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Jericho Transcript

Contributed By Suzanne

"Pilot" Aired Sept. 20, 2006

[This needs extensive proofreading]

Previously onjerich hello, rob. Someone on my team sold us all out. You're smart enough to know that they would say anything

to get you to talk, sarah. Get the package. Darcy: No! (Gunshot) darcy: 463504BA.JPG

In the lt threnths

I reered all the reasons why I needed you in my life. So have I. I've also remembered why it can never work. I told darcy she and the kids can come stay with us. Thanks, jimmy. I appreciate that. (Radio static) we have also received reports that the bombers gained the trust of local officials which allowed the terrorists access to secure locations. Wait, I've heard that voice before. Shh. Oh, yeah, that's the guy 463504D4.JPGthats thrm report. It's real news. In new york, the terrorists who were apprehended, were all carrying nearly perfect fake fbi badges. (Upbeat music plays)

maybe there's something I don't know

someone is talking very slow (echoing): You're drunk. Yes, I am, darcy. Yes, I am. What? (Laughing) 463504FA.JPG

problems don' belo here... what is it, rob? Rob? (Echoing):

Rob. (Beeping) is all this really worth it for six kids? Six kids in a conference room is not harvard, but it's a start. I meant for you. I think it's time we start trying to get things back to normal. I gotta be honest with you-- if I'm a kid, going to school isn't exactly high 4635056E.JPGon my st of priorities these days. Jake? Hey, jimmy. Hey, can I borrow you for a few minutes? I need your help. I'm going to get you a bat signal or something. What's wrong? Um... you remember last week on the radio broadcast they said that terrorists used fake fbi badges to move through security? Yeah. I've seen one of those badges. 46350583.JPGWhere? I never went to law school, but I'm going to go ahead and guess-- this is breaking and entering? It's called probable cause. It's called paranoid abuse of authority. Come on. Let's go before he comes home and catches you prying up his floorboards. Look, the terrorists had fbi badges. Robert hawkins has an fbi badge. You think that's just coincidence? Maybe he's fbi. Please tell me you thought of that. 4635059D.JPGI did. All right? And I asked his family, and they all say he's fbi. All right? But when they said it, they all had this look on their face like there was something that they weren't saying. Sort of like the look I have on my face right now. Look, I had a hunch, and I was right. Okay, now, he's out on patrol. He's not going to be back for a while. So, come on. Jake: Did you bust this lock open? 463505C0.JPGJimmy: Uh... yeah. (Door creaks) all right. Yeah, this is kinda weird, but... if he's fbi, isn't this what his basement would look like? Well, that'S... that's what I said. Until I saw this. Does gray know about this? No. I wanted to get a second opinion before I told anyone. What do you want to do? (Clearing throat) (gun cocking) don'T. Who are you? 46350627.JPG


Hand it over. Nice and slow. Slide it over. (Quiet laugh) what the hell are you doing here? Did you wipe out 23 american cities? Hey, get out of my house. Answer the question. Why would you even think that? You've got a working generator and a food supply. It's like you knew the attacks were coming. I'm going to give you ten seconds to get out of here. Back up! Jimmy knows I'm here. If I don't call him off when he 4636778E.JPGgets back, you're goio have a lot more people than me to deal with. I'm an fbi agent, jake. Yeah, that's what I heard. Problem is, the radio is reporting that the terrorists used forged fbi badges to get their bombs into position. What is that room? How were you involved in all of this? I need to know. Five months ago, this was a map of our country. Now it's an antique. It's a picture of the way things used to be. Right now... 463677B2.JPG...all we're sure of is this, but this is where we start to rebuild. So how do we do it, hmm? How? We look to our history. We study the people that came before us. Yes? Are you going to take attendance? No. I'm not. Where are you going? My mom's at home right now trying to grow beets out of our bathtub so we can eat next month. This stuff 463677D4.JPGisn't important. Well, I guess school's out early today. You don't have to stay if you don't want. I don't think I should be hanging around at home right now, so I guess I'm stuck here. Mimi: 463677F0.JPG

