9.JPGall this, alright? Trust me. They've got somebody on the edge of town pretending to be their headquarters.

Jake:  Is any of this real?

Maggie: The gun's real.

Johnston:  Hands up. Get them up!

Grey: What the hell do we do with them?

Johnston: You will leave your weapons on the tank, and you will move out!

Eric: What do we do with that?

Johnston: Stanley, got room in your barn?

Stanley: Seriously?

Johnston: Why not? Never know when you might need a tank.


Girl: (Panting) 46151C07.JPG

Boy: You're making too much noise.

Girl: Sorry.

Boy:  Where did it go?

Girl: There it is.

Boy:  It's locked.

Girl: We shouldn't go in.

Boy:  Go in here.

Girl: Why do I have to?

Boy:  So we can eat.  You see it? Katie?



Man: Come on, Jake, there's a line here.

Woman: Did you hear about the tank?

Man 2: Those marines coming or what? 46151C46.JPG

Deputy: Everybody, just calm down! You'll get your share.  You'll get your rations!

Bill: People, please, back up!

Jake:  How is Gray handling this?

Bill: You better get in there. I think we really screwed ourselves this time.


Roger: You said everyone in the shelter gets half-rations until the marines come.  Well, the marines aren't coming, and you've known all along.

Gray: We did the best that we could. People had to believe that help was on the way. And you know what? Half-rations is a lot more 46151C5F.JPGthan those refugees had before they got here.

Emily: Did you know about this? The marines-- that they were con artists?

Jake:  Yeah, but we didn't give them any of our supplies. And Gray is right. The last thing this town needs is to lose hope.

Roger: Hope won't keep my friends from starving. I've got one woman too weak to walk. 46151C77.JPG

Gray: It's a mathematical problem. All right?  We've got your friends, plus another 50 who migrated here. That's too many people, and not enough food.

Jake: We'll just have to figure out how to make what we have last.

Bill: I say the first thing we do is stop giving it away to strangers.




Gray:  What if we cut the food rations in half again?

Harry: It's more than the food. What about medicine? Those refugees came here sick. They've been burning through our meds for a month.

Gray: Can we make it to spring, Harry?

Harry:  Some of us can. Not all.

Bill:  Crime's been going up since they got here.

Gray:  Crime's been going up since the bombs. 46151CBC.JPG

Bill: It's got to be done. The numbers speak for themselves. Just look at them.

Gray: I don't need to look at them. I see them in my sleep.

Bill: What are you going to do?


Gray: Folks? Folks, listen up! I am sorry to say that, uh, the town no longer has the resources to take care of you.

Woman: Where are we supposed to go?

Gray:  So if you could please gather up your belongings, you will be escorted 46151CD7.JPGto a FEMA camp out near I-70.

Kyle: We've been to those FEMA camps. We barely made it out alive the first time.

Gray: FEMA has medicine and supplies, and we don't.

Bill: You heard the mayor. You need to start packing up.

Kyle: What are you going to do, put us in jail? Great.

Gray: If I didn't have to do this, I wouldn't.

Kyle: We've been working! Okay? We've been chopping wood! Jessica's been helping you with your medical center.

Gray:  I'm... I'm sorry.

Kyle: But if you put us out on the... 46151CF8.JPG

Bill:  This isn't a debate.

Kyle: You're right. 'Cause we're staying.

(Excited shouting)


Johnston:  Anything?

(Radio static)

Jake:  Static. No news.

Johnston:  I guess now the secret about the tank is out, there's no need to hide the radio.

Jake:  Yeah. I'll take it down to Bailey's later. We can all be annoyed together.

(Knocking on door)

Gail: Emily.

Emily:  Gray's trying to kick out the refugees. They barricaded themselves inside the church.

Jake:  Was anybody hurt?

Emily: Yeah.


Gray:  Is there another door?

Jimmy:  No. They blocked that one, too.

Gray: Look -- Look, Roger, I'm sorry, but...

Roger:  Yeah, you lie about the marines, you get caught, you need someone to blame, so you pick them.

46151DE2.JPGGray: We have taken in almost a hundred people since the bombs. Roger, you brought over 50 yourself. We've done our part. It's time for somebody else to share the burden. Now, these FEMA camps...