So it's come tthis. I-I want you to know, this has nothing to do with you personally. I'm sure you're... wonderful. But let's be honest here. You're the one that lays the fewest eggs, and I distinctly told all of you that this was going to happen. I believe I made myself perfectly clear in that regard. All right. The thing is, if you knew me at all, you would see how really funny this is, because this is so not my thing. No. This is stanley's thing. It's just, I'm awfully hungry, 46367815.JPGand I t nt to get into the whole circle of life business, but I just cannot eat any more sprouts. (Clucks) okay, enough stalling. Here we go. Here's my concern. I've heard stories about how you're going to react to this, and if I see half of you running around, well, I just know that I'm going to freak out. So if you could do your best to minimize that part of it, well, I'd just really appreciate it. Sprouts it is. Johnston? 46367850.JPGYou really here looking for deer? Thought they were all gone. What do you want, harry? You think you could come into city hall today? Gray's still out and it'd be nice to have somebody around who knows what they're doing. Not my job anymore. Now get lost. I'm trying to shoot some deer. Just be for a day or two. You're starting to look an awful lot like a deer, harry. I've been in the fbi for 15 years. I worked law enforcement 46367877.JPGafter coege, and then I joined the bureau. Where'd you go to school? Georgetown. Do you want to see my ring? At the fbi, what were you working on? I was sent here to monitor phone calls made in the area to a suspected terrorist cell. And what'd you find out? Nothing. Trail went dead. We about done here? Not even close. Tell me about her-- sarah mason. She's gone. 46367893.JPG(Chuckles) you're pretty thorough. Also took care of the one in the cabinet and the one behind the water heater. There's only one loaded gun in this house, and it's mine. Sit down. Arms behind you. Tell me about sarah. Jimmy said she was also a cop in st. Louis. She working with you? Against you? Who are these people? You know you are making a serious mistake. I am a federal officer. Really? Really? Sure you're not... 463678C9.JPGrobert wheeler, state department? Or how about robert snider, columbus pd? Commander robert richmond, naval intelligence? None of those are real and neither is that badge. Now who the hell are you, and who do you work for?

What I know. I think I can handle it. Really? Yeah. 'Cause I can barely handle it, and I was trained for this. Well, tell me or you tell the whole town. Huh. All right. But once you hear this, you are a part of it, jake, and there is no going back. Who do you work for? Cia. Sarah mason and I were part of an off-the-books team. We were tracking the bombs used in the attack. 463679B7.JPGWhere did they come from, the bombs? The U.S. Government brought them in. See, after the soviet union fell, neglected military in the satellite republics started selling their nuclear stockpiles on the black market. So the cia started an operation-- get that material by any and all means necessary. But a few years ago, a shipment disappeared on its way to the doe's storage complex in oak ridge, and that is where 463679D3.JPGmy ceam can. Why you? I'm the best at what I do. And what is that? Satellite installation. I have a 2:00 appointment with mr. Higgins. I've been inside all day. How's the weather out there? You know, it looks like rain. (Beeping) (door buzzes) thank you. (Wry chuckle) hello, victor. Hawkins. I believe you know everyone here. Hey. Except this young lady. Robert hawkins. 46367A1C.JPGSarah son. All right, let's get down to it. We have a lot of ground to cover. As most of you know, a shipment of nukes from project red bell is missing. What you don't know is that we have quality intel that those warheads have been converted into 25 small, high-yield devices. These bombs have been disseminated to extremist cells active within the united states. (Murmuring) so, is this al qaeda? I wish it were that simple. It's much larger than that. 46367A3F.JPGIt's a crsection of domestic militias, anarchists and religious fanatics. As you can see, these are terrorists that would never collaborate ideologically or politically. The only thing that links them is a desire to take down the federal government. Our job is to get undercover in these cells and find these bombs. So who do we think is orchestrating this? The agency's been at this from every angle and all we know is that he's got deep resources, an ability to coordinate diverse groups, 46367A5D.JPG <

And all we know is that he's got deep resources, an ability to coordinate diverse groups, and by all indications, he's an american. Robert: 4636932B.JPG

We were brokp

into groups of two each unit was assigned a terrorist cell. One agent went undercover, one acted as handler. You can't expect me to believe you were sent here undercover. What's so special about this place? You know, I would show you, but... (handcuffs clatter) yeah, that's clever. (Chuckles): It's over there, behind the map. Yeah. Where did you get this? Those are the defense department projections. 4636935A.JPGThey've been doing them since the '50s. They're fallout scenarios in the event of a nuclear attack on 20 U.S. Cities. And you see jericho? It's outside the fallout zones, jake. It's got a salt mine. Plenty of farmland and access to an untainted water table. So you weren't here to monitor phone calls. Jericho was a rally point in case we failed in our mission. Failed? Or succeeded? Gail: And johnston was... 46369376.JPGhe wanted to come, I know he did. He's just having a hard time dealing with things lately. He always gets quiet when he's going through something. But just wish I could think of something to help him get through this. We miss you, sweetheart. There's no more sprouts. You finished them? I was hungry. What are you even doing here, sean? It's, like, 9:30 in the morning. Oh, my. You slept here? Well, actually, 463693AA.JPGe wasn't a whole lo leeping going on. Get out of the house. What are you doing? You let him spend the night? Yes. That doesn't seem like something stanley would approve of, now does it? Stanley's not here. Just like that, you infiltrated a terror cell planning a nuclear attack? (Laughs): Yeah. Just like that. It took me two years. Eight months of it in prison developing contacts, getting into the network. 463693D1.JPGThe only outside person I communicated with was my handler. After prison, I spent another year trying to gain their trust on the outside. And even then I was only scratching the surface. But you got in. Yeah, yeah. How? They were looking for high-grade government ids. You gave them their badges. I had to prove that I was loyal and valuable to the cell, jake. I think I've heard enough. No, no! 463693ED.JPGBarely scratched the surface. You're the one who wanted to hear this, so why don't you hear it all? (Click) the cell was looking for ids, and I needed to get higher up in their organization, so I let it be known that I had a source. See, the badges were going to be tagged so that my team could track them. They send me 46369420.JPG

to makthe bu

with anotherell memb.

It was a kid named daryl. How do we know these are real? They're real enough. Where'd you get them from? How and where I got these badges is my business. What you do with them is yours. Nice doing business with you. You, too. Daryl: Whew! We should celebrate, man. Go out, get some girls. Except you don't really seem like the type. All serious. 4636944B.JPGYou married? I was. Really? What happened? (Helicopter flying overhead) what the hell is going on here? (Sirens wailing) (gun cocking) hold it right there! I'm sorry, man. You gotta be kidding me. Fbi! Hands in the air! Back against the car. Robert: 4636946F.JPG