Roger:  Those FEMA camps are jungles. Putting anybody out on those streets is a death sentence. You've been out there. You know that.

Gray: Look, it comes down 46151DFB.JPGto resources all right and the people of Jericho have to come first. It's 100 of them or 100 of us.  Come on.

Jake: Let me work on Gray. You and Emily try and talk some sense into the refugees.  Hey! Don't give Gray a reason to make this worse. All right?

Gail: Gray can't send these people away like this.

Johnston:  It's his call.

Gail: Well, isn't there something we can do?

46151E15.JPGJohnston:  Give them warm clothing for the trip.

Gail: We've given away everything we can spare.

Johnston:  Well, there's...

Gail: What? April's things?

Johnston:  Yeah.


Roger: Kyle, what are you doing?

Kyle: We're not leaving here without a fight.

Roger:  This is a bad idea.

Jessica: What should we do?

Roger:  We take down the barricade. We go out unarmed. We look them in the eye, and we ask them to stay till the end of winter.

Kyle: Look them in the eye. That's your plan?

Roger: You don't know this town.

Kyle: Apparently, that makes two of us. 46151E3A.JPG

Emily: Where did you get the food from?

Jessica: You stole it.

46151E4C.JPGRoger: You broke into people's houses?

Kyle: It's not like you didn't do the same thing when we were out there.

Roger: Yeah, well, this is different. This town took care of us!

Kyle: We took care of us! Because we knew, one day, this town wouldn't.


Skylar: What do you see?

Dale: Looks like Simmons has got his nephew guarding the barn. I don't think I can get in.

Skylar: You have to. You traded them for that gas, and they're holding out on you. You can't let these farmers get away with it anymore.

Dale: It's easy for you to say.

Skylar: I'll go this time.

Dale: Very funny.

Skylar: What? You think you're the only badass here? 46151E86.JPG

Dale: Uh... yeah.

Skylar: You want to bet?

Dale: Forget it, Skylar. Simmons is not a pushover like Frederickson.

Skylar: Neither am I.

Dale: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You could get hurt.

Skylar: Oh... you're worried about me? That's so sweet. Now, watch and learn.


Bill: Found them!

Jake: Tear gas?

Johnston: Gray, those things been sitting around for years.

Reverend: You can't do this, Gray. I've given these people sanctuary.

Gray: Reverend, this is a police matter now. 46151EAA.JPG

Johnston: Gray, you have no right to assault these people. They've committed no crimes.

Reverend: They'll be my responsibility.

Gray: What, are you going to feed them? What, you got a little hospital down there, Reverend? No, I didn't think so.


Gray:  What's that sound?

Bill: They're boarding up the windows.



Kyle: There were half a dozen other places we could have stopped, but you kept talking like Jericho was the end of the freakin' rainbow. So we kept walking-- losing people-- for this. 


Gray: Out of my way, Johnston!  I know what I'm doing.

Johnston:  You know why we never used those? A little thing called Waco happened. The FBI used tear gas, and they swear it didn't start that fire, but it could have. You ready to live with that?

Jake: Dad!


Roger: We can't hold off a town. It's too big a gamble.

Kyle: It's not a gamble for you! You get to go home to a warm bed every night.

Roger: I told you-- I'm with you.

Kyle: What happens when we get kicked out of this town?

(Panicked shouting)


Man: Get --


Man: Come on!

Man: Get out of the way! Get out of the way!

(Woman screams)

Man: What are you doing? Get out of the way!

(Indistinct shouting)


Jessica: She's got no pulse.


Skylar: Hank! Hank! Thank god.

Hank:  Skylar!

Skylar: There are men 46151FC8.JPGon the road.

Hank:  What men?

Skylar: They're with Ravenwood. Is your uncle here?

Hank:  No, it's just me.

Skylar: We have to hide!

Hank:  Okay, yeah. Come on!

Skylar: Yeah!

Hank:  How many were there?

Skylar: I don't know. Five, maybe six.

Hank:  I can't see them.

Skylar: You know what? I bet you have a better view from the hayloft. I'm right behind you. 46152000.JPG

Hank:  Okay. Hey! Skylar!

(Horse whinnies)

Hank:  Skylar! Skylar?! Sky... Hey! Stop!

Skylar: (Laughs) It's okay. I'll wait.




Bill: One of the refugees is still out there.