It turut thearyl

was an fnforma

but my handler got me out,

and we kept my cover intact. So the fbi have an informant in my target cell, and they can't tell us anything about that? You know, I am damn lucky that my cover wasn't blown. Your cover's intact, yes? Yeah, we believe so. Then let's move on. Have you been able to make contact with those coordinating the attack? No. But at this stage, I recommend that we take down 46369489.JPGthe cellsthe'lready infiltrated. You know, at the very least it will disrupt the overall plan. Maybe delay it for a while. How many of the bombs can you get? A third for sure; half if we're lucky. Look, I know it's not ideal, but at this stage, it is the safest move. That's still a dozen bombs in play, mr. Valente. Robert: What are you doing? I just think there's a way to speed this up 463694A0.JPGand get all the bombs at once. Robert: Yeah, and we agreed that... valente: Do you mind? I think there may be a way to get us further inside. My partner tells the cell leader that daryl is the fbi informant. That gives him the credibility that he needs to move up faster. Advisor: Then let us handle the fbi and do whatever is necessary to save the operation. It's all going to take some time, but we're close. Okay. We're counting on you, 463694BE.JPGand you know the risks. You'd better be right about this. This is the right way to go. Trust me. What would you have done? Stayed in or pulled the plug? Seems like the wrong question to me. I'd ask myself how much I trusted my partner. Well... if I can sneak up here without you so much as turning around, how are you going to hear any game? I heard you half a mile back in those shoes. You said you'd come with me to see april today. 4636950E.JPGFine. You coming home for dinner? There are no deer in these woods. They've all been picked clean. Then I guess I'll be here awhile. Well, I never wanted to be a mom. I didn't sign up for this. But you know what? You're right. You know, I owe it to stanley, so I'm just going to have to jump in with both feet whether she wants to hear from me or not. Ugh, listen to me going on about my own problems. You must be ready 4636953F.JPGto take thisatchet and do the damn job yourself. I didn't that he knew how to sign. What did he say to you? Never mind. Look, that boy is bad news. Now, I can't stop you from seeing him, but he is no longer welcome in this house. Do you understand me? Hey. Allison, so why do you feel like you can't hang out at home? You don't have to talk to me if you don't want to. It's not that I don't want to talk about it. It's just... 4636957F.JPGmy family retty ird. My family was pretty weird, too. In fact, when I was your age, I didn't want to hang out with them either. What about now? They're gone. There's this thing that went down at my house a couple weeks ago. Okay. I did something. Okay, what'd you do? I did something that can't be forgiven. Now my mom just keeps looking at me. Like I've changed into some kind of monster or something. You know you haven't, right? So even though you weren't sure 463695B0.JPGabout the plan, you outed the informant to the cell leader. Once we decided to leave the bombs in play, it was the only way for me to get deep enough into the cell and gain their trust. I told the cell leader that daryl was the informant, 463695BE.JPG

but I wanted to t him of

therebeforey killed him. Come on, grab what you need and let's go. They're going to hunt me down, and they're going to kill me. This is your lucky day, daryl. They're getting you into witness protection, so don't worry. We're going to get you out of here. (Knocking on door) stay there. (Insistent knocking) man: Daryl! (Knocking continues) robert: Damn it! What is it? Man: 463695D7.JPGDaryl,just wt to talk. The cell leader. (Groans) you gotta get me out of this place. Run. I'll tell him that you got away. I think my leg is broken. Please, help me. Or I'm going to tell him who you really are. I'm sorry. Robert: 46369629.JPG

So I finally

ined their trust.

I was in. You killed him. It was either kill him, or possibly let millions of people die. They died anyway. (Door opens) did you know one in three men will face os jimmy: Jake, you down there? Call him off. You're not helping your cause any by keeping that gun in my face. Jimmy: Hey, jake. Do not make me kill him, jake. All right. 4636966E.JPGAll right! Jimmy: Jake? Up. What's going on, jake? We just need a little more time. That's all. You sure? Yeah. Yeah, we're all right. Hey. All right. I'm out front. Okay. (Exhales) turn around, jake. Okay. It is not about this anymore. We're past this. Starting now 463696AA.JPGwe trusth ot you need to tell me everything. Done telling. Now I gotta show you. What are you doing here? It's your first day at a new school. You know, the last time you had one of those, sam was in diapers. Doesn't look like you had a big turnout. Nope. Most people left early. I guess you knew better, hmm? I figured you really didn't want me around the house anyway. Why would you say that? You know. 463696DD.JPGBecause of wt I di allison, I love you. Okay? Nothing will change that. Come here. Hear me, baby? Nothing will change that. You're my little girl. Mom, please don't be mad at me. Please don't be mad at me, mom. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, mom. Here's the part I don't get. What? If you're telling the truth. You made it. You made it deep inside the cell. You gained their trust. 46369711.JPGYe. Right. Then what happened? Somebody tipped off the terrorists, jake. But before we could find out who,

the terrorists

moved up their plan. Yeah, victor? We made a mistake. 46369724.JPG

A very big miske. This is the moment we prepared for. The strike will go off tomorrow at precisely 8:05 eastern. Okay, no, listen. The trucks... they're white. License plates: Kansas, 543-george-union-ida. New york... 46369738.JPG

I tried to warn e agen

but we wertoo te. Some of the bombs were meant for new york. We managed to head them off. Even after four years of work, I couldn't stop all of them.