Gray:  You have the rangers search the barns. Use dogs if it'll help.

Harry:  And the rest of them?

Gray:  Take them to the med center, get them fixed up, Harry.

Harry:  Then send them away.  What about the extra food you promised them?

Gray:  Give it to them.

Bill:  After what they did to us?

Gray:  Will you just do it 4615206E.JPGbefore somebody else gets hurt?!

Roger:  Gray...'s not too late. Just let them stay until spring.

Gray: You think I haven't tried to make that work? The numbers don't add up.

Emily:  They're good people, Gray. Just...

Gray:  And?! Good people are dying every day! Someone finally has to tell the truth. It's musical chairs out there. The music has stopped!



(Gail screams)

Gail:  Oh, my god! Oh, my god, get away from me! No! Get away from me!


Roger:  A hundred counts of murder, Gray. That's what they should charge you with if you send them away.

Gray:  We have been feeding them and we have been heating the shelter. We've been taking from my friends to give to strangers, so don't you dare lecture me!  Whatever happens to them is on you!


Gail: Let me go, please!

Kyle: I don't want to hurt you! Just let me go, please!

Gail: (Screams)


Roger: You're not leaving 461520D4.JPGuntil this is resolved!

Gray: This is resolved!  Get out of my way!

Roger:  They're not going anywhere.

Gray: You want to bet?


Gail: Just take whatever you want!

Kyle: I don't want to hurt you!

Gail: Just get out! Just get out!

Kyle: And go where?!


(Bar clatters on floor)

Gray: I got the entire police force guarding the refugees, and one way or another, they're going. 461520F0.JPG

Roger: No!

Emily: Hey, stop it! All right, stop it!


Gray: (pained grunting)

Emily: Oh, my god.


Jake: What's going on?

Man:  Gunshot.

Jake: What happened?

Man: Gunshot upstairs.

Roger: Gray pulled a gun. It was an accident.

Gray: Like hell! He shot me! 461521EF.JPG

Emily:  There's so much blood.

Jake: He needs a doctor.

Gray: Get-get Kenchy.

Roger:  No, get Jessica.

Gray: Shut up! You're not running things!

Roger: Get Jessica, please, all right? I trust her.

Jake: Are you okay?

Emily: Yeah.

(Gray coughs)


Gail: What are you looking for?

Kyle: Superglue. The sole on my boot came apart after a couple hundred miles.

Gail: My son's shoes might fit you.

Kyle: I'd rather fix these.

Gail: Why?

Kyle: They're all I have left that are mine. 46152220.JPG

Gail: Where are you gonna go?

Kyle: I don't know really. My family was in Chicago.

Gail: (Sighs) I wish there was more that we could do.

Kyle: Ma'am, there are empty houses all over Jericho, and we sleep in a shelter.

Gail: Those are our neighbors' homes. They were gone when the bombs went off. They're coming back.

Kyle: Well, wherever your neighbors are, I hope nobody's kicking them out of town in the middle of winter.


(Device beeping)

(camera shutter clicking)


Jake: Jessica. Jessica.

Jessica: What the hell happened in there?

Jake: Gray's bleeding badly.

Jessica: I'm busy.

Jake: I need your help!

Jessica: Get Kenchy.

Jake: Look, you're the only one Roger trusts.

Jessica: You want me to save Gray Anderson?

Jake: If Gray dies, so does Roger. People aren't just going to let it go. Please?


Gray: (Groans)

Emily:  We can all get out of this. 461522D1.JPG

Roger:  I was just trying to help them. Now, there's no way the town lets stay.

Emily:  It was an accident. I saw it.

Roger: Gray, just until spring. That's all I ask.


Jake: Come on!


Roger: You were right. This is on me. I brought them here. I did it... I did it for my own reasons, okay? But don't punish them, I'm begging you. Just till spring.

Gray:  Go to hell.

(Knocking on door)

Jake: Roger! I've got Jessica. Let us in.

Jessica: Roger?

(Knocking on door) 461522F2.JPG

Jessica: You need to let me look at him.

Roger: You give them a chance... ...I'll give you a chance.

Gray: I was going to give you food, an escort.

Roger: We wouldn't survive out there, you know that. We have to stay here. Why would you die over this?!

Emily:  Roger...

Roger: He's our only leverage.

Emily:  Roger, this isn't you.

Roger: I survived out there for three months. You have no idea what I can do if I have to.

(Device beeps)

Man: Any sign of her?

Man 2: 46152344.JPGNo.  Check the buildings. She's got to be around here somewhere.

(Device beeps)

Man: Hold up. She changed the location again. Meet you back at the road.

(Engine starts)


Gray: (pained groan)


4615238F.JPGJake: Bill! Bill, don't! Bill!

Bill:  You think I want to? Roger's a friend of mine, but I can't let the mayor bleed to death.

Jake:  What if you miss? Huh? What if you hit Emily?

Bill:  Get off me. If I get the shot, Jake, I'm taking it.

Jake:  Damn it.


Emily:  Hey. We have to get him help. He didn't want to do this.

Roger:  Yeah, well, it doesn't matter what we want, does it? It matters what we do. I tried to get us all back here. I promised them if we just stuck together.

Emily:  And you did.

Roger:  Yeah. Emily, most of us made it back. 19 of us didn't.


Jessica:  What's going on?


Roger:  And I remember every one 461523BB.JPGof their faces

Jake:  Get away from the window!

Emily:  Jake, what are you doing?!

Roger:  I told you to stay out!

Jake:  Get away from the window! Get away from the window! Roger, get away from the window! Roger, get away from the window!

 (Engine struggling ) ( engine starts )


Jake: If you want your friends to live, you better back the hell off right now and listen to me!

Emily: Roger, he's here to help.

Roger: I'm listening. 461524DE.JPG

Jake:  What if we give you transportation? And food and fuel?

Roger: So we can die out there? You guys don't have to think about us?

Jake:  No. No, you can make it to the migration trail. Head south and beat the winter.

Gray: It's not your decision to make.

Jake: Won't be yours either if you're dead.  You can't keep us in here forever.  This will end. And when it does, you can forget about staying. They will kick you out with nothing.

Roger: I'm going to need guns. 46152501.JPG

Jake:  What, I can't give you guns.

Roger: I can't protect a hundred people with what I have.

Jake:  Okay. Okay. But you let Jessica take Gray to the medical center.

Roger: He's not leaving.

Jessica: Roger, if that bullet is still in him, I'm gonna have to open him up.

Jake:  Is it a deal?

Roger: Okay. You make sure everything's ready. I'll let him go.


Robert: Hey, Allie.

Allison: Dad, you can't be around here. Mom will freak out.

46152536.JPGRobert: I won't stay long. Come on. So... I just wanted to know how you were doing. Settling in okay at Jimmy's place?

Allison: Yeah, he just never stops talking.

Robert: No. (Chuckles) He doesn't. How's Sam?

Allison: You know, he gets scared.

Robert: And you?

Allison: I'm fine.

Robert: Look, that thing you had to do to Sarah... ...I know how that can change people.

Allison: Dad, don't worry about me. I'm not Sam, and I'm not Mom. 46152568.JPGSo... you're not going to live with us anymore, are you?

Robert: I don't think it's a good idea right now.

Allison: Then don't worry. I'll take care of them.

Robert: Hey, hey, hey. Come here. You are not me. Go on. Go on.


Gray:  (Gasps) Thank you for helping me. 461525AA.JPG

Jessica: Just try to keep still.

Gray:  It's my job, you know. I didn't want to do it. I had to.

Jessica:  We all have our jobs to do, whether we want to do them or not.

Gray:  (Gasps)

Jessica: Just hang on.


Deputy: Single file. Single file.

Woman: Where are they taking us?

Man: This way. Let's go.

Woman:  Where are we going?

(Indistinct chatter)


Emily:  The bus is here. When do you think you'll come back?

Roger:  After this... he's never going to let me come back. Maybe I shouldn't have brought them here. There were other places-- camps, towns we heard about. But I had to see you.


Gail: A refugee broke into the house.

Johnston: Are you okay?

Gail: Yeah, yeah.

Johnston: I'll get the guys.

Gail: No, no, no, no. Listen to me. We can't let this happen.


Roger:  We're ready. Get up.

Jake:  Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, you can't take him.

Roger: Once my friends and I are safely out of town, I'll let him go.

Jessica: He'll be dead by then.