And I'm going to have

to live with that

for the rest of my life. 46369756.JPG

Someone is talkg veryw

there's something very wrong here (giggling) since when have you been funny? Hey, I have always been funny. Yeah, not for a long time. No. Come on. (Chuckling) 46369773.JPG

making my way awafrom h what is it, rob?

There is something very wrong here rob. I won't be long. (Vehicle brakes squeaking nearby) not interrupting, am I? You know you are. Well, you weren't exactly returning our calls. I told my wife I was done. I promised her, victor. We need you back. Why me? Because you're the best at what you do. Which is what? You family will be there 4636979E.JPGwhen you get back. The team is meeting tomorrow. Come listen to what this is all about. If you want to walk away after that... walk away. 2:00. Tomorrow. Tell the desk jockey you have an appointment with mr. Higgins. (Chuckles) if they ask about the weather... tell them it's going to rain. Who was that? I might need to go to a meeting tomorrow. I can't keep doing this with... I can'T. Hey. 463697D6.JPGWe'll be fine, D. (Metallic thunks) what is that? It's the end of the rabbit hole, jake. Give me a hand with this. (Sighing): It's heavy. So you believe me now?

That also stops crabgrass.I know what you'm going to keep it secre it? It was meant for columbus, ohio. You brought a nuclear bomb... here? What would you have done with it? What are you going to do with it? I'm going to keep it safe. I'm going to keep it secret, 4636982E.JPGyou know, beuse... it gives the town some power, jake, but it also makes them a target, and, look... I know what you're thinking. You're wishing you'd walked away when I gave you the chance, right? Why didn't you just show me this when I walked in the door today? You didn't walk in. E. I'm going to keep it secret, you know, because... it gives the town some power, jake, but it also makes them a target, and, looalked in the door today? You didn't walk in. 46369848.JPGJimm jake? Hey, j I've been watching you, jake, and you can handle yourself, st show me thiswhen I walked in the door today? You didn't walk in. Jimmy: Jake? Hey, jake. I've been watching you, jake, and you can handle yourself, and I've seen what a help you have been to this town, but I needed to know that I could trust you, that you could handle it if I told you everything. Jake? Okay... this bomb... 46369859.JPGit's r burdow. Whatever happens next, that is going to be up to you. Okay? He's fbi just like he said. But... we're in good hands. That's good to hear. I'm sorry about all this, mr. Hawkins. We do that, um, outside. Okay, I didn't know that. There's something I want to say to you. Um... I'm still learning, so just please bear with me. Stanley... is... 463698B9.JPGimportant to me. You... are important to me. I... want... you to be safe... so please be patient with me. I'm trying. I'll try, too. So... hug? (Laughs quietly) right. (Both laugh) I brought you some dinner. Thank you. Robert: 46369918.JPG

You know, I am dn luck

that my cover--

damn lucky

that my cover wasn't blown. Advisor:

Your cover's intact, yes?

Yeah, we believe so.

Then let's move on.

But at this stage,

I recommend

that we take down 46369921.JPG

the cells



disrupt the overall plan,

delay it for a while. Valente:

How many of the bombs

can you get? Advisor:

Your cover's intact, yes? Victor: 46369930.JPG

It's a crsectio

of domestic mias,

anarchists and

religious fanatics.

These are terrorists

that would never collaborate...

never collaborate.

We need you back.

These bombs

have been disseminated

to extremist cells... 4636993B.JPG

within thenited es.

And by all indications,

he's an american. How many of the bombs can you get?

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