Gail: You can't let them go out there. A woman died on main street today. I didn't even know her name. Did you?


Jake: If you need a hostage, take me.


Gail: Think of our neighbors who haven't made it back yet. That's who they are. Now my family can feed two people. Who else here is willing to share their rations?


Jimmy:  They're coming out!

Roger:  All right, move back! Move back!

Gail: Come on, people, we can do this. I know we can, please.

(Murmuring assent)

Gail: Thank you, Bob. Yeah. Right. Good. Who else? Come on, who else? Please. Please.

Roger:  Everybody, get back! 46152636.JPGGet back! Keep your guns down. Keep them down. Move back! Move back! Move back!

Gail: My god.  Roger...'s over. They can stay. We found them homes.

Jake: Just put the gun down, Roger. You won. Come on, put it down.

(Handcuffs clicking)


(Footfalls approaching)

Roger: How's the mayor?

Emily: Jessica did a great job. He's, um... he's lost a lot of blood, but he's stable.

Roger: (Sighs deeply) 

Emily: We talked him into letting the others stay. But, um...

Roger: Not me.

Emily: 4615274B.JPG(Softly): No.

Roger: Well... I'd say I'd call you, but... (Laughs)

Emily: I'm coming with you.

Roger: No, you're not.

Emily: Roger, I-I am, so...

Roger: Hey, I did this so the people I love can be safe here. I'm not taking the person I love the most out on those roads.

Emily: I can handle it.

Roger: I can't.


Dale: So... what do you think?

Skylar: Well, it's no Saks Fifth Avenue, but it's pretty great. Thanks to all the deals we made, we have a real trading post now. 461527A3.JPG Hi, Mr. Simmons. Hank.

Hank: What?! You think this is a joke? I could've shot you.

Dale: Talk to your uncle, Hank. He's the one that broke the deal.

Simmons: You're just a real big man, aren't you? Just give me my horse and the gas, and I'll be on my way.

461527C7.JPGDale: The horse is tied up in the alley, but the gas is mine.

Simmons: I'm through playing games with you. Hank, get the gas.

(Guns cocking)

Dale: Meet my new employees.


Gail: This is, um, Jim and Judy Moore's house. They were visiting their grandchildren just outside of Philadelphia. Um... rations are on Tuesday. We'll be by to share them with you. Okay.

Kyle: Mrs. Green. Thank you.


(device beeping)


Jessica: We got together some canned food and water. I wish I had more. 4615287C.JPG

("Mad World" by Gary Jules plays)

All around me are familiar faces

worn out places

worn out faces

Jake: Nothing I say is going to... is going to sound right, so...

Roger: Are you really sad to see me go?

Going nowhere, going nowhere

Jake: It's not about that. Here. 46152893.JPG

Their tears are filling up their glasses

no expression, no expression

Jake: Take Cedar Run first-- it's clear, and then head to New Bern. Heather, Stanley, my brother, they can help you once you're there.

Roger: I know my way around.

No tomorrow

(door opening) 461528A8.JPG

and I find it kind of funny

I find it kind of sad

the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had

I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take

when people run in circles, it's a very, very

mad world

mad world

children waiting for the day they feel good 461528CD.JPG

happy birthday, happy birthday

and I feel the way that every child should

sit and listen, sit and listen

went to school, and I was very nervous

no one knew me, no one knew me 461528EF.JPG

hello, teacher, tell me what's my lesson?

Look right through me

look right through me...


(radio static)

Man (on radio): Bodies were found along route 400 near Cimarron. We've also received reports that the bombers gained the trust of local officials which allowed...

Jimmy: Wait. I've heard that voice before.

Johnston: Shh. Oh, yeah, that's the guy that does the farm report.

Jake: It's real news.

Man (on radio): research laboratories. In New York, the terrorists who were apprehended were all carrying nearly perfect fake FBI badges. 46152908.JPGTheir identities have not been released. Authorities have increased security at all critical sites. Counter-terrorism forces...

Jake: Jimmy?

Man (on radio): ...are working to capture those responsible. In the meantime,

Jake: Jimmy, what is it?

Man (on radio): All citizens are encouraged to be vigilant. As we receive more information, we will bring it to you. Until then, all news is now local. Take care of each other, Kansas.

*I'm just guessing on some of the locations.

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